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  1. [proposal] Post your two year Canuck plan - how would YOU do things? I’ve posted my two year plan in some other threads but am interested in seeing your plan as well, just to see how my plan differs from yours. Here is more or less what I’d try and do if I was Benning: 1) Draft Dylan Guenther (http://www.mynhldraft.com/NHL-Mock-Draft/). According to this site, Guenther might be around our range and so I think we’d have a shot at knabbing him. 2) Buyout Virtanen or let mother legal nature take its course. So, either 2.5 or 2.55 million off the books.
  2. Definitely good to know! I’ve actually changed my top preference to Dylan Guenther. This kid is the real deal in my opinion. My hope is that other teams prioritize C’s and D’s so that Guenther drops to us.
  3. Trust me I love Rathbone (even though I have mentioned him multiple times in numerous “think out loud” proposals). The only reason why I keep mentioning him is because if the Canucks were going to try and do something crazy (trade or clear cap space), then he’d likely be a causality unfortunately (him and/or our 1st). No way the Canucks would move Podz or Hog before the 1st or Rathbone. Here is the ACTUAL plan that I’d try and attempt if I was Benning. 1) Move both Beagle and Roussel with minor sweeteners. 2nd for one / 3rd + mid prospect for another. Collect two
  4. Yes, faux pas on my part, and yes, we’d likely to have another LD (or re-sign Edler for another year).
  5. Excellent points. Good points about Loui’s real dollars (would only be 4 million in real dollars owed) Would be such massive highway robbery on our parts if we could somehow con Buffalo into taking Eriksson and our 1st for Reinhart, lol. Realistically though, I think we’d be looking at giving a 9th OA + a top prospect (Rathbone, ?Hoglander, or Podkzolin) If ?Buffalo was to take on one of our cap dumps AND give us Reinhart. Personally, as much as I’d dislike it, I’d probably bite the bullet and add Rathbone.....and pray that Juolevi pans out.
  6. To Canucks: Reinhart To Sabres: 9OA + Rathbone + Roussel Sabres get two potential future core pieces while helping the Canucks accommodate Reinhart’s salary. I’m not a fan of the idea of trading Rathbone but realistically, Reinhart would likely cost the 9OA + one of Hoglander / Podkolzin / Rathbone.
  7. Miller-Pettersson-Boeser Pearson-Horvat-Hoglander Vesey-Reinhart-Podkolzin Motte-Beagle-MacEwen (Highmore) Is a really good top 9 but I can’t see Buffalo agreeing to that deal. To Canucks: Reinhart To Sabres: 9OA + Rathbone + Roussel *might* get it done. -Buyout Virtanen -Walk from Edler, Sutter, Baertschi + Eriksson to the minors. -walk from Hamonic + sign Larssson. Miller-Pettersson-Boeser Pearson-Horvat-Hoglander Vesey-Reinhart-Podkolzin Motte-Beagle-MacEwen Hughes-L
  8. Interesting idea but I think that's too heavily tilted in Vancouver's favour. Canucks acquire: Reinhart, 3rd Sabres acquire: #9, Rathbone, Roussel Obviously, I would love it if Buffalo accepted your proposal rather than mine, since I love Rathbone, but I honestly can't see Buffalo accepting the original. I also don't like the idea of moving the 9OA if Dylan Guenther is available. Ultimately, I'd rather the Canucks just keep their 1st and prospects, and go after a guy like Granlund as their 3rd line C. Move Roussel to
  9. Pretty much what I was thinking. While I like the OP’s ideas they are heavily lopsided in the Canucks’ favor.
  10. Somewhat related to this topic.....loosely. Taking the upcoming 2021 draft into account, here is the ‘elite’ Stanley Cup contending team that I hope we’ll have in 22-23. Miller-Pettersson-Boeser Hoglander-Horvat-Guenther Pearson-Granlund-Podkolzin Motte-Lind-MacEwen Lindholm-Schmidt Hughes-Larsson Rathbone-Myers Demko Dipietro
  11. He was coming into his own in Colorado but seemed to struggle in Chicago for some reason. From reports, it seems like ChicGo had higher expectations from him in turns of NZ being able to play a more two way game as opposed to the stay-at-home style that he’d been playing throughout his career. Zadorov is big, mean, and physical, but don’t expect much offense from him.......which I don’t mind as long as he can play the defensive and physical conscience guys like Hughes and Schmidt. Like a Tanev replacement in terms of that 2nd pairing stay at home type guy.
  12. 1) Unlike previous years, Eriksson will only have one year left on his contract for this coming year. Marc Staal was moved with a 2nd as a sweetener (5.7 million cap hit), and so I remain optimistic that Eriksson can be moved with a 2nd + 3rd as a sweetener. 2) I would be willing to give Granlund a bit of term (relative to other bids) if it meant securing him at a bit of a lower cap hit. Skill players tend to age far better than physical players and so my guess is that Granlund's level will more or less be similar to what it is now. Larsson = 5.25 million (to get him to l
  13. If the Canucks can find a way to move on from Eriksson (2nd + 3rd is the highest I’d go to make it happen, in terms of sweeteners), then I don’t think cap space will be an issue. As far as Larsson goes, he probably is a bit overrated but the guy fits our needs perfectly. -right handed shot -defensive minded stay at home qualities -is passable as a top pairing option (which is not something we can say about Hamonic) -is young(ish) enough to offer some term to, and has a style of game that won’t age too poorly (the same cannot be said for Savard). -Lastly, ev
  14. Jonathan Dahlen will be working at BC Ferries 18 months from now.
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