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  1. Master vote the spaghetti guy then we settle this between ourself
  2. Guys let's just get rid of the trash and play this between men
  3. @luckylager @Sharpshooter I know you are town
  4. /unvote Take the vote on Sharpshooter as a test, people who jumped on the wagon are scum. @Sharpshooter kill: Kurisu falcon45ca Qwags After them eat a big bowl of spaghetti
  5. I didn't do $&!# the whole game explain to me how I could be mafia? Why exposing myself with stupid posts? People accusing me are scum that's how I know
  6. Take note, i'm mason with naslund.is.king These who are now voting for me are mafia
  7. Kurisu why are you defending Sharshooter?