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  1. I don't think anyone is paying a first for a just off surgery Tarasenko or Johansen/Duchene are they? I don't think they're going all in like Vegas while the cap is flat. It looks like they're storing cap space and will be major players in the UFA market every year. Vegas is already one of the worst cap strapped teams in the league. Not that I agree with it but it'll be interesting to see what they look like come day 1.
  2. Hyman has been great but man has he had opportunity in that system and organization of players. Is he actually that good without Matthews et al.? We may never know if he lines up next to McScoreguy for 7 years.
  3. Probably re-signing Mrazek and don't want a $4m backup. Took a pick before the draft. I doubt anyone pays a second for him, and Detroit's third is a late second.
  4. And I rushed home from cleaning my aunt's windows for this? Nice cover Jim, thanks buddy!
  5. The Flyers are desperate to win after hurrying up the build. Not us. It would be dumb to waste assets to do slightly better next year and then have no roster space or cap when it counts.
  6. To each their own Fred. I do respect a good command of the English language but I respect good people far more, regardless of their speaking style.
  7. I would for sure rather watch and listen to honest Jim over sweating, conniving, red-faced Gillis, lol.
  8. Yeah, it's over. Alf was the only one awake. Even JB was sleeping so we got Ceuleman's at 9 and a real nice fat tabby at 2.
  9. Thing is Francis was GM of Carolina so he must have his best info on Bean and Geekie.
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