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  1. Why would anyone celebrate Gordon’s success when the Rangers make the playoffs next year? I don’t understand why you hold Gorton to a higher level of standard then Benning as they both started off with similar teams that were aging after having deep playoff success and needing to rebuild and Gorton got 2 playoffs and 2nd round in one year and then 4 years of no playoffs because that is what happens when you rebuild. While what has JB actually done ? All of his good draft picks were while Judd Brackett was head of amateur scouting(Juolevi and Virtanen were before Brackett was
  2. Yeah he was hired in 2015-2016 and his first 2 seasons he went to the playoffs with Vigneault, then he started the rebuild. So if you can't even check the standings the years Gorton was GM for the Rangers then why would anybody think your take is worth listening. Gorton is a hands down a better GM then JB in every way except with drafting players where they are pretty even.
  3. Benning has had 7 seasons and only 2 playoffs appearances and last years should not count because if it wasn’t for the play in tournament things were not looking good for the Canucks making the playoffs with injuries mounting and inconsistent play before the COVID-19 shut down. Benning in 2 more seasons will be tied for the longest serving GM in Canucks history and having 2 playoff appearances in 7 years is bad. like most teams don’t let the GM get to 6 years before being fired.
  4. Gorton is a good GM in making trades, drafting and basically constructing a team in the cap era and for him to be available specially with the owner James Dolan saying he stocked the team full of talent on his interview with Larry Brooks https://nypost.com/2021/05/06/james-dolan-chris-drury-the-right-guy-to-lead-the-rangers/
  5. Also since 2016 draft Judd Brackett was running the amateur scouting department so guys like Rathbone and DiPietro were all Judd Brackett picks, in fact a 1/3 of the team next season could be Judd Brackett picks specially if the cap room is minimal then they are going to need all their rookies or prospects to start producing.
  6. Yeah short sighted and impatient moves is James Dolan’s calling card I don’t know if it’s true but I read in one of the insiders was that Dolan told Gorton and Davidson “ I was going to fire you two in a week when the season is over but I am going to fire you now instead”
  7. Trade #1 Canucks trade Mikey DiPietro Hurricanes trade Jake Bean Trade #2 Canucks Trade Braden Holtby, 2021 3rd round pick, Brogan Rafferty, Victor Persson Avalanche trade Devon Toews Trade #3 Canucks trade 2021 5th round pick Coyotes trade Adin Hill Canucks do this to move on from Alex Edler, Travis Hamonic and hopefully Myers in the expansion draft so their top defenseman would be Hughes, Toews, Schmidt, Bean, Rathbone, Juolevi and possibly Chatfield or a cheap veteran and using their asset in DiPietro while his value is
  8. I agree it’s just the guy was acting like attaining 8 1st rounders is no big deal or common, the Canucks wish they could get 8 1st rounders in 8 years
  9. Are you crazy? Do you know how hard it is too accumulate 8 1st rounders in 4 years? That means the GM is moving veterans out for high draft picks and maximizing asset value which is why the Rangers are knocking on the playoffs next year and were 10th or 11th in scoring and 13th for goals against which is much better then the Canucks and the Canucks have been rebuilding longer then the Rangers.
  10. Calgary would do this even though they need forwards like JT Miller is who they would want more as they already have a lot of good defensemen.
  11. How many years did the Canucks miss the playoffs before getting to a play in series? Where are the Rangers this year compared to the Canucks? Oh yeah +25 in scoring, 13th lowest goals scored against in the league and would have been 9th in the Eastern Conference. Rangers farm system is routinely in the top 5 best in the league and this has never included Kakko and Lafreniere in their system.
  12. You’re not legit but you should quit if you think Kakko and Lafreniere are the only good young players they have drafted under Gorton as they have been at the top of the NHL best prospect pool for years and you don’t do that by only have 2 elite prospects as the Canucks had 2 elite prospects and the best they got was top 5. Seriously maybe look up their prospect pool online before talking out your ass on a topic
  13. Dolan stands up for himself and what he owns and has had a beef with Bettman and the NHL for decades. You really think any GM or President in the NHL would put out that kind of a statement? If you do then you have no clue how executives act in pro sports and if they did put that out they would most likely get blackballed from being in NHL management for going after someone in the NHL head office's job, it's career suicide. It sounds like you don't know about the insanity of James Dolan, the man who banned Knicks legend and fan favourite Charles Oakley and Knicks super fan Spike
  14. How did they exactly throw their players under the bus? Dolan wrote the statement and that is why Davidson and Gorton were distancing themselves from that statement and Dolan makes Gene the machine look like Arthur Griffiths as he is always firing Knicks coaches, GM's and Presidents and the only reason why he didn't do anything like that with the Rangers until now is because it was Slats as the team President.
  15. I don’t think Gorton or the President who got fired were behind the statement and this sounds like a typical James Dolan move when his Rangers or Knicks get punked in public as he has done these type of out of nowhere firings on the Knicks for decades.
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