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  1. Couldn't have said it better myself. Tanev does a lot of good things and is sneakily good. You can give whatever metrics you want though, it was hard watching him constantly give up shots against and turn it over in a variety of ways in our own end the last 10 games of the playoffs.
  2. I really hate how Tampa got good. They were a top team, then nosedived for a year, grabbed Stamkos and then back to the top.
  3. To be honest my life would hugely benefit from a shutdown but yet I keep working, surgery after surgery. I don't need to make money off people. I work (actually work ... like lift stuff) for a living. It's the soft sale people who are starving because no one has bonus bucks to waste on their non-important skills and super important lifestyles (making yourself rich and pretty). yet they cry a river, because they can't be useless anymore. Grow up and plant some soil or build a roof. Otherwise, don't have sex (yet those are people who exactly have sex because they've got time to waste and they don't understand how hard life is) destroying the fabric of life (whilist creating it) because they can't think or work for themselves. Frankly, without Covid I would have loved this shift in societal norms. This is the approach I've wanted from society for a long time. Is there any sense that this virus created itself in humans in order for us to know what is coming and protect the flock by killing within? I think our own bodies allowed and created the virus so we can beat it.
  4. Why don't we just suck it up and be healthy? Let the stupid and the old die and live better in the future? Let it a be a lesson. I'm fine with dying if I'm not the fittest, I'm also fine dying or struggling if I'm not the whitest, blackist, or richest. Oh, Forgot we're all greedy. Might as well get what you can before the whole $&!#house goes up in flames.
  5. As a fan I struggled with the correctness of a Cup being legit. I reconciled and then agreed, so I think these guys will legit earn it in an ear of unprecedented precedence. Beautiful that Stamkos gets on it as he's a huge part of any team (they didn't need it), although I'm sure he would have liked to earn it himself. There you go brutal media writers, feast on that, look in the mirror, see Jack Nicholson, and feel shame.
  6. Yeah, that's guys like EP40. Doesn't do any research or have his own thoughts, he just regurgitates crap to fuel his hate felt thoughts he was taught to feel on the internet. I would have liked to play hardball last season as well technically, but technically it didn't matter cap wise. Also, we weren't that good yet so these hard decisions did not have to be made then. We look a lot better now killing Loui's contract then we did as a fledging team of malcontents, which we were the year before. But I concur. Oh yeah, and Alf is wrong 98 times out of 100. That's because old people don't give a f$$$ and they just like to get a rise out of people. They basically just come up with outlandish stuff because they can't be bothered to follow the new wave of thinking and hate not being able to keep up. That guy has said so many things he's right, wrong, in-between, out on a limb, in the embers, and just plain ornery. But a good guy. I kind of miss him.
  7. Whoever created that tweet is a goof. I've got half of a footlong cold cut combo I'm willing to sell you for $3. It's slightly old but it will fill your stomach. I'll give you my email address if you want to send the transfer. You're dumb if you don't. I mean, it's no good to me but you'll be happy with a cheap sub and it will save us each some money in the long run. Does that tweet actually say someone would take Loui for zero elements and no assets for half retention or is this just for use as Benning hate fodder? I think what the sad people have to realize is they're just latching on to another tidbit to hate on. If Tampa Bay offers Foote for Loui with half retention Jimbo is jumping all over it. They just can't take the blinders off to discern fiction from reality. What he is really saying is that we're not overpaying with assets in way shape or form at all just to get ride of his contract. So don't think you're getting Boeser, Demko, Virtanen, or basically anyone on our current roster to take Loui. We'll just suck it up and pay the price of money instead of weakening our team for some short term gain, like a child would do.
  8. jezus h cripes, this is the BC politics/BCTF/KOS rant thread now?
