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  1. lol. When Tram gets here I'll happily bring this back.
  2. I'm actually shocked that this is not a mainstream opinion here. I don't believe it. I will search to find some Edler bashing. It's got to be here. But note that I think he is still useful. Oh I get it. You know we'd get nothing for Edler in a trade. You had me going there. lol
  3. Absolutely. Aren't there many here who don't even want Edler on the team? I'm not one of them, but he is a fossil. Every shift could be his last and he is looking very pylon like more and more. Someone needs to tell Edler there is no such thing as a good penalty in the NHL anymore. Just let the frickin guy go. lmao.
  4. I wouldn't trade Quinn for him. I would trade any of the others.
  5. True, very high expectations. In fact, I think He was pretty much better than the rest when he was a rookie. lol. Sorry, but that's how I remember it. I was happy when he was on the ice. He made some mistakes but nothing more than the others and certainly way less than our new free agent.
  6. I expect him to be the best Dman on our team within a few weeks after his return. Surprised no one else does. (Quinn doesn't count)
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