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  1. If willy eklund is available, I hope we get to choose him. Center is a more important position than defence, and signing a top 2 defence man is very realistic compared to signing a top 6 center

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    2. Petey_BOI


      @-AJ- I think a top pairing center is between 7-12m and a top pairing d is between 7.8 - 11. So not too far off

    3. -AJ-


      @Petey_BOI When you say "top pairing center" are you talking about a #1 centreman or a top 6 centreman (1st/2nd line)? A #1 centre is a heckuva lot more pricy than a 2nd line centerman.

    4. #Canucks


      1c today is 9M+. 1D starts at 9.5-10M. I’m talking about actual 1C and 1D not just players who are playing in those roles 

  2. You have to be over 40 to get this. Just a hunch



  3. I wonder how good our team would be, with a 98 million dollar roster

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    2. #Canucks


      Imagine how ever team would be with a 98 Million dollar roster. This would just create inflation in the league, the big guys eventually getting more $$$. Its all relevant. It just creates a 1-2 years improvement/alleviation for teams who have mismanaged contractual agreements. Typically over payment.

    3. Heretic


      I wonder if we would have had a cup if we won the Crosby sweepstakes?  


    4. PunjabiCanucks


      we had a 2.3% chance. with the sedins and hopefully getting Luongo we would have been a top tier

  4. your right, and nolan patrick has accomplished way more than OJ
  5. umm, nolan parick was a second overall pick in he 2017 draft. what more would you want?

  7. 1,yes. its called cap recapture penalty, the only reason teams made these big deals was to circumvent and/or the player is in the top 50 players in the game. 2,no. lets look at the playoffs. every team has usually at least 2 players making more than 7m, only the islanders has 1. 5, keeping your salaries to be below 7m is key. above 7m is reserved for the top 20 players in the game IMO. in this flat cap world Mcdavid is worth 10M max
  8. I believe stone and Bergeron are the most deserving, stone had slightly better PK Stats and has had the better season between the two, but it's not too often a winger wins this award.
  9. your right, if it was 20+ years ago, half the forwards in the NHL would not have skated that hard.
  10. this hit wasn't half as bad as the schiefle hit.
  11. sir, did you want to start a Management Fight thread? cause this is how you start one.
  12. eh, Alberta isn't a toxic wasteland filled with covid and mass graves. one of these graph's is bc and one is Alberta. Of all the provinces Alberta is second to Quebec in vaccine doses per 100k people.and is leading in second doses (protecting our most vulnerable) by a margin of 2/1 over the next highest province. there's very good reason to believe our active cases will continue to drop.
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