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  1. I also want to reiterate, I am not saying that the 3rd and 4th line doesn't matter. I know they are super important but I am trying to say a player like Zach MacEwan is not going to make a difference nor is Bailey etc etc. A solid 3rd line was for examply Lapierre, Torres, and Malholtra - wow wow, they could win faceoffs, hit, and play with energy. You can't expect someone like Macewen to actually make a difference, hes just a placeholder. A difference making 3rd liner would be prime Ferland (if he was on the 3rd line) or someone like Tom Wilson etc etc.
  2. in my honest opinion, i don't think one player especially a plug like macewan will make a difference. he plays what 7 mins a night usually? if canucks fans want harder hitter and tougher players to play against then they're going to have to wait for ferland and or podkolzin. you need tough players in your top 6, that actually play the majority of the game. not some plug who comes on for a few minutes. example: bertuzzi, lucic(in his prime), ferland (2015 playoff version), etc etc and NO this does not mean the solution is to inject bailey and or macewan in the top 6.
  3. The player I have in mind is Zack MacEwen. Ever since the playoffs and during the playoffs people would always rave about "we need someone with size in the lineup" or "I hope MacEwen plays tomorrow" In my honest opinion, I don't think it has ever made a difference if we had Bailey or MacEwen in our lineups, they are all 4th line plugs that barely do anything. I just don't understand all the hype behind it. Maybe someone like Ferland would make a actual difference if he played 1st or 2nd line since he actually has produced points in his lifetime. Now, I am not saying we shouldn't be excited like for example I completely understand if a top 6 player or top 4 d is coming back from injury as in Miller or Toffoli cuz that will actually make a huge difference.
  4. ok so i have always been a virtanen supporter and ive watched his junior highlights and videos of him and ive also watched him closely especially during these playoffs. all i saw during these playoffs from him was a player who literally has a ahl quality hockey iq. sure he might have speed and a build but when i watched him he never really used the speed. someone who always used there speed was someone like tuch. i was always waiting for the time for virtanen to get his legs moving but he never really had that. idrk whats wrong with him some poeple say confidence or that he doesnt care about hockey that much but he jsut seems like a stupid hockey player. for example: most of the time i would see him on rushes he would use his speed or cut wide to get past the defender and then shoot a weak shot at a very bad angle secondly whenever there was a cycle or picking up a dead puck along the boards he would never do proper hockey play. it seems he would just pass or try to dump the puck in more in sake of just getting rid of it rather then making a play. the playoffs have been done for a while so i cant remember specific details but all i remember is that whenever i saw him i was let down, alot of times i would see a "dumb" play and virtanen would be involved. i remember on the pp he should have mad the pass to the point it was obvious and empty and he just dumped it deep down weakly lost the puck and the puck was cleared. in game 5 against stl was probably his best game but in all honestly it was pretty lucky. the first goal he had the puck and got pressured and literally passed the puck like a grenade. secondly the goal that he scored i honestly dont think he thought on that play. he picked up the puck and just shot it at allen and hoped it would go in but that was just luck. honeslty watch the game 5 stl highlights and i hope you guys see what i mean. i honestly think being a top 6 forward is over for him, he just cannot compete along with other top 6 forwards, idk if its a confidence issue or what. the only chance i think that he will have being a staple is if hes next to petey on 1st line. if hes on second line hes just gonna bring down the whole line discuss