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  1. Actually the NHL might care....if people boycott like they are the NBA. NBA ratings are way down. Lower ratings mean less $ for TV contacts....add in no ticket sales right now. The NHL should not be caving into political agendas right now. They need every viewer they can get.
  2. It was only a matter of time. With the NBA and others caving in....I saw it coming weeks ago. 40 years been Ive been an NHL fan....Today was my last day. I also will not support a SJW league. Watched my last game Tues night.
  3. Im as far from woke as you can imagine....lol Columbus is exhausted from a fast skating game against edm last night plus plane ride. The Cannots performance tonight is inexusable.
  4. Just a warning to those who think the early return of Boeser is the holy grail this team needs.....get ready for more disapointment.
  5. Just read this on SP. Apparantly TG likes the pressure of going from leading the division to scraping for a playoff spot His own words show his inability to coach. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/canucks-coach-talks-slump-playoff-race-gotta-love-pressure/
  6. Sorry guys....the fact that AR was out in the final minutes of the last 2 games during crucial situations that he shouldnt have been in....is one of many reasons that shows Green doesnt get it.
  7. I have no idea how anyone sees any real possibility of this top caliber dman from Buffalo ever lacing up for us? Would it be great? Yes Is it going to happen? No
  8. Canucks were never winning this game. Tampa is in cup winning form. No one is better right now.
  9. Who wants to predict which of our star players gets injured when Getzlaf takes a cheap shot on them with no suspension. Games against dirty teams like the Ducks worry me.
  10. So when he is out this long, does he just sit up in the box each game? That would not be enjoyable with management and ownership up there.
  11. Im talking about over the years....these 10am pst games dont go well for the canucks....stats confirm it.
  12. Ive noticed ever since they have been playing these early morning weekend games against eastern teams....they just dont do well often. They rarely win them.
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