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  1. Ya except for those clauses Benning handed out like tictacs. They would have been stuck with the full cap hit and they were in a corner because they were capped out, it would have meant losing Gaudette
  2. That would still be seen as spending money to not play in the NHL or Canucks. I just don't think there is any tolerance whether by choice or circumstances, they can't bury 10 mil in the minors because they would still need to replace Eriksson and would not have the money or prospsects. Anything that happens with regards to losing players is all on Benning and his lack of forward thinking. Whether the cap or contracts or aging players, all are substandard and now someone has to stand up and hear the music. I do believe there are some deals to be made that could improve the club but Eriksson, Ferland and Baerstchi are locks on this team, no one wants them, not even with retention. I could be wrong about Ferland, his LTIR could have surprising value. Benning has never had to deal with a budget, in Boston that was not his job and in Buffalo it was not his job and in Vancouver he has had Fort Knox backing him up until now. Maybe the owners should have interfered before so he had some sense of restraint and planing for the future
  3. true, but that was also when the team was rebuilding and could afford to be very accommodating. I'm not sure we can bank on Loui's situation being similar. The other issue is we're at risk of losing a decent younger player to waivers if Loui isn't sent down. Gagner refused to report to Utica at least that was the rumor. There was the rumor of the promise. The players have more pull now in decisions but one decision is still all on the owners, how much money to spend. There are two things that seem apparent with the Canucks. No more money spent or draft picks used to have players not play on this team. There is a hard cap. Like lots of speculation on this forum trade ideas often extend to total compliance and desire of the player(s) involved and unlimited funds with little regard to rules or other teams' competition to said players available.
  4. I can't find it now, but I believe a study in England was done on possible DNA effects of this covid 19 virus, It looked like it was compromising DNA and reducing expected life spans by 15+% and that is why the elderly are dying at such a high rate, an exception was for elders with an active Methuselah gene, their life spans were suspected to not be adversely affected, most of those elderly that recover quickly have an active gene. Other effects that can still be found are; Reduced lung function and lung damage Heart damage Increased arthritis type occurrences Extreme chronic fatigue Liver damage. No more drinking. Certainly these would reduce life spans And there is lots of speculation with regards to longer term effects in younger people It was probably just some quack
  5. I think one aspect of signing all these players that are close to their 30's or older is they have to be replaced. Pearson in a trade would be a rental, al JV will get is draft picks or AHL players, because no team will give up roster players fo a 25 goal scorer at the TDL In another thread you mentioned that Beoser could be offered less than in the CBA because he is a RFA and Canucks should offer him less, so do the same thing with EP and QH, bridge deals with 4 or 5 year contracts structured like Boeser is now, heavily back loaded so their next talks start at 10 mil or so. something like - 4.5 - 5.5 - 7 - 8.5 - 9.5 in salary with a 7 mil cap hit, next contract start with 10 mil, I think with the flat cap 10 or 11 mil will be tops for a long time. The team only started rebuild 2 seasons ago. That said the Canucks should work out some deal that brings back more younger defencemen, teams get built from the back out. I await the start of this oddball season. I don't think they are as good as most here think, IMO they are 2nd last by a tiny bit. But then I'll be wrong, Just have to wait and see. The closer to the start the clearer all things Canuck will become.
  6. GM's, not teams,GM's. Edmonton various GM's. Last 10 years, Tambellini, MacTavish, Chiarelli and Holland, if you want throw in Gretzky and before Lowe. Some of Edmonton's 1rst's were a result of luck in the lottery Some research is easy, how many games played? Only need the actual draft results that include games played and points. Which GM drafted? Only need a name. Don't forget that a lot of what you are saying about Edmonton goes farther back than 10 years now. Time flies but Benning is coming up on 7 full years with a win percentage of an average .442, or 479 gms, 212 wins and 267 losses, an average league standing of 23rd. Of all statistics that can be created or worked on the most important is wins vs losses, would you not agree? Why else pay to watch a competitive sport? Even Ice Dancing or Figure skating is competitive, remember the Salt Lake City Olympics.
  7. The Canucks after a couple of deft trades have secured the first and third picks. It cost a lot trading Horvat and Boeser along with two 1rst and two 2nd rnd picks The team traded up for the first overall and select; BC's own - Connor Bedard 1rst overall and Matvei Michkov 3rd overall d Bedard won the scoring title in the WHL with 53 goals and 81 assists, standing at 6' 2" and 195 lbs he is poised to step into the league Michkov scored 37 goals and 30 assists in the KHL, standing at 6' and 205 lbs he is another difference maker ready to shine. After trading away their 2nd rnd pick they traded up for Arizona's 3rd using their 3rd, 5th and 6th rnd and they selected Mikhail Gulyayev , 6'3" and 195 lbs a left shot defenceman who inexplicably fell 25 spots due to mononucleosis. This is the draft to stock pile picks, missed this year's draft said to be the deepest since 2005 but this draft is already touted to be much better. Plan for the future the team may be in a second rebuild at that time anyway but these name are real.