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  1. (2021 off season deal) Pettersson + Hughes + Miller for Eichel + Dahlin + Reinhart Next year: Hoglander-Eichel-Boeser Pearson-Horvat-Podkolzin Virtanen-Reinhart-Gaudette Roussel-Beagle-Motte Dahlin-Schmidt Juolevi-Myers Benn-Hamonic Demko Holtby
  2. It’s an interesting idea but I’d have to vote no. Eriksson will be off the books at the end of next season and could even be gone by the end of this season with the right sweetener. All of our bad contracts will be gone before October 2022. I want to see what the Canucks will do in the Summer of 2022 with all kinds of cap options. Skinner’s presence would serve as a hindrance to that.
  3. Yes. I miss Team 1040 a lot. 650 Sportsnet is full of 20-something/early 30’s kids that think they are smarter than NHL GM’s. I do not get a good vibe from the douchebags on sportsnet 650 at all.
  4. Agreed but there is something to be said about having excellent depth. Maybe Bennett and Debrusk aren’t the guys to be targeting, but just having young cost controlled assets that can form a “2A” line (2A calibre players on a 3rd line) would be huge. Like Vegas for instance. That’s more or less what I was trying to get at.
  5. They will likely play each other a number of times more. The exact number however, I am not sure. We play Calgary four more times I believe, and Montreal 3-4 times. If we can defeat those guys in the remainder of our games while having similar records against other teams in our remaining games, then we’re right there in the thick of things. One game at a time though. That’s the mindset we need to adopt.
  6. I would say this your cited sources are a more accurate prognosis for this season. Nonetheless, Canucks need to keep battling. One game at a time. I would argue that over the last 9-10 games or so, the Canucks have really only been outplayed twice (both games against the Oilers). We deserved to have swept Calgary, probably should have taken all the games against Winnipeg, and probably deserved to beat Toronto in that last game that we played against them out East. Percentages are not on our side but a journey of a thousand miles always begins with a single step. If the Canucks win 6 in a row, I think we re-enter the conversation.
  7. Yikes. I just looked up his stats and he's having a terrible year. It looked like he was turning things around earlier this year but it appears as though that was a fleeting moment. Perhaps he'd play better with better linemates (Lucic and Dube are his linemates right now), but yeah........probably a pass. Going back to my main idea however (i.e. Edler for a 1st at the trade deadline + trading two 1sts for two players), the idea of trading two 1sts (for two good young two-way grind 3rd line forwards that wouldn't look out of place on a 2nd line incase of injuries) does appeal to me. We 1) long term assets that can help the team as early as next season....... 2) Address one of our biggest weakness' on the team (i.e. lack of bottom six scoring to complement our top 6 + alleviating defensive pressure and responsibilities off of Horvat) 3) A future replacement for Brandon Sutter who will become a UFA. I dunno...... Or maybe we'd just be better off keeping the two 1sts and/or parlaying those 1sts into something different (one of which being a Hampus Lindholm type guy whom we'd then extend after July 1st).
  8. Agreed but that’s not what I was saying. Bennet “plus”. Debrusk “plus”
  9. -1st for Bennet + (plus being the operative word) -1st for Debrusk + (plus being the operative word). Agreed that a guy like Bennett hasn’t lived up to expectations but he’d be a huge upgrade over Sutter and Gaudette in a 3rd line C role. A 3rd line of Debrusk-Bennet-Heinen would likely be able to contribute regularly and consistently while also being able to play solid gritty defensive hockey. While not ideal, I’d also argue that any one of those bottom 6 guys would be able to *temporarily* fill in on the top 6 in case of injuries.
  10. 1) Edler with 50% retention 2) Debrusk +.....not just Debrusk by himself.
  11. Marc Crawford then reads about it on his iPhone with a pretentious smug grin slowly appearing on his face.
  12. Hope he gets help, although the bastard in me probably would have found it funny if he accidentally and randomly hit Steve Moore while driving.
  13. Pearson and Roussel won’t land you Drouin in my opinion.
  14. I like your thinking a lot. My only issue with Dougie Hamilton is that.... 1). he will likely cost some serious coin. 2) As good as he is, he’s not really a “defensive defenseman” (which is what we really need). Very interesting ideas though. I still think the presence of Sutter and Gaudette would make that 3rd line quite weak however.
  15. -I don’t think a 2nd rounder would be enough to get Bennett. -It could be a first for Bennett+ not just a 1-1 swap. Ditto for Debrusk. -I agree that moving two firsts for anything is generally not a good idea but the players that we’d get in return would be two young assets that would significantly bolster our 3rd line for next season and beyond: Miller-Pettersson-Boeser Hoglander-Horvat-Podkolzin Debrusk-Bennett-Heinen Motte-Beagle-MacEwen Hughes-Larsson Tryamkin-Schmidt Juolevi-Myers That’s a solid playoff team for 2021-2022 is it not?