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  1. It's not just reasons it's facts. Eriksson wants to play. And he knows the fact of what I pointed out and that's that he's 35 and already 70% declined. He does not want himself, his family, or his playing career to be in and finish in Utica. He and his agent asked the Canucks for a trade for a reason and they're not going to get their wish. Green found use in Eriksson for a while but that died off once injured players got healthy. Even with Toffoli, Leivo, Graovac, Goldobin, and Boucher gone, there is still no room to use him. Hawryluk was added, Baertschi will be coming back fresh, Podkolzin is coming and potentially Hoglander too. Michaelis, Gadjovich, Lind, and Ju.Bailey all will likely be given more looks this season. Not to mention Ferland could be back at the start of the season and another UFA forward might be signed still (Ie. Hoffman, Athanasiou, Duclair, Caggiula)
  2. He's 35 and already declined heavily. He likely won't get even a cheap deal in two years from now and he knows it. He knows him and his contract is wanted out. Him and his agent asked the Canucks to find a new team for him through trade. And there were no takers with his current cap. He clearly wants to play and he's been put in the press box repeatedly here. He's also still collected $24 Million plus his bonus recently. His time is now to milk the last bit of hockey left out of him and he will not see the ice again here to do that if he does not work something out with the Canucks and get on a new team. At this point... Miller-Pettersson-Virtanen Pearson-Horvat-Boeser Ferland(maybe)-Gaudette-Sutter Roussel-Beagle-Motte Baertschi-Hawryluk-MacEwen Hoglander-Michaelis-Ju.Bailey (Add in the Canucks have been pursuing Hoffman and Athanasiou and Podkolzin is coming). There is no room for Eriksson anymore.
  3. I said he won't get a new team through trade. Re-read. But if his contract was terminated and he went back to being a UFA, he could be an attractive option to a team on a cheap deal.
  4. Everyone has talked about how it's worth trying it with Eriksson since he got to collect his bonus this summer. Sorry but do you have a better idea and have you spent hours writing anything?
  5. ***LONG READ. PLEASE READ ALL THE WAY THROUGH BEFORE REPLYING*** TRANSACTIONS 2020 OFF-SEASON W Loui Eriksson placed on Unconditional Waivers for Mutual Contract Termination (2 years × $6 million remaining on contract). ($6,000,000 in added cap space). {He's collected his bonus and I'm sure has figured it out that no matter what his agent does. They won't find a new team via trade with his current cap hit. He's made money in Vancouver and with how well the Canucks have treated him I'm sure he will come to an agreement to terminate his contract. Also make it clear to him that it's this or he gets buried in Utica. He can take the little bit of two-way hockey he has left to a new team on a cheap deal. He still has some smarts and ability he can add to a team and he can go find a new one without them being scared away by a big $6,000,000 dollar price tag}. F Brandon Sutter (25% salary retained) Traded to the Washington Capitals for a (Conditional) 2022 4th round pick. Pick is conditioned upon Sutter playing at least 65 games with the Capitals in 2020-2021. Sutters injuries the past few years are what makes this the condition. If Sutter does not play at least 65 games than the pick to the Canucks becomes a 2022 7th round pick. ($3,281,250 in added cap space: $1,093,750 in salary retained for the 2020-2021 season only). {$9,281,250 in added cap space}. {Sutter has a fair amount of value still and although he is slightly overpaid, he only has one year left on his deal. With the slight salary retention he is an attractive veteran piece to the Capitals and fits their system well. They need another top-nine forward after some losses this off-season and bringing in someone like Sutter is a solid move. We need the cap space and he has become a slightly redundant piece here with the emergence of Gaudette and Motte the last year, the signing of a basically younger version of Sutter in Hawryluk, and with more similar younger forwards to Sutter in Lind, Jasek, and Lockwood knocking on the door}. Signed From the Flames: D Travis Hamonic (1 year-1-way × $2,225,000) G