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  1. Hard to look at PP stats when Canucks don't get any PP's I mean seriously (and don't say) Canucks are taking dumb penalties, some yes, but I guess it's okay to stick Mott in the face, cross check Hughs hard into the boards and ignore the Boeser one, then dumb ref makes up for it later. I hate it when a ref doesn't call a fair game. As for effort... all I can say is I guess I would be tired too. From Jan 20th to the 31st - Leafs played 6 games and got 10 days off. Canucks played 7 games and got 5 days off. Kinda unfair for one team playing them that hard without any breaks. Do they need to pick
  2. Green needs to shorten the bench and trust the young guys to play in the last period. Benching Hughes is just stupid. Not calling timeouts again dumb. But putting Sutter and Roussel out against top lines and leaving Petterson and Tofoli and Miller to sit and watch is insane. Green needs to smarten up!
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