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  1. One of my favourites. RIP gentle giant.
  2. I watched the Miller interview about his on ice demeanor and he skips a beat when he talks about doing the same thing over and over again.....there's something there. Green's comments in his interview were telling I think. Too much ice time, emotional guy, things we talk about internally, yadda yadda. Feels like they don't want to play for someone
  3. Did anyone catch those three forwards low at the net on the EDM power play? Why don't we do that? Our triangle is massive when we're on the power play. No net front presence. All outside, blueline, tap around.
  4. Why they didn't short list Edmonton Energy confuses me. Being an oil/gas hub and all, you'd think it'd be a fitting name. Edmonton Eagles is the best one I guess.
  5. 17-1 leafs. Sadly I think we're going to come out hard for the first 5-7 mins of the 1st, then crumble and play even worse than yesterday.
  6. They have to be. Either playing to get someone fired or there's a rift in the room. This is some of the worst hockey I've seen the Canucks play. Ever.
  7. They need to simplify their game, less flash more straightforward hockey. I don't know that we have all the pieces for that but the quick whip passes on the PP and no lookers are not helping. We have a ton of talent that are playing beyond their years I think. Dump, chase, bang....get cutsie when you can, not as often as they are. The PP passes and positioning are very predictable and weak. Get a body or two in front ALL the time. Guys need to bang not try to snipe everything
  8. Loui Eriksson, Left Wing Blue Monday my ass, this is the greatest day EVER!!!!!! Sad for Baertschi though
  9. That might have made my day, thanks!!
  10. Case at DRE here in Winfield. I hadn't had an email before about this but it is more generic than I would like. Someone tested positive, if you're not contacted bring your kids to school basically. Working with IH etc. I'm not sure this is the right communication. Any further information would be great really. Also, @KOS and @Warhippy, what's the deal about gas in AB? I'm interested in the history here......
  11. Absolutely, and that's my motto. BUT I have a hard stop at spitting. That's just not ok. I know it's impossible for enforcement everywhere but I can't picture a store with like minded mask wearing decent people standing by as some person is berating or verbally/physically abusing a person because they were asked to wear a mask.
  12. I'm usually rather quiet and diplomatic, prefer to use words over physicality, but I agree....if I were in a store where this was happening I don't think I'd be able to be diplomatic. Enough of the BS. Some people need to learn the hard way.
  13. Me too, in early March. Never been that sick before. Had all the symptoms. Even in mid summer I had days where I was exhausted, difficulty breathing. I spoke with a friend who's an RN in Kelowna and the general consensus is that covid was here as early as November/December. She said they had a few patients on ventilators around that time who were fairly young and didn't have underlying conditions. Basically unexplainable respiratory distress. Me test came back negative but at that time there was a 30% false negative so I really don't know. But I was not good for months afte
  14. One of the worst colds I ever had came after a family trip to the energyplex. We were all sick for weeks. Start to get better and crash hard again. That place is ground zero for germs/bacteria.
  15. Me too. Hopefully just a little bug and he clears up soon. I'll say though, that definitely got my anxiety rolling! Still is. Gold top!!
  16. I did that health check this morning. My son was eating his eggs and said he couldn't taste them. OK, can you smell them? Nope. So I grabbed his deodorant, can you smell this? Nope. Dry cough to go with it too. I'm really hoping it is just a small cold or somehow related to all this smoke we've been inhaling or a combination of the two. Fingers crossed.
  17. Fully, completely. It's almost back to normal now. Watching all the red plates heading out was the most relaxing it has ever been. KOS is 100% right about us touting tourism and then being bombarded and unprepared. That shouldn't have happened. I suck at this....meant to quote stawns
  18. Done and shared! Thanks for posting
  19. I'd love to see some of that mixed in for sure. Do you mind if I ask where that was?
  20. And that's where my anxieties begin. Our numbers are jumping and opening schools isn't going to help that slow down. Where measures can be taken to limit the number of bodies in class, they should be taken or at least considered. For what we do and do not know about this virus I don't want my kids exposed at this point. Maybe they get it, are fine now and show minimal symptoms. What happens in 3-5 or 5-10 years? I'm not a tinfoil hat wearing kind of guy but my kids health is of extreme importance to me (as I'm sure all) and I want them protected as far as possible. My kids ac
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