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  1. Mistakes kill hockey games. So boring now. We don't have a chance. Onto game 4.
  2. The problem is these guys make too much money. Black lives matter my ass. Where is Stewart putting money back into the system. No where to be found.
  3. No, I think it's actually to get out of the bubble clean of Covid as soon as possible. They will take all the revenue they can get in the mean time. Why would they have TV contracts set in stone when Covid would make it difficult to even produce new shows? They always make time for hockey. Are they actually going to come out with the regular fall line-up for television shows?
  4. Dammit, the game is on at 8:45? I planned my whole weekend around watching this game? I've been trolled. I was sure I saw an early start time on the GTD. Ugggggg, so many more hours to game time. I should have went into work today. Oh well, at least we get Canucks hockey. Yah!
  5. For sure they want the divide. That's how their positions can remain rock solid and unchallenged and continue to accomplish nothing besides lining their own pockets. If you make it fair for everyone how is Warren Buffet going to make 900 million dollars (or whatever is) a year. I think the problem is the cops and America in general, our cops don't go around shooting black people ... or anyone for that matter except in very rare circumstances. Even though bias exists we don't turn to violence nearly as much. There should be a different organization here in Canada and around the world to fight racism against everybody, personally where I'm from in Canada South Americans have it far harder then blacks, although they are still not getting shot. America is a completely different animal and should be dealt with differently. It's really about how shi!!y America is. I think this movement is a little confused. Not only are they fighting racism, but it's also mixed in with classicism, politics, fear, greed, and a corrupt police force.
  6. Unlikely ... until he does, and the kids are dead. That would not be good.
  7. You don't know about police threat analysis and reaction protocols do you?
  8. Yeah I figured that's the motivation. Can't look bad, just putting on a show. I'm just wondering what I should do tonight now. I already believe black likes matter. Am I supposed to believe it more, take it here to the streets in my little rural Canadian town and protest, or do I just ignore all this rubbish now and forget about it. For me I have a big problem with stunts like this that lack intelligence to actually focus on the actual problem. I personally have lost some respect for the movement. let's just cancel hockey, birthday parties, and any type of enjoyment until the world is fixed.
  9. For me it's not that I don't support it I just think it's borderline useless as far as a solution, it helps with awareness, solidarity and togetherness, more of a support group. Much more is needed to actually induce change. In my life I've found protests don't accomplish much of anything except for a clap on the back. Very people few change their fundamental mind set based on someone arguing with them. Just ask my brother and I.
  10. Were there not other people in the car? It's the officers job to stop him from hurting them too. In that case if they told him to stop or they'll shoot and he didn't then they probably followed correct police protocol. One thing that strikes me is that the actual events and what happened haven't even been determined. So, if a black man is doing something dangerous to others can he now not be dealt with as a regular criminal because he's black?
  11. Yeah, i may be unintelligent and/or insensitive but I don't have a clue how not playing hockey, something we love and hold dear, changes anything. I guess maybe if in the future they cancel sports as a penalty to those who are in the wrong. Maybe they care that much about sports that they won't kill black people anymore or something. I don't know. It doesn't change my stance any but leaves me a little confused as to how to react or what this is supposed to mean to me. Frankly, I just feel like tuning the whole thing out now.
  12. I'm pretty sure they're trained that if they shoot it's to kill. Maybe they should be taught better how to maim someone in the leg or something first. I would not want to be a cop in America.
  13. He and Glass on a line we're a huge part of our checking game during that run. Also 20 games, no points.
  14. What was his through_wall per 60 this year? If Dubas can't quantify, Dubas can't qualify!
  15. Petey, Horvat, and Hughes for all of Ottawa's picks Boeser, Virtanen, Demko for the 3 Detroit picks. Rebuild complete?