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  1. You're correct Mr.Towel, he wasn't traded- he was NOT re-signed. Does that make any difference as to him no longer playing w us? No it doesn't. Enjoy praying Demko is anything close to Mark's. You should be a lawyer lol. You are missing the point, that's why you're just a towel boy.
  2. Love story? Are you and Benning dating? That wouldn't surprise me as he often makes poor decisions.
  3. We let him go! It doesn't matter if he was traded or not resigned! Typical Canucks fans who don't get the point, are we still rebuilding too? lol
  4. Same thing, we could've kept him if we wanted to, don't make it complicated and stick to the point that we didn't keep an all-star goalie that played his heart out every game! What else can u ask for from a player?
  5. Markstrom got us to the playoffs after 6 long years and what do we do? We trade him! God help me, there are too many armchair athletes in Vancouver who don't remember Mark's thousands of highlight reel saves.
  6. Well well well, do people still think Markstrom should have been let go? The best goalie we've ever had who stood on his head to make a save wasn't resigned for some stupid reason. Why does Canuck mgmt. not hold onto the hardest playing members of the team? The harder you play, the more likely u r to be traded (Markstrom, Tanev, Stetcher,...). It seems like mgmt. respects players without grit, and sacrifice like Linden, Myers, Ericson, Virtanen,... who float around and don't impact the game. Losing faith in the team fast, even with all the talent, it's nothing without players who will sacrifice! Too many posers on the team, as usual.