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  1. True. If you're a millionaire, LA is paradise. Plus with the way this city is being governed, Vancouver has been turning into a craphole as well.
  2. I remember when TSN did those 1 hour analysis on Andersen.... oh the times have changed.
  3. Such an average player lol. Nothing special about the guy and with that cap hit and term, I'd rather go with the other cheaper RHD.
  4. Honestly I think he did all he could this year but the awful team play led to his terrible numbers. I actually admired when he called out this team mid season this past year. It showed that he cared and wanted to win despite already having had all that success in Washington. That being said, Dallas should be a fun go for him. The market is chill and it's a fun city.
  5. Maybe the rumours were false then? It was never actually confirmed that he demanded out or hated it here. He waived to go to Winnipeg out of all places so its starting to make me second guess those rumours.
  6. To think that he almost could've been a Kraken lol. Why seattle didnt take at least one of landeskog or tarasenko or any other big name (in their prime) in the expansion draft is so confusing to me. For Landeskog, I heard its because he didn't agree prior to sign with the Kraken but then they could've picked him and still tried to negotiate... if not then just trade his rights to some other team. Are they going to rebuild from the start and stockpile on picks? If so then why even draft an old Giordano? If their plan was to land big free agents, most of the big name
  7. This +1000. Fans in this city criticize the team for "always retooling/rebuilding" and taking too long to transition into being consistent playoff contenders since 7 years have already passed under Benning. Then when management actually makes deals like this to make the team better, people complain that we "gave up too much" in terms of picks or how the salary of the player is going to screw us. Yeah, of course that can be the case sometimes but you have to be willing to risk it in trades. Look at all the top teams and how much they are also paying their top players.
  8. Its nice that we can now look at RHD as only a positional need. Our top two LHD are elite in Hughes and OEL and can do most of the contributing while their partners can play the stay-at-home role. Schenn would be perfect for that (seems like he's a done deal?) Ceci, depending on the cost would also be nice because he can play that two-way role. Either him or Hakanpaa would be nice. I feel like there is a lot more flexibility now on defensive options because of how good Hughes and OEL already are.
  9. lol. If he disliked being in Vancouver, he's gonna hate being in Winnipeg even more
  10. I think Pearson and Hoglander can alternate between lines 2 and 3. Although both Bo's wingers would be undersized I like Hoglander's gritty offensive style and would help Garland's finesse style a bit
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