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  1. It sounds silly but Green HAS to bench Hughes except for power plays. His defence is so bad the team cannot score fast enough to make up for his miscue's Better to have 4 defence at -2 than Hughes - 4, because that usually means he was on the ice for one goal score for but 5 scored against. If Baumgarnter plays him too much because he is in charge of the defence then fire him.
  2. Ya, now he has a whopping 3 points in 13 games. It goes to show just how bad this team's defence was last year, that he was that important and he is marginal in Detroit In 2 years time that will be year 9 for JB and quite honestly, until this team can start icing legitimate NHL defenceman, which JB has neglected to address in his first 7 years at the helm, I don't see this team being any more of a contender than what we see seeing right now Signing multiple aging FA forwards was ignoring Tanev and Edler aging out. Stecher was a bandaid. Myers was his only
  3. Ferland is collecting his full salary from the Canucks because Benning signed a contract the insurance doctors would not clear due to concussion symptoms. The LTIR only means his salary is not counted in the cap, but it costs hard cash to replace him because to that blunder.
  4. When Linden was hired, he got 100% control. I think the decision to start getting back involved might have been around the time their kids exiting school and the Ferland contract. The Ferland could not be insured because insurance company doctors would not clear Ferland but Benning either missed that or didn't care or was simply too incompetent to understand the ramifications and didn't ask but it put the Canucks/Aquillini's 100% financially responsible for Ferland current and future health. I know posters keep trying to put some of the blame on the owners You
  5. Lombardi won cups with, Murray the first, Sutter was the coach for the second Nothing like just throwing any old numbers out there to troll eh? History lesson; Lamerello - Hired 1986 - Conference Finals - 1987, miss - 1988, then 1989 thru 1994-95 playoffs every year up to being Cup Champs. Coaches were replaced on a perennial playoff team 86 to 95 - 7 out 8 years deep playoff runs. Took Lamorello one season to make a playoff team. Hey! Understand this has nothing to do with Green as a coach, Chatfield is never going to suddenly become Potvi
  6. A little Aqulini hockey history? East side family played hockey in Vancouver, cheered for the Canucks. Was in business handling 100's of employees and millions of dollars much longer than Benning Much higher education than Benning's grade 12 (that high?) Closer contacts than the average fan. Can't get too personal. Linden quit, not fired, no announcement, mutual departure, which means Linden quit. Dean Lombardi? You mean Murray don't you? Wasn't Sutter after for the next cup? Hey, coaches are hired to be firedbut he can only coach what he has The tea
  7. The promote to President is certainly opposite the current language used but in my context it is a positive regardless of possible sarcasm. I apologize for assuming you championed Benning and the management group, I could not find any real complaint you had about them and even more supporting the current team than anything else. I don't think Green should be fired, just to say it. And letting Maholtra was a mistake Canuck PP is suffering the same as every other aspect of their game. There is no President so moving Benning into a non existent posit
  8. The OJ thing, he is listed way to light, like he is 20 lbs under weight. You know my thoughts on him, they have never changed, a blown pick but this D is so bad he wasn't outstanding or I mean obviously really bad. Chatfiled is much faster though
  9. What does the President do now? Hint, there isn't one and he does nothing. So a promotion moves him out of the GM position and into the ? President Benning and Vice president Weisbrod with exactly the same responsibilities as today's President and Vice President They don't have a president or vice pres and there is nothing in that job description, promoting them to do nothing.
  10. There can be no favorites, well there can be but if they are on the trade block there has to be a fortune coming back The Canucks fans will fill the arena even if the team loses 50 games a year, they just did that for years. If a GM has the cojones some very onesided trading combined with the usual ownership open vault, monitored this time. And with a solid vision a young core group could be assembled with some senior prospects and top level FA's I wonder if any team has ever traded away all one year's draft picks for a single player? I know one
  11. The team has been operating for quite awhile without a President so give the job to Benning complete with existing responsibilities President is a title only Vice President Wiesbrod too. No Firing Needed How about that?
  12. When management stops re-signing anyone then it is more probable that there is fire where there is smoke. I know you love your team and nothing they do is really wrong and the idea of firing anyone let alone the person you have championed for so long for is distasteful or outright repugnant. So as a solution let's not fire Benning, indeed let's do the opposite, let's promote him to President of Operations. Now there are no operations mentioned but he can then go scouting and no one is fired. And there is always fault to be found, even a butterfly can smash y
  13. Look around, nothing happening. If Benning could have saved his job he would have done something before now. Forget firing the coach, this team as constructed was never for this kind of intense competition, it was to fill the arena with competitive games, to be entertaining with just enough star power, real or exaggerated, to distract from the major flaws on the team. Buying out Tryamkin's contract and bringing him over might not salvage the team now, not that he is Moses or anything, just a solid top four defenceman that might, just might be good enough to make up for
  14. Wow, the number of poster that have never ran a team where winning games was the first thought is abundantly clear here Maybe simple math will help, now pay attention, this is real simply and has no names attached. What is better? Scoring 16 goals in 4 games or stopping 28 goals in four games? The team scores 36 goals but allows 48 against the team scores 20 goals but allows only 20 against Which team has the best chance of winning every night? Which team is more exciting to watch? One team will attract fans eager to win The other
  15. Benning already fired two coaches, Torts and Willy. What do you do just keep firing coaches? At some point it becomes evident that a god couldn't win with a group that just isn't good enough. That is why there are different levels of hockey, this is a great AHL team but not so great NHL, it is a matter of skill levels.
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