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  1. He's getting the Kaliyev treatment from two years ago, but for different reasons.
  2. Dammit there goes my boy Samoskevich. Was rly hoping he would last till our 2nd.
  3. Johnson setting up Sillinger in CBJ should be nasty. Hope they both rip it up!
  4. Great pick for the Sharks! I actually rly like the picks each team has made. Some great fits so far!
  5. I loved Kent Johnson and talked him up the most, but if my #1 in Eklund is there at 9, I may cry...
  6. I didn't realize nobody here actually enjoyed hockey. You guys do know their is hockey to enjoy outside of the Canucks right? Lol. I'll be watching the draft like I always do!
  7. I love Garland, and having OEL to take some of Myers minutes away is only a good thing. Considering we gave up nothing good from our roster, it's definitely a win in the here and now. The 9th stings though...
  8. Ya I'm a little surprised they didn't try for a longer term deal, but I also think Ned probs wanted something shorter as well, as is takes him to UFA. If he can keep up the good play, he will be a hot commodity to move to a contender, or if Detroit has worked some magic by then, can resign on an up and coming contender longer term. Ned will be 27 by then, so basically his prime window to move to a playoff team and contend. It's a win win for both Det and Ned as they basically both get two years of opportunity, and then can reassess in any direction they want.
  9. For me, Ned is superior to Mrazek in almost every way. If anything, Mrazek is the backup, and that would be the better role for him with how often he gets injured. I'm honestly shocked at this trade. I hate it for Carolina. I watch a lot of Carolina, and having a young, legit starter for a reasonable price, to an owner who is so stingy, was almost the perfect scenario. Why they would rather continue to roll the dice with Mrazek and Reimer does not make any sense to me. Goaltending has been Carolina's letdown the last few years. How do you fix it? It ain't by keeping it the exact sa
  10. Having watched a lot of Carolina games this year (second favorite team), I think Ned is legit. I very much like the trade for Detroit, and dislike it from Carolina's POV. Carolina's achilles has been their goaltending, and with how money tight they are, having a legit starter in Ned at a reasonable cap hit was perfect. I rly don't understand it from their side, unless they are going to chase another starter past Mrazek/Reimer, but I don't see that happening.
  11. You can search some of my posts in this thread as I've broken down a few things on Johnson. One post in particular, I use some video examples to show why I think he has translatable skills, but also address two of his supposed negatives, in secondary points and size, while addressing what I think are his weaknesses as well. He isn't afraid to work along the boards or take a hit to make a play, and he is fairly adept at making a really nice play under pressure from defenders. And for his size, his puck protection/boardwork is actually fairly impressive. He also shows really nice ant
  12. I would take both Hughes and Clarke over Johnson. Edvinsson I'd have to think about a bit more. That would be a tough call for myself.
  13. I think the stature thing is overblown. He is listed mostly as 6'1-167lbs from what I have seen. It's literally 1" shorter and 8lbs lighter than both Guenther and Beniers, who nobody question on their stature, and some even talk about it like strengths for them. Whether those measurements are accurate, that's a different story. I've posted about his size before, and also provided clips to show he doesn't exactly play small, making lots of plays under pressure and in battle along the boards. Even if he only gets to 185lbs, I don't think it will be a major problem. For th
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