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  1. Nice! I was entitled to two bottles, so I almost got a cask strength as well, but decided to save my pesos for a different bottle. Let me know how it is!
  2. On the point of local distilleries and all, I just picked up an Okanagan Spirits Laird of Fintry Limited Release Whisky. My wife enters the draw each year, and managed to win this year. Actually quite good. A little sweet for my liking, and missing some depth that comes with age, but it doesn't come off as a young whisky, which is nice.
  3. Interesting you say we know what we have in Rathbone, but not Juolevi, when Juolevi has played MORE games since 2018 than Rathbone, even with his injuries. If anything, we know LESS about Rathbone than Juolevi. What we know of Juolevi is that he has had injury struggles, and they have affected his overall game. And the fact we haven't seen a major improvement in his play shows either those injuries are having a long term affect (to no fault of his own) or that he hasn't done a good enough job in rehabbing from those injuries. That idea also plays into the fact that he has struggled with his skating and pace of play whether it be in NHL games or in training camps. Ya, some people are writing him off, but others are only raising legitimate concerns that started shortly after we drafted him. We're coming up on 6 years since his draft. On one hand, yes he should be given some slack since he has had some serious injuries. But on the other hand, there comes a time when expectations have to be met. We need go keep a balanced viewpoint of those ideas.
  4. I think the whole "comparable contract" discussion is useful but also flawed. Not only is every player different, but every player has a different value to every team. Teams devoid of talent or with specific needs will pay extra to retain certain players, such as Werenski in CBJ or Kaprizov in MIN. And at the end of the day, the agent's do the negotiating, not the players. Werenski said his agent called him with his deal, and said it was pretty much an instant sign situation. Maybe he never expected or even wanted $9.5M, but he ain't gonna turn it down when it's offered to him. As far as the Kaprizov contract goes, I think it's reasonable. Minny will be in tough with those buyouts in the coming years, which is another story, but I do feel earlier comments saying it's a terrible contract are wrong. Kaprizov is a great talent, both as a shooter and a passer. For his size, his puck protection skills are remarkable. His boardwork is great, and he goes to the net. Your paying for absolute prime years with him as well, as he is already 24. He came in and was basically a PPG player right away, without a great supporting cast offensively. Is it an overpayment? Ya, maybe a little, i think around $8M would have been fair. And of course his NHL sample size is smaller (he does have a very strong KHL resume). But find me a young 40G (rookie pace) PPG player who isn't going to be a bit overpaid these days. Essentially, KK is like a rookie coming off his bridge deal, signing his first big contract. In that context, it doesn't look as bad. And personally, I like seeing these shorter term deals being made. The longer the contract, the more risk involved. Keeps players hungry and performing. If they don't, they can only ride their contract for so long.
  5. Glenglassaugh Octaves round two. Very, very good I must say.
  6. I personally think Ovi's shot it too deadly. He can just stand there and score from literally anywhere passed the blue line. McDavid's speed is no doubt a weapon, and I do think speed is probably the most valuable attribute of the three, but it also has the most ability to result in injury as we have seen in his young career already. Ovi's shot only hurts others, not himself lol. Small detail, but its the difference maker for me.
  7. This is the best pricing in Alberta. What's shown is taxes in too. This store is awesome, they offer tastings through zoom right now with certain distilleries and their local reps. I've down three now, and they have been great. Here is an example for the Oban. http://www.sierraspringsliquor.ca/store/products/oban-14-yr
  8. I popped three corks with a couple buddies on Friday. Balvenie Week of Peat, Glenglassaugh Octaves Batch 2, and Glenmorangie Signet. What a great evening of sipping. All three were great. Signet is just all espresso which was a little disappointing as far as depth goes as I couldn't get much past the coffee myself. Glenglassaugh was a nice woody/oaky offering. And the Balvenie was a nice surprise though. They melded the classic Balvenie flavor with the peat very well.
  9. Anytime! Let us know what you end up with and how you like it.
  10. Dalmore Cigar Malt if you can find it. Usually around $130 or so, but its awesome. Or a Glenglassaugh Torfa. Usually around $90, but its fantastic as well. Both reasonably priced Highlands that I think punch above their price point.
  11. Is the 'boatload' of goals Virtanen scored the 21 he had in his draft +1? Yes, he was a big kid, but he managed two PPG seasons, and his draft +1 was potentially worse than his draft yr statistically. If his size was such an advantage, he didn't make the most of it. Unfortunately, if you watch some of Klim's game, much of it is reliant on his personal skills on an individual level. He likes to carry the puck with speed, dangle a bit, and then shoot. It's his bread and butter. His skills are better than Virtanen's, but its a similar style. I've already explained in detail about Klim's former league the VYSS, but he is going to be facing competition that is most likely on overage 2" taller and 30lbs heavier than he is used to in the QMJHL. Even if he is bigger than average, it's a large step up in competition, both size wise and skill wise, which is good for him. Maybe the QMJHL isn't the best spot for him, nobody really knows. But based upon the info we have on hand, it should be, and it's also a good barometer to see where his game is at, and if he's as good a prospect as many think he is.
  12. Weather has turned apocalyptic again here in the interior. I'm sure many have seen it in the news as well, but here is pics from my deck. These are 20 mins apart to show how fast its moving/changing. These were taken at 5:30 and 5:50 PM.
  13. Considering he spent one year mainly in the AHL, and the other five mostly in the NHL working directly with Canucks trainers and management, something tells me it wouldn't have turned out much different unfortunately. Maturity and priority issues are a difficult thing to overcome.
  14. While I don't necessarily disagree with your overall sentiment, Pettersson 100% drives whatever line he is on. Not being great at face-offs has nothing to do with driving play after that 2 second event.
  15. Haha ya that's definitely an apt way to put it. Something about the finish of Corry is what sways me everytime. I like the smoothness of oogie, and the sweet upfront is nice too, and it maintains that's sweetness throughout I find. But the finish to me almost goes a little bitter/peppery? It's lasts forever which is awesome, but it almost loses some of its amazing upfront zest. The Corry just comes in heavy with peat smoke, bacon, meatiness, but as you hold it and it warms up, it gets a bit sweeter, maybe a little brine/salt/seaweed, and then on finish the smoke and sweet just meld into this wonderful concoction that also lasts forever. I've been trying to get my hands on a Corry for years now honestly. Finally found one on sale and in stock, so it was a no brainer.
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