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  1. Great player, every team contending for cup needs these kind of player in its core.
  2. Allright, that is fair, lets get ready for the upcoming season, if the team does good, then good. we all will be happy fans, a good winning team is all we are cheering for. Go canucks.
  3. Exactly very very even trade it was, longterm in the last 2 years OEL contract might hurt though, JB did not lose in the trade but did not put up a fleece, he never did in his tenure. We gave up Mccann for Gudbranson. in longterm even after pearson that trade was not a win, the thing I don`t like about people evaluating Benning is -respectfully: some maximize his good things like he pulled a magic, which he did not, and minimize his mistakes, which are not little. He has not been GM of a decade and some loyalists just want him to continue and continue, again I am draft a
  4. Miller trade was a good trade as time showed, was not fleece, but good creative trade I expect a canucks GM-the team I cheer for- should do more and more.
  5. My last post in this conversation : The person who uses tactics and pollutes conversation is you I am afraid, you make things personal and accuse not me, I just asked a question that why you defend Benning so much, he is not THAT good, when is the time to move on, that`s it. I have no problem with you and send you best regards, lets end it just here now, as you said proof is above, be well.
  6. you said the only reason he is still there is his drafting then said among other things. the single biggest? anyway lets move on. but you did not answer my question about Benning next year did you? I answered you always my dear, Please elaborate, with respect what are you talking about? with all respect. My arguments is: THE AVERAGE LIFESPAN OF A GM IS 5 YEAR. BENNING HAS BEEN HERE FOR 7. OKAY? WHEN IS THE TIME TO EVALUATE HIM BY HIS PROGRESS? IF NEXT YEAR TEAM IS NOT GOOD WE STILL CHASE OUR TAIL? with all respect, dude
  7. I think I quoted some false logic in your argument before man. it was vegas, everybody is so good in vegas man, I like Schmidt but it has not worked out which does not make it a fleece. so in your opinion if team does not progress next year Benning should stay?
  8. You are not thinking objective and rationalize things, that is all I am saying, with respect. And also yes if a trade does not work out then of course it makes it a wash, you know any other way to judge the trades?
  9. That is the thing, your bar is very low, you compare him to Gillis? sure , he is miles better at drafting. also Schmidt has not worked out as much as I like him and he requested a trade it seems. All I am asking why some people so loyal to him like he has won us the cup?
  10. average lifespan of a GM is 5 years in NHL, JB has done some good, but lot of mistakes also. he has been here 7 years. http://www.healthgeomatics.com/hockey-gm-tenure-length/ He never fleeced another GM in trades, pulls very very even trades. He never signed a UFA that has been a great great success. Again he is not the worst GM, but he is not that great either. if he messes up next year he should be accountable. this amount of loyalty to him I find so hyperbolic. he has courage and takes risks, I give him that, but with those risks comes accountabilit
  11. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/rationalize So Sedins would not retire according to Linden`s plan????? Benning such a genius? come on man. Rangers did their rebuild in 3 years, Also rumor is Linden wanted draft and develop kinda system. And it is the job of GM to take care of the business, and in time you evaluate those moves GM does,that is why he gets paid, again Benning is not a great GM that you give credit for. He is not the worst GM, true that, but not that great.
  12. I do not like lengthy contracts in this flat cap era. unless it is for a young core even then you do your best as a GM not to do it, I do not like term of OEL contract-regardless of a good D he can be-, long-term it will suck, good thing it can be bought out last 2 years.
  13. I was speaking metaphorically, his stats shows he has declined, good D, but would you sign him if he was free with that contract? be honest, if he was UFA right now and JB signed him with that contract, you can`t argue people would have a right to criticize that signing. I am cheering for him, but it was a very very even trade.
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