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  1. all i read from that is you got a lot of growing up to do. you stand there accusing me of knowing who or what i am and then you pretend you don't care of what others think of you. what are you a sociopath, a narcisisst or worse? those are the only people that don't care of what others think of them. and by the way seeking acceptance is not a sign of weakness it is a great strength, those who can utilize the power of others will have many opportunities to grow as a pack. again you make statements of wanting to gain enlightentment through other perspectives yet you try to negate mine, seriously this entire paragraph is a farce.
  2. also another thing, you too are also seeking validation otherwise you wouldnt be sharing your idea. so as the saying goes takes one to know one. we all seek acceptance, the only ones that don't have have no care for there fellow man
  3. just utter trash, when i accuse you you its assumptions when you do it its a honest question. go fly a kite you miserable crank
  4. hahahahahaha your the one that accuse me of not having any sports history. keep being you you silly man
  5. then i suggest you take your own advice, your getting cranky
  6. sorry folks, I can't help myself. I love getting into debates, because i win them. and I love winning

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    2. Petey_BOI


      sure, but thats not bloody likely especially for me. Bi-polar people tend to not budge in arguments. we are blessed with confidence and intelligence sometimes to a unlikeable amount. I also suffered as a child with abuse my flight and fight responses are stronger than most. 


      the problem with the internet is i have near zero consequences or arguing my case and gain zero by conceding to a point that i feel like not budging from, which is most times. the bi-polar pysche is very fragile emotionally. anger, depression can get the best of us and side that along with a case of CPTSD for abuse and you get my reactions. 


      if you want to have a honest conversation with me you have to put effort into the argument, otherwise i will build a argument that is infallible. I mean why lose a argument?


      even if i know there is flaws in my own argument, I will not concede them until you can prove your point logically. Saying things like "that doesnt make sense" or insult me is just wasting my time and thiers. prove your point with evidence that supports your idea not bashing mine, honestly its just poor debating skills


    3. Ghostsof1915


      An argument is not the same as contradiction. 

    4. Elias Pettersson

      Elias Pettersson

      You are 0-1 against me so far...  -_-

  7. oh wow, yes sir. you really told me what to do. you think insults can bring my confidence down.
  8. OK, im gonna say that green and AV know better than you, and since neither of them called a timeout. oh wait.... i did win this fight
  9. im a just let you say you won this one. momma always said don't play chess with a chicken
  10. you also forget the teams get like 10 timeouts a game for commercial breaks. "hey boys i know i just told you to play like i tought you in practise 2 minutes ago, but know i really mean it" come on, man
  11. seriously, the all great hail mary is a legend. you coach the players during practise and intermissions. a good coach will coach a player when he's on the bench and in football out coach subbed in players with the plays he wanted runned. Our team played at a relentlessly high pace You ran back to huddles called your play ran back to the line and snapped the ball often on the first hut. our defence was more basic like greens defence we played zone, your not going to change anything and all of a sudden try to play man to man. so again no timeouts just do our thing that has been drilled into is over and over. i think its you that hasnt played any sports
  12. seriously yes. i have played on two championship provincial teams in the vancouver football league. we did not take timeouts very often
  13. and how are you going to ensure that? two of the best coaches in the world and one of them got this magical skill that the other guy doesn't? this is the NHL not peewee. if you all think green is a terrible coach then why would we want him to give a timeout anyways, because we would always lose the advantage. seriously these are not little boys these are professionals, I guarntee miller doesnt want or need a timeout nor does bo, they know what to do. honestly coming up with a set play on the fly is more likely to backfire then succeed, and thinking that one coach is going to out coach the opponent in 30 seconds is kinda funny. seriously what is the coach gonna tell the players? "alright boys just calm down, take a moment. we are going to continue with the gameplan, make smart plays and defend hard. don't chase the puck and stay in position." these players don't need to hear that
  14. okay smartie in boxing does the guy that winning the fight just lose the next round because momentum. think about it
  15. or it gives the team that has momentum a chance to build on that momentum, you cant have your cake and eat it too in this argument.
  16. jt miller was the first star of the night, and he is now tied for 4th in the league scoring race. where is all this hate coming from, jt miller is allowed to make bad plays from time and time again, because often enough he is just pull this team on his back and win it. kinda like tonight where he had two first assists and a goal and the shootout winner.
  17. sure, but the other team also gets the exact same chance. hence no advantage
  18. totally agree, green has made statements to this. green also like playing his defensive forwards when defending, he benches his scoring first bottom 9 players.
  19. also if our team is tired taking a timeout isnt going to fix anything because the more rested team also gets a break too, a 30 second break is not going to regain your legs
  20. what? our football team won 2 provincial championships and we never took a timeout ever, there is reasons to not take timeouts. like maybe our team is conditioned better than other teams, you know green makes them do the bag skates for a reason right?
  21. alot of our losses was due to not having petterson in the lineup and really bad luck. you remember the whole team got covid right?
  22. tell me how it takes away the momentum, why does it not take away our momentum. this makes no sense.
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