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  1. well, it looks like my pool is in the hands of god now, I have been praying for injuries for all your players. Please god, smite them just once?
  2. its over were on the PP. better luck next time folks edit, i meant for seattle folks.
  3. i don't know beagle was on the ice for 5 goals and he was pylon on all of them. 4 goals against 1 goal for. look at this goal, yikes https://www.nhl.com/video/kyrous-terrific-second-goal/t-326159640/c-9199205
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    2. NUCKER67


      Some of this fan base still really likes Loui, I guess

    3. Chickenspear


      He did a stellar job of letting the puck hit him there...

    4. Patel Bure

      Patel Bure

      LOL.  I'm happy for LE and wish him nothing but the best in his career.  



  4. yup, i made all my trades and kucherov is out indefinitely
  5. whats this panicking all about, we are playing well the wins will come
  6. in before all the people complaining about green giving hughes too many minutes
  7. perfect screenshot, zadina was puck blind and didnt realize his whole world was about to be destroyed.
  8. the reason zadina got hit in the head is entirely on him, that was one of the stupidest things a player can do around the puck
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