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  1. 5-3 Canucks GWG- miller first canuck goal against $&!#eattle - pettersson
  2. 3-1 Canucks boeser GWG pearson with first Canuck goal
  3. I wonder if there giving OEL- Myers a look together tonight , since no poolman in the lineup
  4. Yeah where is the GDT today ? everybody caught up with Pettersson and Hughes getting signed ?
  5. Boeser is not getting traded , every year he improves . You can quote me on this . If Petterson and boeser both have a injury free season . Boeser will score between 32-38 goals this season . I’ve been watching him this summer in Da Beauty league, he looks faster and his shot is back !
  6. I heard on 650 that motte won’t be ready for training camp and that will increase internal competition. so that leaves 3 spots up for grabs to start the season at least. I personally think that Lockwood and Bailey will surprise a lot of ppl this year
  7. I can’t help to feel that Lockwood will have a better chance then Klimovich of making the 4th line ?
  8. I heard today on the people’s show that motte won’t be ready to go for training camp ? did anyone else hear this ?
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