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  1. Yikes. Those Canadian tuxedo jackets look like something I saw for 5 dollars on a value village rack.
  2. JB has shown me that anything that happen so I wouldn't be surprised lol
  3. What? Is 28 the new 50?? You talk about him as if he is in his mid-thirties. 28 is prime age. Helk, even 30 is. Bo is 26 and Brock is 24. Jeez, we're screwed if we don't win a cup in the next couple years since half of our core will have already "peaked".
  4. Not liking that first trade idea. I don't get this infatuation for Ristolainen. He's a good player but he is not worth Miller, at least for our team situation. He's one of our top 3 point producers. If anything, sure, Risto would strengthen our d-core but just imagine that gaping hole on our offence. Yikes.
  5. If fans actually were on him for that then I'm sorry but what a bunch of degenerate clowns. That's like being blamed for catching the flu. Covid is obviously more serious, but he is still a victim of the virus like anyone else. It could've happened to anyone on the team.
  6. I was really stoked for this guy when he was in junior and on the McDavid WJC team. It's too bad he never lived up to his promise but hopefully he can be useful to our team.
  7. You never know with young players nowadays. It's really all about the money to a lot of them. Not to say QH or EP are materialistic players that would put their wages over a team but players want to know that the team values them. This is shown through the contract and term offered. Who knows what will happen but in terms of loyalty they really don't make them like the Sedins anymore.
  8. Thats a good point. However, I still don't know why GMJB would commit to Pearson with the money and term he gave him if "making room" was his main concern. We have other players in the system that can fill up those winger spots and contribute. He is by no means irreplaceable. But you can make the same argument for Gaudette. Letting Gaudette go is just bittersweet since I felt like he didn't really get that opportunity live up to his full potential when there are times he's shown flashes of being a better player. He was given a short leash on this team.
  9. Off-topic but I hate when people say "Vancouverites". Always remind me of "termites" and it just makes me cringe
  10. The agents of the players on this team must love this management staff for making them look so good
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