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  1. In the first he was a bit rough. Dropped a couple of pucks out the mitt, gave away a lot of rebounds into danger areas, was slow to cover and kill the puck and made some bad choices when playing the puck behind the net. this resulted in a lot of scrambles around the net which could have gone anyway. We got lucky in the 1st that it wasn’t more than one. It wasn’t a steal by Demko. i am a big fan of his and positionally he is great and I expect he will become a brick wall, there area areas he needs to work on though, glove hand being one of them
  2. Glad I wasn’t the only one noticing that with Denko - couple of times he rimmed it straight to the flyers when we had two players free and open
  3. The dump ins haven’t been a problem it’s a lazy forecheck after it that’s the issues
  4. I disagree. I rate him as a goalie, positionally he is good which gives him the chances to make the save but he has given up far to many rebounds, been slow to kill lose puck, and spilled it a couple of times from the glove. like the rest of the team he seems a bit off
  5. I’ve not been impressed with him this period. he’s given up a lot of rebounds allowing a second hack at the puck, he’s spilled it from his glove twice, he’s been behind the net to play the puck and instead of passing it to one of two clear players rims it straight to a flyer in the zone. he needs to work on rebound control and killing the puck quickly if it drops. Also needs to work on his glove hand
  6. The forecheck is very lazy tonight, I thing wrong with dumping it in deep, but we only have one player who is just doing a wide sweep in front of Hart, no pressure on the puck. I could forgive that if we were then plugging up the middle but we are not we are actively giving them possession and letting them into our zone
  7. I wouldn’t say so. He is giving up a lot of rebounds, and giving the flyers a lot of second swings at the puck. he needs to kill the puck quicker and work on the glove hand
  8. Not just that, rugby, cricket, field hockey, even the basketball and ice hockey start on time over here.
  9. I really hate the whole NA approach to times. Over here if the advertised time is 4pm that’s when the game starts within seconds of that time, when a broadcaster wants to start coverage it is up to them, and pre match stuff the teams can do, but it’s done PRIOR to the starting time not after the advertised time. This is a fecking joke
  10. I’m outnumbered in my own house with the rugby as well. 2 Ireland fans to one England.
  11. I thought I had it bad with the Mrs being a flyers fan. commiserations to you, surely though that’s grounds for unreasonable behaviour or irreconcilable differences
  12. Was a good game. Take the one point and a lot of positives. Myers was playoff Myers and I think he is a player the more ice time he gets the better he does. with OEL as well steadying things. I do think Myers will outperform his contract if he keeps that up
  13. It depends on what assignment they had and were looking at. his defensive lapses are well known, however I think they were looking at how well he could QB a play, how well he could make the transitions and outlets at a higher level. comparing this to the dog house juolevi was in isn’t comparing apples with apples as one is known to need work on the defensive aspect, the other is supposed to be a defensive first type player. I like rathbones game and think he has a good future ahead of him, but hopefully he starts the season in Abbotsford as top pairing and PP QB player and also works in his defensive assignments.
  14. It’s hard to tell because we don’t know what the plan from management was in the preseason. some players they may have pencilled in and it was about pushing them to find the limit. Others it would be could they hold their own, for some players it might have been let’s see what they have and assess how long we think till they are ready. however one thing to note is that the squad we have assembled for opening day has 6 players on minimum and 11 are under 1m. this is a massive turnaround from where we found ourselves and allows us to be flexible with players and keep some of the over performers next season while keeping the core intact
  15. Glad hockey is back. I didn’t realise as well how much I missed the ESPN theme. That was the sound of hockey when I grew up https://www.reddit.com/r/hockey/comments/q6y6ni/the_return_of_the_iconic_espn_nhl_theme_song_nhl/
  16. Footballers threaten legal action over 'data misuse' By Nick Hartley BBC Wales News Published 6 hours ago Share IMAGE SOURCE, GETTY IMAGES Image caption, The footballers say they want compensation and an annual fee for the use of their data Hundreds of footballers have threatened legal action against the data collection industry, which could change how information is handled. Led by former Cardiff City, Leyton Orient and Yeovil Town manager Russell Slade, 850 players want compensation for the trading of their performance data over the past six years. They also want an annual fee from the companies for any future use. "Letters before action" have been sent to 17 big firms, alleging data misuse. Players prepare lawsuit over personal data How to back up your data and keep it safe How your data is being scraped from social media If the group pursues legal action and is successful, it could lead to a radical change of a multi-billion pound industry behind professional sport that trades on players' information. Slade's legal team said the fact players receive no payment for the unlicensed use of their data contravenes General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules that were strengthened in 2018. Under Article 4 of the GDPR, "personal data" refers to a range or identifiable information, such as physical attributes, location data or physiological information. BBC News understands that an initial 17 major betting, entertainment and data collection firms have been targeted, but