Nick Schneider (1 year-2-way × $700,000) From the Red Wings: D Madison Bowey (2 years-2-way × $800,000) From the Canadiens: RW Dale Weise (1 year-2-way × $725,000) From the Oilers: F Andreas Athanasiou (1 year-1-way × $2,075,000 W/Performance Bonuses) From the Penguins: F Adam Johnson (1 year-2-way × $700,000) {$2,056,250 in cap space left over}. {I believe we need a couple more pieces to balance us now and should not be so quick to just hand over spots to young players like Podkolzin, Hoglander, Rathbone, Rafferty, Chatfield, Brisebois, Gadjovich, Lind, and Jasek). All these players in particular could use a little more seasoning IMO. Podkolzin and Hoglander are Petterssons future linemates and both are still 19 and in no need to be rushed, Gadjovich and Lind both only turned 22 in October and only started producing in the AHL last season, Rathbone is only 21 and needs time in the AHL to learn timing and defensive positioning before he is to be the next Torey Krug, and Rafferty, Chatfield, and Brisebois would be better off starting the season with Utica to keep getting ice time rather than being 7th and/or 8th defencemen. Juolevi is the only lock and has the most upside out of all the young D-men outside of maybe Rathbone and Juolevi got the most practice time with the big club this past season and snuck in a playoff game against Minnesota. The blueline needs veteran pieces that help now and give these young D-men a little more time to smooth out their game. Lastly Jasek has potentially more offensive upside than Lind but he needs to add more size and speed and just signed over in Europe for the season. With these signings we add back some lost veteran RHD grit and heady two-way play in Hamonic. If Hamonic can stay healthy he may be able to fully hit his ceiling that he was teasing at with the Islanders. He was once highly touted and he only just turned 30. It's also been rumoured Benning wants Hamonic but cap is the only issue. We add a young, tall goaltender with a little upside in Nick Schneider and you can never have too many goaltenders in the system. We add a potentially big steal in a relatively young D-man with a good frame (6'2, 198 Lbs) and a WHL history of smooth puck-moving feet and solid point-shot ability in Madison Bowey. He's garnered a couple seasons of experience now in Washington and Detroit, got his name on the Cup with the Capitals in 2018 and albeit never played in the Playoffs, he did help them in the Regular Season as a decent, rookie-year, 5th/6th D-man and had 12 points in 51 games. He's seen what it takes to win first-hand and he's familiar with and played with Holtby and Beagle. Under Travis Greens all-out two-way system I think he can clean up his defensive smarts and add intensity that he needs. I believe he's a further-along version of Rafferty and creates some healthy competition. If he does not tap into his potential here than he is still great depth and can be kept in Utica mainly. We add a smart, hard-skating, physical, 200 foot veteran winger and former Canuck in Weise who spent his first two NHL seasons here. After his trade to Montreal he tapped into some offensive ability thanks to his decent speed on the forecheck when he's on his forechecking game. Since then he's been in Montreal, Chicago, Philadelphia, Montreal again, and Philadelphias and Montreals AHL teams. He's now 32 and may never be a 25-30 point, speedy, agitator ever again. But coming here could help him find his legs again and he's still a great example on the young players in Utica or Vancouver and will fight anyone. We add Athanasiou who's taunted many times with his ability and speed. His speed is poor-mans McDavid-level and he's had a 30 goal season and is tenacious (dropped the gloves more times than people would think). A few years ago people were putting his speed and skating in the class of McDavid, MacKinnon, Larkin. He has had some injuries from playing reckless with speed and some attitude issues and was a -46 last season. But he spent 75% of the season on the worst team in the NHL in Detroit and his knock has always been learning to play two-way hockey and be disciplined. He's only 26 and under Travis Green and playing around mature leaders like Horvat, Miller, Beagle, Edler, Myers I think he could put it together here and become a main-stay