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  1. Good to get a point but it always feel we come up short in shootouts. Some of the coaches decisions are just dumb. Why was Miller out there in a shootout? Green needs to let him know his play tonight was unacceptable but then he is there in the shootout.
  2. Yep. It’s a big problem because it requires a whole new way of thinking that this staff just lacks. That’s better but we wasted so many power plays and they are what win and lose you hockey games.
  3. Ready for the classic Green quotes tonight. “I thought we played a good game.” I didn’t think our pp was great.” I am sure we will be there next game.” how about be better the first game.
  4. Canucks really are missing a player that takes charge. They had the pp at the beginning and they fumble around with it like it’s not big deal that they lose the puck or don’t make anything happen. They never seem to know the importance of a pp and take it seriously. It’s just ok we tried mentality.
  5. Tired of the excuses for poor starts every season. Can we just get an amazing start one of these years. It always feels like the bar is set so low that the attitude is we can just get them the next game. Such a losers mentality.
  6. Miller has just had an awful night and it worries me because it’s the first game. He says they are ready. They may be but he isn’t. Funny thing is he could score and make a difference the next period.
  7. I think I am just frustrated with the system. It just looks the same. No major changes and it just seems Green is stuck on a system that doesn’t work.
  8. Green’s system just isn’t a good one. If Benning was smart he would have had our stars here earlier. This is the crap we have to go through before they get their games together. Excuses every year as to why they start slow. Need to make changes at the top of the organization.
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