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  1. Wow. I got a clear answer and left the thread. But now I see that some kept posting, insinuating my stupidity. Well, what can I say? I didn't know there was such clause in their contracts. Simple as. Now, I had a tiny premonition this could happen. We are, after all, in a forum where the binary, absolute answers are few. And those places always attract the snotty know it all-people, unified only by the love for a team and that they're all named Jeremy. And here you are, confirming it Actually, I'm a bit fascinated by you guys. Not only that you bother to write these posts,
  2. Ah, didn't know that. Thanks. Explains everything. Mods can lock the thread and spare som smart asses their time finding new ways to not answer topic.
  3. UPDATE: Now I get it. Carry on. I haven't found a topic on this, so here goes. The discussion about these guys' future always seem to assume that they want to stay, given enough lucrative contracts. That there is an established truth. I'm a sucker for loyalty, but can't see any reason for that. I mean, would you stay here if in their position? Why? I may have missed something. Maybe they've stated a wish to be a part of Vancouver for a long time. If so, great. If not, I would like to see a broader discussion about the team Anno Domini EP
  4. Scrolled through the last three pages. It's mostly about trades and JB being a crap GM. I'm not much of a contributor, but shouldn't GDT:s focus on... the game? On topic: I've found myself to like the leafs more and more, especially w. thornton onboard and The Cock run out of town Really looking forward to the game! 1 AM where i live... the boys will make a mighty bounce back tonight! (Or not.)
  5. Wont follow replies, but MacEwen... He is the Benn of forwards. But less contributing. Wish him points. But will not change opinion if he collects My guess is a fight and some powerful yet misdirected skating though. /Coach Couch
  6. How do you fit the skates on a Mars bar?
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