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  1. Makes a ton of sense. They can leave him in mtl and we can leave virt in the peg.
  2. Dude Iunno but any fan that sees a team lose two Defense man can “expect” them to replace at the very least one fairly quickly.. that is a hilarious quote. . After the edler thing I stopped caring about him as a source and just wait for vintage to post things when done.
  3. I can’t stop chuckling knowing that skinner is locked in until 26/27 with a full nmc at 9m per
  4. Good thing he still got paid after doing the 1yr 1mil. Even tho he regressed lol.
  5. The whole not wanting to pay big $$ and boeser is owed pretty big money.
  6. With COVID and all how much does the fact Arizona has already forked out his signing bonus go into negotiations?
  7. Yea for sure. Normally I am just begging for trades in general (league wide) but this one does make me slightly anxious Lol
  8. Plz god just not be an overpayment. Somehow magically move an anchor or get salary retention. Cmon benning if you are dead set on wanting oel then make that happen.
  9. Did J Carlson just peak at 30? Heck people are ready to throw 8.5/9x7 at a soon to be 31yr old Pietrangelo.
  10. Giordano says hi. Suter says hi edler even says hi
  11. Lol at dude proposing us trading Hughes. Yes let’s throw away our best ever D.
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