or a good option as bait for Seattle so they stay away from a young player we can't protect and don't want to lose. It was reported Benning checked in on him and his agent too. There's no denying his top-end speed and offensive-minded flair and if he gets going than our forward group becomes scary good. Lastly we add Adam Johnson who's been a prospect of Pittsburgh his whole career and is now a UFA. He's played a combined 13 NHL games the past two seasons and put up 4 points (1 goal and 3 assists). He was an NCAA standout and is a top six guy in the AHL and would be great for Utica. He's still only 26 albeit and has some upside as a bottom six NHL forward. He has a decent frame at 6'0, 170 Lbs, plays with constant energy and does not stop moving his feet. He still has the potential to become a Tyler Motte type of player and just needs some more muscle to make up for being a gung-ho guy. Play him at Center in Utica and have him be a main injury/emergency call-up along with Baertschi, Weise, & Ju.Bailey. The first four signings on this list are also nice because they are a little payback to the teams that cost us some big losses in Free Agency. Calgary grabbed Markstrom, Tanev, Leivo, Domingue and we come right back at them and take Hamonic and N.Schneider (plus we did sign Fantenberg from them last year who was a great help on the blueline all season and playoffs and an example for young players). Markstrom, Tanev, Leivo, Domingue for taking Fantenberg and now Hamonic and N.Schneider is a little easier to accept. Montreal grabbed Toffoli and we grab Weise who is no comparison at all but it's a little shot back their way and they did like what Weise brought to the table. Plus we traded Weise to them for Raphael Diaz seven years ago, who in turn we flipped to NYR for a 5th round pick which ended up being Gaudette. At the end of it we win the Weise trade and wind up with Gaudette and Weise. Lastly Detroit grabbed Stecher which I think was the last straw for alot of people. Markstrom, Tanev, Toffoli were always going to be expensive question marks and somewhat replaceable. But Stecher would've been the cheapest to keep and was a hometown guy who played both ends of the ice like his life depended on it. It was even said by him that he signed with Detroit not because of money but because of time and the Canucks kept him waiting while they took too long elsewhere. (Circling Ekman-Larsson before grabbing Schmidt, bardering with Tanev, etc). Taking another RHD in Bowey gets back at Detroit for Stecher and Bowey is of similar age but is far bigger and has more offensive upside and a better shot. All in all these are not just petty payback signings but actually very good fits and help us now and maybe push us over the edge. We were one goal away from the WCF and yes we have young players developing but this team is also in win-now mode again. The Hamonic and Athanasiou signings in particular are huge adds. LINE-UP 2021 SEASON Miller-Pettersson-Virtanen Pearson-Horvat-Boeser Athanasiou-Gaudette-Hawryluk Roussel-Beagle-Motte Ex: MacEwen (LTIR: Ferland) Q.Hughes-T.Myers Edler-Schmidt Juolevi-Hamonic Ex: Jo.Benn-Bowey Demko Holtby LIKELY IN UTICA (&/OR KALAMAZOO) Baertschi - A.Johnson - Weise Gadjovich - Michaelis - Ju.Bailey TBD? - TBD? - Lind TBD? - TBD? - Lockwood Rathbone-Rafferty Sautner-Chatfield Teves-Brisebois TBD?-Eliot DiPietro Kielly N.Schneider LIKELY IN EUROPE (Organizational Depth-Chart View) Hoglander-L.Karlsson-Podkolzin Palmu-Zlodeyev-Manukyan Plasek-Costmar-Zhukenov Tryamkin-Jurmo Utunen-V.Persson Silovs LIKELY IN NCAA & MAJOR JUNIOR (Organizational Depth-Chart View) McDonough-Focht-J.Malone Keppen-Kunz- Truscott-Woo M.Thiessen LINE-UP IF FERLAND RETURNS (GUESSTIMATING A FULLY HEALED AND SAFE RETURN BY END OF REGULAR SEASON/START OF PLAYOFFS) Miller-Pettersson-Virtanen Pearson-Horvat-Boeser Ferland-Gaudette-Athanasiou Roussel-Beagle-Motte Ex: -Hawryluk-MacEwen Q.Hughes-T.Myers Edler-Schmidt Juolevi-Hamonic Ex: Bowey Demko Holtby {D Jordie Benn and his $2,000,000 cap hit is sent to Utica (placed on Waivers) to make room for Ferlands $3,500,000 cap hit coming off of LTIR. $2,000,000 plus an already $2,056,250 in cap space equals $4,056,250 in cap space to take Ferland off of LTIR}. {Essentially a Trade-Deadline Deal of Jordie Benn for Micheal Ferland}.