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  1. Loui is garbage offensively. He is NEVER going to be on PP1. Are you just trolling?
  2. It certainly makes Motte effective lol.
  3. Fixed this for you....because that is the only way someone gives up a 1st rounder for Jake Virtanen. God awful value in your "trade" proposal. No offence.
  4. Haha...so you think billionaires think being "fair" made them money? They are a bunch of greedy slime balls that could not care less about "fair". They just want more money.
  5. Billionaires make the rules. Why would they do that?
  6. Not sure the Canucks would do that trade...but I think the Canucks would!
  7. Never happen in real life. Never has and won't.
  8. Uh yeah... The evidence of what covid does is not as shallow as you push. I don't even support masks and other such crap...but I don't deny the evidence we actually have lol (yeah...i'm sure all the corpses that died from covid had those bodily issues before).
  9. Loui had a good game. I don't like his pay cheque...but not like I pay it. If he can keep up the defensive game (he usually always does) he will help the team during these games for sure.
  10. He was shot out of a cannon on his goal! I saw a few of the last games of the Canucks in person before covid. He was really coming around and starting to play like he used to. Hopefully the game action is just getting him back to that level. His pest level is still top notch. He still annoys the crap out of other players and gives little stick shots whenever possible lol.
  11. Haha...willie D. What a pathetic coach. Looking back it is shocking how pathetic he really was. 1 2 3 4 1 Good god
  12. Haha...ok bud. I like Virtanen but Toffoli and Boeser are both much better lol. PS: JT Miller also says Hi!!
  13. You guys just continue to hope for rainbows and unicorns lol. Tryamkin is a dead topic until next summer.....thank god.
  14. How dare passionate Canuck fans demand these highly paid athletes actually be able to play meaningful NHL hockey. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! <Loui sucks...especially at 6 million per> PS: I don't pay money to go to live games to see Loui at all. I don't cable fees to see Loui...I actually don't want to see Loui...at all.
  15. Not at all. Every year, year after year, we see mediocre players rip it up in training camp and by week 3 you barely see them again for the year. Conversely, you see really good players just kinda float around all training camp with panicky fans frothing at the mouth how bad they are. Then the season starts and those same good players rip it up all year. So training camp does not mean much at the end of the day other than to let the professional athletes get into the rhythm of things.
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