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  1. ahh. I thought he was briefly the captain before he got traded
  2. If you’re purely basing this on statistics, I don’t think you’ll ever see anyone ever again put up the same numbers as 99 or 66. Even getting near those numbers is not possible in this era of hockey. It might be cliche but its true. Defenders are bigger, stronger and faster than the defenders of that era. Goalies are more well equipped and most are more athletic compared to those days as well. I do believe that talent wise, there are players that can get close to Gretzky and Lemieux’s level. McDavid’s certainly the fastest player I’ve ever seen play the game and he is one of the most dynamic ever. Not to mention he’s only still just turned 24 and his prime years are ahead. I hate “GOAT” talk because you simply can’t compare the eras. The game has changed a LOT since then. I think its far more reasonable to talk about the greatest player in each era or generation.
  3. The drastic change in tone from last night’s to tonight’s PGT is astounding. What a difference ONE game makes.
  4. Not related to Kane but woah. 50%?! Yet their homeless problem gets worse and worse every day and people are fleeing California. How is that state even operating? Pretty ridiculous.
  5. Well, wasn't he the Captain in Ottawa too? There's obviously something there that the rest of us don't see.
  6. Hoglander reminds me of Marchand without the cheapshots, rat face, and slewfooting