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  1. I work with many brits who lived in London and escaped to Canada because they call London a "cesspool" when we discuss their birthplace. I see why lol.
  2. Many of the so called "martyrs" shot by police lately were life long criminals with weapons in their hand or on them when they were killed. See George Floyd (criminal, drug user, martyr (lol)). And if you do not understand a knife will kill you as fast as a gun, then you need to stay in your lazy boy and watch the news....continue to post about how others reacted poorly.
  3. Best post of the day. Social media has destroyed society. It has done nothing to make the world a better place.
  4. Excellent point. Why is looting and arson going on during these so called protests? Weird??
  5. Wow. Shootings by cops in the USA are a tiny percentage of the overall gun related deaths. Would not know that from "not watching the Canucks" or others railing on about police officers being evil. That won't change anyone's minds about this whole charade.
  6. Or.....criminals are over represented by certain groups of people. But yeah, blame something else that is easy.
  7. That poster disagrees with you so now you say they "misrepresent reality". Haha ok bud. They disagree with you. Does not mean you are right and they are wrong. Nice try.
  8. Some of your post was accurate. However, the answer is not that police need more training. Police are supposed to uphold the law. Put money back into mental health institutions. They can then hold and treat the worst of the mentally ill and addicted persons. There is none of that left, hence, police are left holding the bag to deal with mentally ill/addicted people.
  9. Agreed. Society now thinks words will stop a knife or a gun....when they watch tv. Naw...most people have forgotten about personal responsibility.
  10. Hrudy is an idiot and nonsensical most of the time. He probably doesn't even understand this American problem anyway. I hope the Canucks come out strong!! Go Canucks Go!!!
  11. Good god I hope that is true.