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  1. You think Stecher is better than Virtanen. Megna thought he was better than the Sedins. You are as intelligent as Megna. Congrats.
  2. Just doing my job calling out terrible insights and using their exact same logic against them. You just don't realize I'm saying exactly what you said back to you. I have seen only hate for certain players come from you. I guess that's considered "actual content".
  3. Ya, and Megna was better than the Sedins combined.
  4. I agree. They aren't comparable. That's why I asked to be enlightened on HOW he compares. I appreciate the breakdown you gave.
  5. Right, they were trading him for a defenseman so by your logic he isnt worth as much as Ben Hutton because he hasn't been traded yet. The fact my point made you cringe just doubles down how terrible your argument is. All I did was repeat it back to you.
  6. 22 points in 41 games. Please enlighten me on how he compares to Beagle and who is better.
  7. I guess Laine isn't worth anything either since he wasn't traded, right? Another blah argument. Next time just blow hard into the air, it'll be just as convincing.
  8. Poor arguments don't help a false narrative.
  9. Virtanen got past Hughes in practice. We better not qualify Hughes, what a bust.