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  1. sorry, you're right. i was stuck up on the fact that its possible to void contracts, league would need to prove the player would have anything to do with going over the cap. now it seems rather silly, what i was arguing.
  2. i have no idea, but it could be a option. (EDIT; IT WOULDN'T BE AN OPTION)
  3. its kind of decieving on how many teams are over the cap stlouis will have a minimum of tarasenko's 7million+ contact on IR arizona has marian hossa 5.3mto put on IR Canucks will likely run a 21 man roster toronto will run a 22/21 man roster anaheim will have kesler on IR 6.9M winnipeg will have bryan little on IR 5.3M that leaves only tampa, islanders, with the big offenders and washington,vegas and edmonton going to have to get a little creative.
  4. its very possible they void the contract if its deemed to circumvent the cap, like if they offered both cirelli and sergachev NMC'S (EDIT; THIS WOULD ONL BE THE TEAMS PROBLEM, NOT THE PLAYER'S). however, it's 99.999999% unlikely this situation arises. thier is no way in hell brisebois puts himself over the cap without a deal in place. look at how we got schmidt, that trade was lined up before pietrangelo signed. if tampa bay finds no trade partners for a johnson or/and palat the rfas will be traded.
  5. it wouldnt be a choice.... it would be the contracts that put you over that would be cancelled obviously. your just making stuff up to fit your narrative (EDIT: IM WRONG HERE). the info i gave you is from the CBA. and the decision basically comes down to gary bettman, he can do whatever he wants as long as it doesnt disregard CBA rules(EDIT:THIS WOULD DISREGARD CBA RULES). signing a player that puts the team over the cap IS circumventing the cap, if you dont have plans to get under the cap. and saing player x wouldnt waive his NTC is not going to cut the mustard. anyways, this is kind of a silly argument,there's no way in hell this scenario happens. TB wont sign any of thier RFA'S before having a deal in place beforehand, or they'll just trade the RFA's.
  6. i have, there hasn't been a case of this kind of cap circumvention. they could possibly do anything. my guess is they cancel the rights to the contracts that pushed them over, or they forfeit every game if they refuse. if they lost just a couple of picks all teams would be doing it. im sure cirelli and sergachev would find a home TURNS OUT I HAVE TROUBLE WITH READING COMPREHENSION, THIS IS NOT TRUE.
  7. 26: To clarify, not meeting the floor or exceeding the cap circumvents Article 50, which directs teams to obey the team payroll range. Also, it is clear in that not taking action to make your team floor compliant is the same level of circumvention as trying to pay a guy under the table or using any other "proactive" cheat. it certainly does cheat the cba (EDIT: ONLY ON THE TEAMS PART)
  8. big time fines.... the nhl also have the authority to cancel contracts. so for tb that means if they sign some of thier rfa's and cant get under the cap. those contracts would be cancelled. (EDIT: IM WRONG ABOUT THE CANCELLED CONTRACTS)
  9. its just a bit of fun mate, why ban it?