  9. Yeah, but apparently that's not a problem whatsoever for them. It seems like wishful thinking. Curious though, when was the last time a team actually took on a contract to reach the floor ... never? Edit: I could be totally wrong on this but my memory seems to think that this came about slightly after the cap system was created and some teams (Florida/expansion) started basically signing rosters of minimum salaries in order to burn a year, have low overhead, and get prime draft picks. As the cap ceiling and salaries grew, the floor didn't grow with it ... making it a moot point. It's pretty hard to field a team with one or two good players on it and not reach the floor.
  10. Instead of paying some goof $5 mil over two years, one could easily just pay $1-2 mil for one year, without giving up assets, Pretty simple. Okay too many posts in a row for me on this topic. Haha. It would be nice but don't see any reasonable way that makes sense for them.
  11. I think you're just hoping from a Canucks point of view on this one, but it makes less than zero sense on any level as a Senator.
  12. I agree 100%. They closed out the season playing great hockey with their youth starting to get it and take the lead. They already have several more young players ready to step up, not to mention the 3rd and 5th overall. It wouldn't be the first time a struggling team made a couple finesse moves and blew the predictions out of the water. The Sens will be a pretty decent team this year or next. They are not taking Eriksson for anything in the world except Petey or Hughes in a cap dump, so forget that nonsense.
  13. Doesn't make sense, and they're not attaching Virtanen to get rid of that contract either … just so you know. lol
  14. I bet you someone takes a chance on him after his comeback to hockey and life last year.
  15. Hughes really going to scare some people after shooting up 1 ft 4 inches, especially if he's still got the same speed.
  16. Baer, lol. The exact opposite of a Bruin.
  17. Another swing and an overly sensitive miss. Wow, get over it dude. Incessant whining no matter the cause does not do any good for anyone.
  18. OMG, how tightly wound are these guys? They must be just doing crazy tricks in their own minds just to justify the endless bashing, and yet still keep it a narrative. Like really MS must lift weights 8 hours a day and scream Benning hatred into the mirror non-stop!
  19. Something about substance and a reference comes to mind.
  20. There's a lot of decisions and a million different ways it could play out. The following are guys Benning could either keep or get rid of and there is good logic both for and against all of those decisions based on the entire transformation and objective. UFA's Toffoli Markstrom Tanev Stetcher Leivo Fantenberg Potential trades Virtanen Demko Pearson Roussel Sutter Gaudette Benn Like to get rid of their cap ... and them Eriksson Baertschi Poor guy ... could throw a wrench in JB's plans (adaptability) Ferland In my mind Benning will go one of two ways and I believe he'll go the second. Firstly, he could trade Demko or just let Markstrom walk leaving us with one starter moving forward. Risky either way. If he lets Marky walk he could sign a cheap goalie (Dominguez) to a contract giving us real good cap savings for a year. Otherwise Marky and the same backup costs considerably more. About $4 - $5 mil. He could then spend that money on a Toffoli, or Tanev. The one problem with that is that is if the plan succeeds Demko will put us in the same situation shortly. However, I think he'll keep them both as he values important hockey fundamentals such as superb goaltending, something we don't have to worry about right now. I can't really see him gambling at this stage with this developing core since an off year with a fledgling goalie going into the expansion draft could really paint a murky picture. In addition, if an exposed goalie actually gets picked, maybe that protects a Lind or Juolevi which could really help us in the future. Either way, I don't see Benning being so bold but he could do some radical things. Trade Demko (Stock risen) Trade Virtanen Trade Roussel Trade Sutter/Pearson (one or all for a younger RD) Let Tanev go (keep him if we can though ... a little worried about Hughes on his own) Let Stetcher go Let Leivo go (going to get hurt again) Let Fantenberg go (Unfortunately as I like him) Sign Markstrom Sign Toffoli Sign a #6 D, Bottom 6 player (C), and/or Promote from within Either way this team could have a different look and I'm hoping Jimmy can pull something cool off.
  21. hey old guy2288, they acted on the side of caution to deal with an unheralded situation in over a century ... deal with it, also you're repeating yourself