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  1. Told you. You don't do the simple things right, you will lose 9 times out of 10.
  2. Clear the &^@#ing out of your zone you morons. Dammit. Hockey is easy on your tv.
  3. If we can clear the zone in the first 4 minutes we got a good chance. Any amount of &^@#ing around in our own zone will cost us a goal and the series.
  4. It drives me nuts. It seems like they're just out for a walk in the park and don't realize they're in the second round of the playoffs. Head shake.
  5. lol, no one will remember this the next time they're crying about the reffing
  6. Yeah, I think he's hurt too. If you can't clear the zone you gotta take yourself out of the line-up.
  7. we're just so bad at clearing the puck uggg, don't get scored on our PP please
  8. Horrible defence, it's just a matter of time until we give up an ugly goal.
  9. Canucks forward: Do you want to clear the puck? Canucks defence: Nah ... I'm just going to &^@# around with it until we get scored on.
  10. omg are we ever bad at getting out of our zone, it's like we don't give a $&!#