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  1. We are nearly at half a decade of lamenting this signing now. At least we are starting to slightly see the light at the end of the tunnel. Worst signing in Canucks history? Top 3? Top 5? What do y'all think?
  2. Definitely seems like a great vocal leader. He was part of the leadership core in Vegas and it shows why. I think he might potentially replace Tanev and wear an "A" for this team.
  3. I agree. I think he's still considering more trade options. Watching this unfold, I think it was likely that Benning knew that Pietrangelo would sign with Vegas and would need to ship out a contract. After Pietrangelo got signed today is when he went for in for the strike as Vegas was likely desperate to move out money and was able to fleece them. In which case, it was a very calculated and intelligent move and he deserves major kudos.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving indeed Maybe Benning was holding off until today on purpose? Hmm Great news!
  5. 8.8 x 7. lol. *&%$ that. Make sure you get your money's worth Vegas.
  6. Patrick Kane had his best season at age 30 with 110 points. More than any point totals that he got in a season during his early to mid-twenties. Age 31 this season, he had 84 points in 70 games.. still way over a ppg. Toffoli will only be a year older than that when his contract ends at 32 at a friendly cap hit of 4.25 mill and will likely be a top six forward for the duration of that contract (especially in Montreal)..... What's all the doom and gloom?
  7. I guess these bubble playoffs was just a write-off then? It really stings because you could see the promise that this team had when our team was all intact during the playoffs. It looked like we were right there - so close to actually being able to compete with the contenders and could be a contender if we just strenghtened our D-core. Now that Marky, Tanev, Stecher and Toffoli are gone.... it hurts. However, it is only 4 days in and there are still options. I'm just going to be patient.
  8. I believe it was only Madden and a 2nd. No 1st included. I'm not a big fan of what happened either (not being able to resign him), but I guess if there is any consolation, we have a 4th because of it.
  9. Not only when Toff was injured, but this also was very evident in the Vegas series. The only reason we stayed alive was because of Demko. Our defence was getting shelled every game and definitely overwhelmed in comparison to the Vegas D-core.
  10. Just when it seemed like Virtanen was leaving (Benning not being happy with him) and Toffoli was staying (rumors that a deal was close), the complete opposite happened. Safe to have no expectations I guess lol.
  11. Yeah I agree. The only thing that really irked me with GMJB is that he kept stating the importance of consistently being able to make the playoffs for our young players, but seems to have had no plan for how we continue to keep doing so. For instance, the Toffoli trade was all just so we could get into the playoffs once this last season? A one-off? We gave up a second and a top prospect for 17 games. Where is the “hindsight” in that? It’s okay now because we finally made the playoffs again for once? Hughes, Petey, Boeser have some experience now, so it’s ok if we don’t make it next year? I know its still very early on and things can definitely change. However judging by his actions, he seemed unprepared, distracted (because of the OEL fiasco), and right now is confused about how whether this team is or isn’t a playoff team next year. Just my thoughts.
  12. Fair. He’s learned from his past mistakes. His past mistakes have proven costly though.
  13. Hurts when we have 3 million each invested in 4th line tweeners like Roussel and Beagle, but can’t invest in a 25-30 goalscorer that would only cost 1 million more. Masterful job by Benning. People that are defending this are blaming the flat cap situation. Lol. Bottom line is that the Roussel/Beagle deals were always bad deals, Covid or no Covid. It’s a lack of hindsight by the GM.