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  1. Oh yeah, I grew up on Kick, Guns in the Sky, Mystify, etc. Just joking, it was a very crude joke. Just happy to see someone reference them. Cheers.
  2. Easy, keep your pants on! And your belt on your pants!
  3. lol, you Leaves are delusional, turn yella and fall off the tree already, you'll be back with your golf clubs soon enough
  4. I think the good Granlund would be a major player on Bo's wing. This guy was dominant for a while. Imagine the jokes we'd have. Great fit I say.
  5. I think he should buy a house. 2 years is a long time.
  6. I would play big time money to watch you be a real GM and completely fall on your ass. Then I would start a website called C86, and just leave countless posts about how dumb you are and how much better I was and how easily hindsight is to see before things happen, and how every clown in the world except you would have a perfect roster filled with homegrown draft picks, UFA signings for under market value, and GM's lining up to take your predecessors mistakes for peanuts while they're throwing in 1st round draft picks. It's easy right.
  7. Thank Gawd, NHL, please take this opportunity to do away with this rubbish.
  8. Agreed. And what if the season blows up, or they end up never opening the borders. What happens to those one or two year deals, which we trade hypothetically trade futures for? They are just gone, and we get get absolutely nothing in return, or do you get that player the following year, but we'll have Hoglander or Podkolzin by then?
  9. It really depends on the game plan that Jim is planning on or going to follow. For all we know they could be saying internally that this year could be a wash and we're not throwing away any assets to chase it down. As a fan, this is one of the few situations where I say indifference or mediocrity would be acceptable in order to prepare for the future.