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  1. Yeah, and Eichel was also younger than Petey when he entered the league at 18 straight from NCAA. What are those "every indications"? Petey was on pace for under a ppg (albeit close to) similar to his first two seasons last year, before he was out with injury. Also, I'm not "turning on" Petey and I'm not vouching to trade him. By my username you could tell I am a big fan of Pettersson. I just think realistically and being unbiased, a franchise centerman plus two first round picks is well worth the return for a player of Petey's calibre.
  2. This exactly. We are all different people that were raised in different households and come from a variety of cultures around the world. Isn't it completely normal to have opinions or life-views on certain subjects or topics? It's pretty much a given. That's the beauty of free speech. We're not generations of robots that were raised with the exact same doctrine on life, and someone is malfunctioning because their view is different. Cancel culture is insanity.
  3. Everyone has a right to their say. Freedom of speech/opinion. It's a matter of having your entire livelihood taken from you just because your opinion differs from popular media's.
  4. I never expected him even come near McDavid, let alone Gretzky. No one is like either of those players. As much as I despise the Oilers, they were truly gifted with getting McDavid (along with the other, what, 5 first overall picks?). He has the speed of Bure, the playmaking abilities of Lemieux and the vision of Gretzky. That's a true once in a generation talent. At the time in 2017, our team up front was desolate outside of Boeser and we'd constantly been craving that new young #1 Center. When Petey came in and started breaking those records in his first 10 games and in Sweden prior to that, fans had good reason to hype him. However, the NHL is unlike any other league, you need to be at the top form every moment to maintain your pace against all the other best hockey players in the world. There are no free passes.
  5. I think a perfect comparison for him point trajectory wise would be like a Datsyuk (Mostly a ppg 80 point player; 97 was his peak). Never really blew your socks off with yearly 100 point seasons, but a lethal player and very good on both ends of the ice. He's not a McDavid or Mackinnon, even a Matthews for that matter but can still be elite. That being said, so long as his defensive game keeps developing and he maintains his hockey IQ/stick handling skills.
  6. You talk as if Jack Eichel is now a complete write-off because of his injury. Eichel's career isn't over. His treatment is being mishandled by a garbage organization. Just FYI, players have been injured before and they return from injury and return to form. What Eichel has is a herniated disc in his neck that could've and should've been fixed if the team handled things properly. An injury like that is routinely fixed through surgical procedure and happens all the time in contact sports. Boeser going to be unhappy that his friend his gone? This isn't kindergarten. They are professional athletes and adults; they know full well trades are part of the business. All chemistry is built. How would that trade set this rebuild a couple years back? Eichel is everything Petey is except bigger and faster. We're also adding two potentially high first round draft picks in two deep drafts.
  7. lol why sarcasm? You're just biased as hell. I'm pretty sure Eichel would get back to the same level if he finally has a team that actually lets him have access to the proper procedures and rehab. Sure, the Sabres are looking good now but they will crash and fall near the bottom of the standings by the end of it all like every year if we're going by pattern. That's Eichel + potentially Shane Wright and/or Connor Bedard for Petey. Unless we had McDavid instead of Petey I would do that in a heartbeat. Sarcasm, yeah. Sure.
  8. Yeah just bad timing for all. I've been vouching for Gallant for a while now but he's taken. He did pretty great for all the teams he coached. Would Shaw be any better than Green? Not sure how I feel about making a change for the sake of making a change. For all we know he's another wildcard that's never coached in the league before. If you're going to make a change, do it for someone that you actually have full-confidence in and believe can actually elevate your young players. We've already had our dance with these "unknown" noob coaches for nearly 8 years now. It'd be nice to have someone with some levels of experience at the NHL level.
  9. I thought we were done with rookie coaches. We already tried the Willie Desjardins route and have a newbie, "non-traditional hockey man" in TG currently which most fans seem not to be keen on at the moment. Or do they not count because they were AHL coaches instead of Junior (in Willie's case, he was both). It's a matter of getting the right guy for the job, traditional hockey man or not.
  10. We've been playing way too predictable and the coaching staff hasn't done zilch about it.
  11. This exactly. Too much early success as a young player and being praised constantly as if you're the best player ever, can get to your head and might make you lose a bit of your drive. Not writing him off in the slightest but he really just seems so passive out there. Unnoticeable, and it's been like that last year too before he was injured. Very different to when he was breaking those records as a rookie leading to winning that calder.
  12. I've been kind of having my doubts about Petey. He's supposed to be our elite #1 Center but he hasn't looked better than a third line center recently. After that first year I thought he would be our Mackinnon, Matthews, Barkov...etc. but he's looking more lost out there. He takes too long to make decisions and seems hesitant to shoot when he should be utilizing his shot. In short, he seems like he's trying to make that perfect play rather than doing the right thing. Maybe Mclennan and co. were right about him on Toronto radio, he's slowly been losing that initial presence that he came with. I'm not sure if he's going to end up being that elite 90 point potential guy but who knows, he could pull a Mackinnon and explode. I do hope he picks it up.
  13. It does happen everywhere when alcohol plays a factor. It's obvious that a lot of people make bad decisions and act like idiots when drunk but never have I seen how obnoxious people get when in herds like in Vancouver on a Friday night downtown. This coming from someone who's lived in central LA for most of their life. However, my opinion like any other opinion is purely subjective to my POV. Yeah. Chicago is a wild city. Southside Chicago is dangerous for its gang violence and murders but those are outright killings. I'm talking about assaults and sucker punches on random people and just the pretentious cowards in this city.
  14. Meh. There's more gutless cowards here that randomly start crap with people in the bars. Probably, like you mentioned because of there being less chance of guns being drawn
  15. I'd give Benning's son the benefit of the doubt as there are lots of random attacks in that area. Ironic how one of the richest neighbourhoods have been getting the most assaults and break-ins
  16. As someone who's lived in multiple countries, most of the fake tough guy macho crap I've seen is in Vancouver. I've been to other more populated cities in the US with a vibrant nightlife without nearly as much random violence as this city. It's really weird to me. The people here are more polite than any other place I've been to, but the scumbags here are amongst the worst.
  17. That's one way to welcome and introduce the world to your city isn't it?
  18. Vancouver has droves of spoiled cowards that act tough in numbers. Pretty pathetic actually.
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