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  1. Who would you like to bring in? Genuinely curious. I feel like not many teams have a nuclear deterrent like Wilson or Reaves. I agree that we need to be nastier than we currently are though. I think we have the personnel for it now at least.
  2. We now have Hamonic, Schenn, MacEwen, Gadjovic, Myers, Podz. Even Pearson Miller and Horvat get into it. Our team isn't soft anymore. Between new D coach, younger hungrier guys and a lot more team toughness, I'm so excited for the season. Combine that with last year's disappointment and the boys wanting to prove themselves, I think we're in for some awesome hockey.
  3. Not a good look on OJ. I thought it was funny at first, but went on too long. At an ultra competitive training camp, it's probably a bad idea. Oh well. Super excited for the season to start, these videos and updates have me pumped!
  4. I'm so excited for this season. Sucks we're hung up on Petey and Hughes but man is it refreshing to see all these guys so hungry.
  5. Good for him. I'm really happy a lot more professional athletes are coming forward about this, I couldn't imagine the pressure they face. I think one positive thing out of Covid is that people are starting to take mental health issues more seriously. We can only hope we continue to improve in that aspect as a society.
  6. Canucks-Islanders Game 7 SCF OT1. Horvat dumps the puck into the corner, Chara goes back to get it. Hughes goes in for a thundering hit, leveling Chara. Takes the puck, sends it to the front of the net where Louie Erikkson Jason Dickinson buries it.
  7. Maybe they do the trade and then Eichel has to retire. What a shame. It would be funny but I'd never wish harm on a player.
  8. Flames fans seem to think they're in the mix. Something along the lines of Andersson and Monahan + 1st rd or whatever. Is that something feasible or just pipe dreams?
  9. I liked the guy. Speaks to the lineup we're fielding, I'm excited. Good luck to him.
  10. This is a lot of fun to watch when it's not happening to our team.
  11. Counter offer: to NJD: Loui Beags Virt 2024 3rd 2024 5th To Van: Jack Hughes Luke Hughes
  12. the new drinking game for JD18 is shotgun a beer whenever he takes a puck to the face
  13. People can say what they will but this has been a much needed off season after last year's UFA and disastrous season. We should be very excited for next year.
  14. I think a lot of our issues last year were our forwards not giving the defense enough support. I'm assuming Shaw will primarily work on making our forwards more defensively responsible. We'll see I guess, the players also spoke highly of Baumer so who knows.
  15. I'd love to see contract negotiations from start to finish. Even if it's just some sort of mock negotiation, I think it would cool to see the inner workings.
  16. lol no thanks, I'd rather all offseason. Seriously though, I hope he's worth his contract. We'll have enough people dissecting OEL all season, we don't need another target for the fans/media.
  17. Green is getting so much love from the players. Shows what the fans know. That was a sweet interview with Schenn, I can't wait for next year.
  18. All I know is I'm so &^@#ing hyped for next season.
  19. I was hoping he'd work out better though, I loved his initial interviews. Oh well, good luck in Winnipeg.
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