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  1. Haha...so you think billionaires think being "fair" made them money? They are a bunch of greedy slime balls that could not care less about "fair". They just want more money.
  2. Billionaires make the rules. Why would they do that?
  3. Never happen in real life. Never has and won't.
  4. Uh yeah... The evidence of what covid does is not as shallow as you push. I don't even support masks and other such crap...but I don't deny the evidence we actually have lol (yeah...i'm sure all the corpses that died from covid had those bodily issues before).
  5. You guys just continue to hope for rainbows and unicorns lol. Tryamkin is a dead topic until next summer.....thank god.
  6. lol ok. If I get a bit older I can retire on this very nice pension I have been building for years. Thanks for the advice though haha. Regardless, I do know there is zero chance OJ is a top 4 D regularly with the Canucks in this upcoming season.
  7. I don't know that Juolevi won't be a top 4 D man on the Canucks for 20/21? Haha, yes I do. Just watch him. He can barely do it in the AHL. I mean, I hope he continues to develop (as slow as that has been for him) but him suddenly being a top 4 NHL D in a mere matter of months is like wishing you win the 649. Use common sense for goodness sake.
  8. Highly doubtful. Neither have shown anything at all at the NHL level. So I recant my "highly doubtful" and replace it with it simply will not happen next year in any way, shape, or form. 100% will not happen.
  9. Not a huge deal. One less distraction. Maybe next year....maybe not lol.
  10. Zero chance. Things don't work like that in real life.
  11. Well no more having to worry about Rathbone not signing....like most of our prospects always do. Who is next? Tryamkin (obviously not a prospect)?
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