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  1. Aww poor Podkolzin. Just hating life. He's probably going to demand a trade after that evil Mr. Green didn't play him the last 2 games.
  2. I just got out of the hospital after 3 months with a spinal cord injury. I couldn't agree more. I never thought I would walk again but committed physio has got me up and shuffling about. Like you said that 10 days or so leave you with the muscles of a baby. It's mind-blowing really.
  3. Send him to Abby Great for them but imagine the headlines. I say do it for the laughs.
  4. Yeah, people are being pretty silly and over-reactionary. Often just bagging on Green. He's a rookie who has played 4 out of 6 games. Lol chill out folks. It would be different if he was playing lights out. For crying out loud stop crucifying Green for bringing a rookie along slowly. I'd say he probably gets sent down with the return of Motte/Sutter anyway though. Not the worst thing in the world.
  5. Here here! This is a damn good post. 3-2-1 on a 6 game road trip is a start almost any team would happily take. A couple days of practice and being at home hopefully allows us to clean up a couple things and come out better and more polished. Our d has looked promising even with the couple letdowns the last half of the trip. Motte should be a real good addition making us even more tenacious and hard to play against. The fact that we have 9-10 new players should mean we will get better as they play together more. Looking forward to some home games.
  6. I agree but I think he needs to start somewhere. You have to at least make the other team respect that shot or no one else will get open either. Waiting for his perfect shot is a mistake, he doesn't score enough there as it is to warrant that.
  7. Sure, they're really hard. I've seen lots of other NHLers get shots off with those passes. Maybe I'm just crazy and Hughes sucks. It looked like he certainly could have wristed a couple of those too if he felt the one-timer wasn't on. What's he doing on that PP besides nothing? Have not seen an impressive play there yet.
  8. Not the way I saw it. He has one job, get ready for the one timers. The passes are there with good pace Petterson needs to adjust and be able to hit that from a 5 yard radius. Get your front leg out on the ice if you have to. 4 passes all wasted. At least get a shot off in one of those 4.
  9. Why the hell won't Petterson shoot the puck. Bench him already.
  10. He's so brutal defensively. He puts a tonne of effort in making it look like he's playing defence. He'd extend less effort just playing defence.
  11. I see your side but I must disagree. The government already sets aside certain conditions where EI is not paid out. They are valid reasons so people don't abuse the system. It's like rewarding some kid that doesn't like work so he quits and hangs out on EI all day. Does it really matter where the funding comes from? In my opinion they should have to struggle on far less money (welfare) and not be given a free pass to goof off for a year, if that's their decision. I hate to see people struggle but they are no different from others who are having a hard time paying bills. The only difference here is these people could quite easily pay the bills if they accepted basic societal responsibilities necessary to work with other people. The government already has this power imo. Either way it's only a matter of time until the EI runs out. What then, we just pay them out for life or hope this runs the course by then and give them a free pass in the meantime? In my opinion these special individuals should have to learn like everyone else you can't just take your life or job for granted. Unfortunately, like these people, there are a fraction of society that's un-hirable because they can't behave responsibly. As per your thoughts on PPE being a policy already in place you are way off. In construction and businesses in general they are continually evaluating safety and implementing new measures which must be adhered to immediately or face termination. These also become law like work boots and safety glasses. One law says you must be tied off on a ladder (and similar) at more than 6 feet. People can be legally fired for this. I've seen it a number of times. Otherwise people would still be doing this:
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