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  1. I never said Höglander was getting $7,000,000 on his deal, he will probably get around $4,000,000- $5,000,000 for 5 years and he will be worth it if he keeps it up and Horvat is going to start at $6,500,000 and could go over $7,000,000 as he is going into UFA years and is an essential part of the franchise and can see it going to $7,500,000 if the Canucks only want to go 5 years instead if 6-8 a player in his position would want which is the Canucks over a barrel. So that would be a total of just under $15,000,000 at around $13,000,000 right? As for the Rangers I don't believe you are Mr. up to date on Ranger prospects but not many are (nor was I until I went down that rabbit hole lol). Anyways Lundvkist is head and shoulders above any other Ranger defenceman prospect and by his dominance at the SHL this past year and draft year and winning best SHL defenseman over other prospects that are starting in the NHL this year then I doubt you will have to worry about him as a 5 or 6 and he will play his way into top 4. As for Kravtsov he wants out of the Rangers organization as it sounds like something happened with the change in the front office and he is willing to play in the AHL where ever he goes and it's not like he has previous history of doing this. Don't trust my words look at the links on how good these guys are and how there is high ceiling for both. https://www.blueshirtsbreakaway.com/2021/10/11/2021-new-york-rangers-organizational-prospect-rankings/ https://lastwordonsports.com/hockey/2021/09/13/2021-new-york-rangers-prospects/ https://thehockeywriters.com/rangers-untouchable-prospects-2021-22/ we will have to agree to disagree on this but if the Canucks want a better RHD it will cost them Miller and it is inevitable one way or the other.
  2. Listen Mr. High and Mighty you must not look at any Hockey message boards because everyone does it and to think you can get people to stop doing it, is thinking a lot of yourself there buddy
  3. Please don't turn into the Cry baby Wild fans that cry every time one of their players gets put in a fictional trade
  4. At least it’s not Rogers with red on the helmet again that really didn’t fit the colour scheme, I don’t mind the TD compared to Rogers
  5. No, if you were watching The game Högz was going and was effecting the game and I just don’t understand why Green doesn’t put him on one of the PP and him and Petey were playing well when together I just think a line of Miller, Petey, Högz until Boeser comes back is more of a top line then with Chiasson is on it.
  6. He couldn’t finish, I know it’s only one game but if Högz was in front of the net he would have connected with one of those as he has way better hands then Chiasson
  7. Greener needs to put Höglander on the PP1 instead of Chiasson as Högz has great hands and is like a wolverine out there and could probably get some penalties created by being so feisty in front of the net
  8. I simply do not trust JB to manage the cap well enough to keep all or even most of their core in the next 3 years because he has done nothing to prove this in past 7 seasons he can balance the cap without losing a player because of cap space or not sign a key younger player like Boeser or Petey to longer term deals because of cap space limitations. If Kravtsov is waiting he's going to be skating and working out, sitting on the couch is just an expression used to not playing it doesn't actually mean he is only going to be on his couch for a month lol $33,000,000 is not that much in cap space when Horvat and Höglander alone are going to come close to around $15,000,000 in cap space so that's why Kravtsov and Lundkvist make a difference in not needing to find a top 9 winger when Kravtsov will only be a few million cap hit at the most unless he goes supersonic but if signed for his 2nd contract being an RFA it would at most be $3,000,000 and also have a top 4 RHD still on a ELC is what is needed to be salary cap competent with so many good young players.
  9. nothing wrong with making a young player earn his playing time, if Podz is as good as claimed he will be on the 3rd line soon
  10. We wouldn't be helping them, in the end game approach they would be helping the Canucks out with cap space and young players on ELC that have the chance to make a difference and Rangers are on the hot seat to make the playoffs more then the Canucks after what the owner did at the end of the season and if this deal were to happen I could see it happen in November if the Ranger young winger prospects aren't producing and Kravtsov is sitting on the couch I can see Drury doing this. ELC's are overrated lol Are you serious they are must when you have half of a young team core needing new contracts and Petey's is going to be $10,000,000+ if he does what is of expected of him.
  11. yeah I have to agree Poolman seemed to play his role well tonight and I might have a large raven to eat for bashing him in the offseason but it's only one game.
  12. Donato would get claimed for sure if McEwen and Gadjovich got taken
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