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  1. We can't keep Demko if Marky is gone? If Demko is not good we wont lose him in the draft.
  2. If Demko is good we let Marky go. That's life when the cup is the goal. IF.
  3. Morbidly obese people are at risk. Tragic that they didn't know this basic fact.
  4. Good looking girls. Much better looking than the Democrats. Where is Herschel Walker? Great Guy. Great comments. Speaking of jerking off this thread is one big circle jerk. Wow. I thought the coronavirus thread was devoid of anything but slavish dedication to the leftist thoughts of the day. Facts be damned.
  5. Our bottom six has come alive Virtanen is out of the doghouse, and we have the goaltending. We win.
  6. Yes. Yes. I'm ok if it's not by us. No more Luongos. This team can work with Demko on the cheap and cap space longer term.
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