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  1. Not sure if you've been part of the real world lately, but anything you say can and will be turned into something it is not intended to be... Welcome to the new reality
  2. Now this is a post I am 100% in approval of, however this was way before Benning. Rarely have we had in club development success with any prospect. Hunter Shinkaruk? Brandon Gaunce, Nick Jansen, all late 1st rounders that never made it, could have been bad drafting, but we did not do anything to help their development... You have to go back to 2002 before you find any significant contribution from any draft pick outside the first round. Mason Raymond, year before that Alex Edler... Our development sucks and has for 2 decades
  3. So let me get this correct. A guy who had a terrible first year in the AHL a mediocre second year, bounced back to have a good 19 games last season is ready for a full time roster spot. He's a decent prospect, but he is replaceable. No need for the mass panic, or maybe there is. I just don't think the guy is as good as the last 6 pages make him seem. Look how many people love big Mac, he can barely crack the line up... I just don't know how teams would operate if they used fan boards. It would make for some interesting teams for sure lol
  4. Opening night roster preview, I don't mind this, though I would prefer Bailey when up to speed, over Chiasson, but that's just my opinion
  5. Aside from him being a Canucks draft pick I really don't see what others are seeing in Gadj. I personally don't think he is ready for the NHL or sure he ever will be.
  6. I think Brad Hunts ability to play the right side as a LHD will be the one taking those 14 minutes. Schenn as 7th D. Once Hamonic is back Hunt will be 7/8th D OEL Poolman Hughes Hunt Juolevi Myers Schenn Obviously it's not an optimal D, but it is better than years past. Rathbone should beat out Juolevi, but team would probably prefer to develop him with big minutes (20+) in Abbotsford opposed to the 14/15 ish in the NHL
  7. Injuries, D+1 had reconstructive surgery on his knee and hasn't been thr same since
  8. I 100% agree, but in July things looked better than today... Decision has to be made by Friday
  9. I see you bit hard on the Media trolling about Hamonic not being Vaccinated. Did the Canucks or Hamonic come out and say he's not vaccinated? Not sure why everyone is so angry these days, calm down a little and just think logically. Don't listen to the media trolls and actually think... Hamonic sat out the bubble over fears for his family. Was convinced to play last season with all the protocols in place. Still managed to get Covid. Hamonic sees the Covid numbers going up, travel going up and restrictions coming down. Do you maybe think he is actually concerned about his family again? Don't be so quick to jump on the media train, they have proven time and time again they are unreliable
  10. I find it funny how many people judge a person for the size of their pay check... Yes Hamonic is a professional athlete, yes he signed a contract for 2 years at a point where it looked like Covid may be a thing of the past. Based on Hamonic's family health and his own personal history how could anyone suggest he is unwilling to get vaccinated... Hamonic skipped the bubble because he had concerns over Covid. He played last year because he believed that the NHL & Canucks had done enough to keep him safe, as it turned out the Canucks had the worst Covid outbreak in the NHL. Now if I am Hamonic, already with concerns for family and Covid, seeing the numbers go back up and realizing that not only are restrictions around the league softer, but now fans and media can enter the facilities... I would take a moment to put my future in prospective. Unlike most of us he probably doesn't need to work, but he still a person and deserves to be treated no differently. I might not like this decision for the hockey team I follow, but I sure in the hell respect a person willing to make a hard decision for personal or family reasons. If it ever comes out he is indeed anti vax, we can talk about how I feel about him then... But until I hear Hamonic say that's the case, media can piss off...
  11. Why don't we just trade Petterson and Rathbone for the 2 Hughes boys and let them unite in Vancouver? Better than all these Hughes to NJ threads...
  12. People like him because his size, too bad his play isn't as big...
  13. I'm not sure how a guy would go from sitting out because of covid to refusing to get vaccinated... His daughter was the reason he sat out, she will also be the reason he gets vaccinated. Amazing how stories can get blown out of proportion with the internet these days. GM JB said he had a valid reason for not being at the first day of camp, that's good enough for me. Guy is still a people kind , we should respect that privacy. Now with his family history, his own sitting out of the bubble for covid reasons, if he has indeed decided not to vaccinate can we terminate contract or just suspend without pay?
  14. What excuses have you heard, curious, because I haven't heard anything that doesn't translate to negotiations... Both sides trying to get the best deal, like negotiations. People (media) are speculating that team or agent are waiting for other signings, that's just garbage.
  15. Well I stick by my opinion. I do agree that Quinn made Vancouver relevant, I just think Burke was the better GM and I have been around since the Quinn era
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