Slade's Global Sports Data and Technology Group has highlighted more than 150 targets it believes have misused data. Consent issues Image caption, Former Cardiff City manager Russell Slade is leading the group While receiving a fee for the use of their data might not have much impact on the high earners of the Premier League, Slade feels strongly that those lower down the pyramid, in both the men's and women's game, would see tangible benefits. "It's incredible where it's used," Slade said. "On one player, and I'm not talking about a Premier League player or even a Championship player, there was some 7,000 pieces of information on one individual player at a lower league football club. "There are companies that are taking that data and processing that data without the individual consent of that player. "A big part of our journey has been looking at that ecosystem and plotting out where that data starts, who's processing it, where it finishes and that's a real global thing. "It's making football - and all sports - aware of the implications and what needs to change." How widespread is data collection? The use of data in sport is nothing new. Its collection, distribution and use has become a staple part of the modern sporting environment, be it by clubs to manage player performance, or by third party companies to base things like odds on. If the move is successful, the implications could have far-reaching effects beyond football. TikTok sued for billions over children's data Welsh government breached data laws over 300 times Facebook sued for 'losing control' of users’ data BBC News understand discussions are already underway within other professional sports to bring potential legal action regarding the trading of data. Former Wales international Dave Edwards, one the players behind the move, said it was a chance for players to take more control of the way information about them is used. Having seen how data has become a staple part of the modern game, he believes players rights to how information about them is used should be at the forefront of any future use. "The more I've looked into it and you see how our data is used, the amount of channels its passed through, all the different organisations which use it, I feel as a player we should have a say on who is allowed to use it," he said. "Anyone else in the world would have that say. Just because we're footballers and we're in the public domain that gets overlooked. "If you were in another job, if you were a teacher of a lawyer and this sort of details was being passed around your field of work it wouldn't sit right with that person. "I don't think we, as individuals really differ from that." The lawyer behind Global Sports Data and Technology's action, Chris Farnell, believes it could be start of a sport-wide reshaping of how data is traded. "This will be significant change if the precedent is set throughout football and how data is used throughout sport in general," he said. "It will change significantly how that data is being used and how it's going to be rewarded."
  17. Would love to see him back especially with the current situation. But it’s just not going to happen.
  18. Not much, same as last to times will rebound. With PIF being the owners if they were worried about that they would have held off till summer
  19. Some would, but the top players wouldn’t. You only have so many years at the top level you want to be competing for trophies every year. If you go to a new money club to early you are replaceable and could have spent your prime on a team not in Europe and then end up at a second tier club. We might be able to persuade maybe one or two big name players but I doubt it would be the top echelon. We have been linked with Courtinio and I think that’s probably the best we could hope for at the moment. Summer would be where we could start to see some bigger names coming in, and if that succeds summer 23 is likely when the big name players start to arrive
  20. I don’t have one. I can appreciate a good scotch however I’m not really a consumer of alcohol
  21. I doubt it. Even with the money you need to be playing in Europe to get either big boys. Even if we get good players in, in January transfer window I doubt that’s achievable this year, so we are probably looking less at top tier players and more good players who are at top clubs but playing second fiddle to a star, and some younger players that are up and coming. players like Max Aarons, or Samuel Umtiti are the kind of players I think we will see come in. Going to be at least 3 years before we make a big splash. Plus the training ground needs to be rebuilt as most of it was set up under Bobby robson and hasn’t changed since. Plus having lived up there it’s true that Newcastle struggles to retain talent as it’s a medium city and it’s no London, Birmingham or Manchester.
  22. Of course considering real scotch can only be made in Scotland. UK you get the best of being able to get good quality Whisky from Scotland and Whiskey from Ireland. The peat makes a huge difference
  23. I think it’s not just NHL, but sports in NA as a whole. For individual sports like athletics it’s great, but the fact that most of the clubs don’t have full control over the development of players because of the subsystems they play, and the aim of youth players is to be selfish and stand out makes NA sports very talent rich but team poor. In most European countries regardless of sport, there is far greater involvement at youth and junior levels, and pyramid systems which reward teams not individuals. But due to closed systems and drafts this team element is not the same across the pond
  24. None in this case as it seems the NHL has given them and a few other teams exemptions. however it’s the level of pettiness of the Habs trying to call them out to the league for it. I bet when the two teams meet there will be some stick length and curve accusations and challenges going around
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