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  1. We need better wingers so Bo line before we are contending. Hopefully JB gets it done in a year or 2. Baer bo virt please for now Virt been one of top 6 players this season imo
  2. also fun fact. Kyle Wellwood and Tyler Myers are the only 2 players who have played for the nucks and jets. Kyle Wellwood what a babe <333
  3. wexit won't happen but imo it's good to have media/people talking about federal government helping the west coast. Our political system at the moment really depends on ontario/quebec and a few ridings here in BC to see who gets elected. It's hard to balance east/west coast wants and desires but it does seem that Albertans rather threaten to leave then to stay quiet. Might be dumb and all but now government leaders have to deal with it. Kenney has done a 10/10 job with wexit reaction tbh.
  4. well a late 1st first for a pick around the 45-50th range is not that far off from history of trades.
  5. 2nd line needs to be improve this year. Pearson+2nd for a 1st?
  6. downside is no Loui downside to that is the sven is stuck in the pressbox
  7. Huggy!

    NFL thread

    LOL this is true! he is a good coach with tons of passion that blinds him sometime.
  8. we have a good maybe elite 1st line. 2nd line is average, needs better wingers, bottom 6 is above average when healthy. defense is good and a good goalie. most teams are in the same boat. Just depends on calls, bounces, and the night.
  9. why are y'all so salty towards the ref. Fair game imo besides leivo mistake
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