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  1. I didn’t want to start a thread about this , but what’s up with grabner ? if we could get him to sign here then our lines could be hoglander-Peterson-grabner podz-horvat-boeser pearson-Miller-Virtanen/gaudette mac-Lind-motte everyone else as forwards I don’t care for so they can be traded or bought out .. whatever gives us more cap space
  2. Maybe you should get him to help You work on your grammar? You really need to start using comma’s and periods man . Over the past year, reading Your posts have hurt my brain.
  3. Demko finally doing his thing !
  4. 3-1 canucks hoglander with GWG Myers with first goal
  5. 4-0 Canucks demko in net Miller with the GWG
  6. Canucks 3-1 motte with GWG horvat with 2 G holtby in net for game 2 demko game 3
  7. Demko ending his slump and getting back to playoff form, although another weak defensive game by the Canucks 4-0 Canucks 2 G game by virtanen motte keeps showing his offensive potential with another goal. petey with his first of the season ( GWG ) Go Canucks Go !
  8. I think one of our biggest surprises this year that nobody has mentioned is Tyler Myers. To be honest I wasn’t impressed with his season but think he was starting to show his game better in the playoffs. also maybe some chemistry developed between him and virtanen this offseason? my prediction that he will be #3 in defence scoring on the Canucks this year just shy behind Schmidt point total. also predicting a big year from boeser, finishing the year on pace to what he did in his rookie year. Go Canucks Go
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