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  1. Better question is what team puts a LW in at 3rd line center when his stat metrics show he is incapable of controlling play at the position, think his corsi was low 40 percentile playing center... This Miller for 3rd line center thing needs to die, it was done out of necessity, not out of want
  2. Had a hard time cracking a weak NYR roster and did not play a single NHL game for TB. 76 total games in the NHL at 28, probably better options on the market
  3. Issue I see with Ferland returning is we are still a soft team and Ferland is probably the best stick up for your teammate player we have. If we don't add a little more of that Ferland may feel he needs to do it himself and end right back up on LTIR. Ferland when in the line up adds an element we sorely need, just have to think about the person here though, I would rather him see his family grow up while he is somewhat healthy than risk another concussion
  4. Would be great if consistent, but alas it is Jake and that is too much to ask for. Still a 6th overall pick taking 5 years to hit close to 20 goals... Damn... At least we didn't draft Dal Colle that year, that is a positive I guess
  5. It was more a reference to the contracts I don't like more than the players who have them. Beagle when healthy is very effective 4th/PK guy, just way too expensive, same goes for Rous. Jake I think it's time to move on, regardless of the accusations he is facing, he has never lived up to potential. 2021-2022 will be an interesting season, probably fighting for the 4th and last playoff spot in the Pacific. Where my focus is at is next off season. 30 million off the books minus the raises Petey and Huggy get, will be interesting.
  6. Loui buyout cost us 4 mill in cap this year and 1 next. Play him in the minors and it'll cost us 4,875,000 and nothing next year. I think it would be wise to play him in the minors and use the buyouts on the likes of Virtanens, Roussels and Beagles of the team. If we hear Seattle is not interested in Holtby we should be offering some kind of incentive 2022 3rd rounder, 2nd if needed. Personally I think we are better off drafting at the 9th spot, unless we are getting a bonified 20-23 year old star that fits our needs
  7. So if Seattle has come out and said they will not take dead money, why are you beating a dead horse? Detroit has said if they get assets that help the future they would consider bad money, why not work a deal with them that does not involve selling the 9th overall. I'd rather part with Juolevi/Rathbone, Lind, Gaj, Jasek, Lockwood ect than give away our 9th overall to over pay for some free agents...
  8. I like it, and we keep our first to draft a nice future player. Johnson looks pretty good, better with the Petey comparisons
  9. I wouldn't say the Sedins were not playoff performers, maybe not elite carry your team scorers but from 08/09 season on H. Sedin had 58 point in 62 playoff games and D Sedin had 53 points in 58 games
  10. hahaha, fair, until I can somehow prove this wrong I'll agree
  11. Depending how much cap space we have left after filling the lineup holes we may not have another choice.
  12. Eriksson in Abbotsford only cost us an extra $875,000 and nothing next year. Since he wont retire he can play, or not, on the farm. As for the rest, JV buyout/terminate. Beagle, still think he is a good 4th line center. Roussel, buyout. Holtby trade if possible, if not offer the Kraken incentive to take off our hands. Next years lineup, JB has a lot of holes to fill... Miller Petey Boeser Hoglander Horvat Podz Pearson **** ------ Motte Beagle Hughes ****** Schmidt ****** Rathbone Myers Demko DePietro
  13. I like the more direct answer to the (I would say stupid) question(s) players get asked. How do you think you played tonight (insert Hoglander answer). Instead of, the team was great, we really came out hard, we wanted this game tonight... You scored a couple goals can you talk about those for a moment... Well the guys did all the work and I was just in the right place to finish, its a team effort out there... Blah Blah Blah, so old, love this answer. He knows its still a team game, seems only the media needs to be reminded of it on a nightly basis
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