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  1. Obama brought it from 82% to 105%. Under Trump it has risen to 106% and you think I'm drinking the Kool aid.? In Q1 this number was actually down to 103% I believe. Very positive.
  2. Looks like it's stabilizing. The rapid rise during the Obama years is a negative thing. The flattening during Trump's time is good.
  3. Looks like US debt to gdp is doing quite a lot better.
  4. Roaring economy, low unemployment and bleating media clutching their pearls? lmao
  5. At least he didn't take a penalty. (like some people I know) lol
  6. I love the way Johnson wiped out the double crossers in his own party. Also the way the elite and their suck ups mocked him and are now eating it.
  7. Chevron just baled from the Kitimat LNG project that was supposed to be a sure thing. And then there was one, Shells LNG Canada still going ahead so far.
  8. The earth has cooled three straight years now. We've done nothing but burn more oil.
  9. I think diesel owners will be, or are going to be, going through the same thing again because ships will soon be required to use a diesel like fuel instead of bunker crude. I guess there's nuclear options now that aren't dangerous.
  10. Things are working perfectly then. The answer is to buy an electric car. That's what the carbon tax is for. Make energy costs so high that electric cars are a worthwhile option. The even bigger problem is electricity costs will then go up too. Way up. We will never get back to cheap transportation.
  11. I found the replay. Gaud did not jump out of the way. Puck went under his leg. Shame on me.
  12. Yes. That was a real eye opener. Sadly. Oh. Gaudette jumped out of the way of the tieing goal instead of blocking it at the point. Or was I imagining it?
  13. Oh! We have a sabre fan here. Just let me drop everything and give you a summary of the last 15 pages. lol. \ eh...your team looks good but they lost. There ya go.
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