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  1. 1 minute ago, Alflives said:

    Well if that’s the case then absolutely we should be playing a trap.  We continue to forecheck with two (sometimes three!) against a guy who has clear puck on stick, and head up possession.  That’s friggin’ stupid!  These are NHL players, who simply pass the puck to a forward in motion through the neutral zone.  Our D, because the puck carrier is now coming at speed (and we have no back pressure because our forwards were too friggin’ deep) are forced to back up.  The other team now has possession in our zone, and can cross the puck from one side to the other.  This is the most dangerous 5 on 5 time in the game.  It’s hard on our D, our back checking forwards get running, and our goalie has to play way too deep.  And it all starts with a stupid system.  That’s Green, unless he’s being directed by JB (and the owner is directing him.)

    Relax, cat muncher. That was a solid period of hockey. Pour a dram of scotch, and rejoice. 

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  2. On 2/24/2020 at 10:14 PM, theo5789 said:

    That bust potential is still there for Madden. The assumption is that he will fill out, but that remains to be seen. No way someone values him as "first round" until he does. LA certainly views him highly, but perhaps they didn't know what the market would be like at the TDL and they took the best offer rather than waiting. It's hindsight now to know the crazy valuations teams were making.


    Perhaps you're not the only one that might think Madden is "first round" material (I suspect majority are the people that have been opposed to many of the moves that Benning makes), but certainly there's a lot of people that would rather have a 1st round pick instead if they had the choice.

    There's no such thing as a 3rd round bust, either. To bust is to imply lofty expectations were set pre-selection—which is customarily reserved for high picks. The smurf can only exceed the off-chance at this point, which is rather unlikely.

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