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  1. except the player's are bigger faster and hit harder in today's nhl. oh and mcdavid would be a pretty big boy out there on those tiny 1980's teams. Season Ht Avg Ht SD Wt Avg Wt SD 1983-84 72.1 1.95 192.6 12.99 2014-15 73.1 2.11 201.2 15.17 dont believe me listen to wayne himself. but you probably would think wayne's just being nice, eh. here's a quote, "i'm glad I retired" when asked about the speed and physicality of today's game
  2. man you really like to argue about nothing eh, i already agree with you wayne is the goat. but since you really love arguing, draitsaital and mcdavid's relationship sounds alot like gretzky and nichols. imagine if gretzky got to play with mcdavid instead of a lame ppg player like nichols.
  3. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....................................
  4. were they even on the same line? nichols was on the second right? thats like saying petey makes bo a better player.
  5. mcdavid Nuge and koskinen played great. our team overall wasn't very hungry and it showed
  6. lol, players today have a much harder time to score, thats a fact. mcdavid does sore 63% more than his teammates the 4th leading scorer had 35 points last year. imagine having 7 hall of famers on our team to pad your stats
  7. im not arguing gretzky wasn't the most dominant player of all time. im arguing mcdavid would score as many points as gretzky and lemeuix if he played in the 80's on thier respective teams
  8. ok, if you don't factor in the way the team played you're not looking at the bigger picture. Team defense, better goalies,,,,, ETC i could go on and on
  9. it won't happen, i wont argue that. im saying mcdavid would score just as much as these two if he plaed back then
  10. thats cause your thinking that the best hockey was played in 1981. look at my thread on if all games were played in 1981. mcdavid would rank third for ppg
  11. no im not AT ALL. someone said mcdavid couldnt hold mario lemeiucxs orrs jockstrap. im just saying insert him into the 80's and hed be just as dominant