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  1. Exactly, no intent but he glided in with the leg extended for a 3 count. 3 games for repeat offender.
  2. Stawns is being delusional. Horrible, dirty, play by Edler. Plain and simple.
  3. Oh, you're in the vortex of hate. Sassbs, I feel for you brotha. I remember going to Mick's on 17. Wow ... haterz, and racerz, and hypocrisy.
  4. Hey we're all human. Let's just put our best foot forward and enjoy what we have.
  5. Wow, what a dumb take. No wonder it takes a lot of convincing for me to read your posts. Okay, so you got it all wrong. Like usual. It's a not a snide remark to Canada it's a snide remark to the idiot reporter Karen Larson, who doesn't even understand how vaccine rollout works. She should do her research before asking a stupid question to which Bo informed her that we don't JUMP THE line-up here in Canada. We try to treat everyone equal and WE ALL HAVE TO WAIT OUR TURN! Obviously we don't have as many vaccines here and hockey players are not 50 years old, so none are vaccinated. What a moron!
  6. I absolutely agree. Thanks @PhillipBlunt and @gurn as well. Great musical conversation and some of the best bands and more importantly guitarists ever. I've literally listened to / lived all of it. Steve Vai playing a 16 guitar overlaid symphony by himself takes a bit of ... let's say involvement. Malmsteen too, check out the IQ on that guy. Also Stevie, Jimmy, and Jimi, for me although everyone you guys mentioned are spectacular. Thanks for the Chilliwack and BTO reference. Vocals are great too. I love songs you can sing along with, and know all the words while capturing all the feelings.
  7. Taj is a troll and an idiot who is known to hate Canucks and he's a super douche on HF. His Twitter should be banned here. We're not the USA.
  8. I agree. I'm getting sick of it. Most decent people are doing the best they can and trying to get through this together and yet still people take the opportunity to blame others. There are no winners here. We are all losing. Covid is not JB's fault, it's not Gaudette's fault, it's not Miller's fault, it's not the NHL's fault, it's not Bo's fault, it's not Green's fault, it's not Pearson's fault, it's not the Canucks fault. It's Covid's fault. and @Squamfan 's fault. Hahahah, just
  9. I don't think anything is making him happy then. The NHL is doing everything to accommodate them. If that's not good enough then just give up and forfeit the season and whatever penalty that comes with it.
  10. Not anymore ... Unfortunately. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  11. To be honest the whole question barely makes sense. NHL players are for the most part never employed solely offensively or defensively. Hockey is a two way game, your coach should be employing you for both roles every shift unless you're a guy like Beagle, who sometimes is there simply to win a face-off or wind down a game, or like Laine, who wouldn't even recognize his goalie if he ran into him on the street. I would prefer to look at it your way as well. Can Mantha play a defensive, or third line role on a championship team. Yes, at 6'5', 240lbs, .65 PPG, 3rd highest TOI for forw
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