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  1. Sorry, i haven't been following this much lately. I was under the impression that she said masks help but aren't perfect. Not sure what you mean by glory holes but Albertan tourists are Ok if they never leave their vehicles. (That was a joke) My sister lives in Calgary, are you saying she can never visit her family ever again?
  2. I believe them, especially Dr.B but i don't believe a damn word that comes out of the states right now, especially NYTimes or CNN. NYTimes is the national enquirer.
  3. Hogwash? Dude, they say right in it that some masks that are sold aren't effective. If you feel so safe with it on, go into a spray booth with only that on. They conclude by saying those tests proved they kept droplets out while talking, thats great if you have a drooling problem but when you sneeze, it comes out with such force that droplets are then atomized. They go right through a speedo mask.
  4. Those masks don't do much. If you want to keep particulates out, you need an N-95 mask on. You'd be breaking WCB rules if you showed up to work in a spray booth wearing a speedo on your face. So you're at risk of ingesting toxins at work and the WCB has rules to make sure you don't get sick. They wouldn't say ' oh yeah, just put a glorified doo-rag on your face and your good to go.' You need a respirator with fresh filters that need to be changed every 8 hours while dealing with vapours and you need a N-95 mask for dealing with particulates, That being said those hokey masks are bett
  5. They do that to avoid paying overtime too. Hopefully they fix that problem. Thats really bad considering what the care workers have to go through now. Big thank you to them for sure.
  6. Didn't you watch it, GetBackJoeJoe? Get Back To The USSR, can't you hear the balalaika's ringing out? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balalaika#:~:text=The balalaika (Russian%3A балала́йка%2C pronounced [bəɫɐˈɫajkə]) is a,wooden%2C hollow body%2C fretted neck and three strings. This was a far better response than GetBackJoeJoe's. I heard of the multiple care home workers quite awhile ago, i guess it takes awhile to reschedule every care home. Did you watch that video? That guy knows his stuff. Triple board certified MD.
  7. There has been doctors who've spent their entire careers studying infectious diseases saying these things and youtube deletes them? Do you know more than this guy?
  8. Why is to that there's been tons of outbreaks at nursing homes after they've been quarantined from their family's for 3 months, not even being allowed to say their last goodbyes on their deathbeds. If they aren't getting it from them, where do they get it from? Did one of them escape? The workers are also quarantined from their family, so how is there all these outbreaks after 3 months of quarantining? Many people have pointed out that family members that were corona cases died from other ailments, why does youtube and FB take those down as well as medical professionals that have uploaded vids
  9. You people love our milk and honey, maybe buy a poppy or something.
  10. Cool, my great nephew plays for the Parksville Sharks, he also plays hockey with the Parksville Outlaws. My other great nephew played hockey on the Yale Lions, midget team. Same team that Virtanen played on. He's going to move up to jr A next season, committed to play in SJHL. He played in 6 games in the BCHL last year. I can watch every game on hockeytv.com
  11. Wow, that's cool. I knew Jason'Kicking ' Bird. He was the Northern pacific Mauy Thai HW Champ back in the 90's. I lived in Whiskey Creek for awhile and there was a lot of kids into it. I got another great lacrosse story from the 80's. I had a couple cousins that played for my dads jr.b team in Parksville. One of them made the Nanaimo Timbermen and he was a wild man. Scraped almost every game, he got into a stick swinging incident, the other guy hit him in the head first and cousin got him too good. he had blood coming out of his ear. needles to say, my cousin was suspened for the rest of
  12. I grew up in Nanoose Bay, went to elementary school on Morrelo road, How's that for some ancient history. i remember those fun sandcastle brawls, some of my friends were the best scrapers in Parksville back then. Those riots that happened were crazy, what happened was the beer gardens and Dance at the hall ended at the same time. Thousands of drunk people leaving at once. My first memory of a Parksville beach brawl was when my dad coached Jr. B Box Lacrosse, this was in the mid/late 70's and i was just a little kid. Parksville went right to the finals that year and played Bella Coola i t
  13. Age shaming isn't cool bro, of course i've heard of William Shatner. Seth Rogan isn't Canadian and his first names Joe not Seth.
  14. We don't need them any way, all the best actors are Canadian. Donald Sutherland, Tommy Chong Johnny Depp, Christopher Pllummer, Mel Gibson, Al Pacino (has a place on SaltSpring Island), Ron Mclean.
  15. Come at me ,Bro, step to me !! Just kidding Deb, not against anything you're saying. that was just too cute. COME AT ME, BRO !!
  16. Those 3M Masks are for particulates, they help a bit but if you want to keep vapours out, you need a respirator. Anyone that goes into a spray booth wearing a 3M N95 mask and not a respirator is breaking WCB rules. That being said, you're better off having the 3M mask on than nothing, you will still be ingesting vapours. not as full on as you would without though. Also most respirator filters only last for 8 hours so you'd be spending a lot of money. The 3M masks are the way to go but you aren't impervious to vapours getting in, be aware of that.
  17. Straight from the Icelandic Saga's. Do yourself a favour and read 'The Saga of Egil Skallagrimson'. Born in Iceland he was one of the Biggest, Baddest, Toughest Vikings in history. He was also a 'scald', a form of poet and he was one of the best at that at the time too.
  18. You're doing it all wrong, what you should have said was. Bard May, the Willie Mays of Hockey Fighters. Or, Gabby Hayes, the Brad May of acting.
  19. Same last name (almost) and both superstars. Remember i said he's the EP of intellectuals.
  20. Meaning that he usually destroy's interviewers with preconceived notions that try to 'get him'. Fair enough.
  21. Jordan Peterson is the Elias Pettersson of intellectuals. I've heard of him but never really looked into it till the last few days. Some tried to label him as 'Alt right' and a 'fascist mystic.' They are completey wrong, he's a centralist that leans to the right a little.
  22. I like what Jordan Peterson said on the Bill Maher show. Went right over their heads. Another thing, why are people being political agitators of a country they don't even live in? Especially one that seems on the brink of civil war. Half their country are trump supporters, right or wrong.
  23. You're a proponent of welding people in their homes? Hitler did that to his undesirables and then set a match to it. I think China did that so people didn't protest, remember tenement square? Remember Mau? They were trying to hide the outbreak from the world for 6 weeks remember? These people wore those masks for years, you think they wore those because they don't care about their or anyone else's lives? To use the Chinese government to prove your point is frankly infuriating. They lied to the WHO for 6 weeks and killed the early whistleblowers. You think Communism is good? I'm not saying the
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