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  1. So what’s bothering you most? Is it the concern about becoming magnetic or do you fear control by the micro-chip? It is sad that the choice between the advice of some guy on Facebook versus the recommendation of thousands of doctors and scientists poses a paralyzing dilemma for some folks.
  2. Very sad. Thinking of Jason Botchford and family too.
  3. He’s still growing. Late bloomer. Actually, I’m good with this. The extra year is not the end of the world. I imagine Tyler Myers had some input as to character etc.
  4. Yep, Foligno was strictly a rental. As it turns out, a short-term vacation rental.
  5. Once again the power of great goaltending is demonstrated. We are very fortunate to have Demko and have him on a friendly contract - assuming he plays consistently to his potential. Makes me wonder why there was such drama about the Ian Clark contract. We all knew it had to be done and the Canucks management looked either mean, cheap or stupid in risking him leaving. The Leafs series was the dullest of all the series being played so far. Very little hitting, very little passion. Dull and uninspired. That worked in favour of the Habs. The Leafs would get absolutely hammered by every
  6. That had to be the dullest Game 6 in NHL history - no fire, no passion, no attitude. Most preseason games have more excitement. They might as well have played with their pyjamas on and had their warm cocoa on the bench.
  7. Disagree. Three top centers are essential to being a contender. Teams with only two good lines are road-kill in the high paced game of today.
  8. They’re too scared. Simmons might take offence. Pathetic. We’ve had lots of losing teams but these guys are the softest losers of all. Soft as baby poo.
  9. He has size, maybe get him some boxing lessons and some cage fighting experience so we won’t be so soft to play against. Could extend his career a bit. Otherwise I agree, say goodbye.
  10. Cuthbert is the worst play by play guy in television and Simpson is the worst colour guy. You can’t get into the game because they are always yapping about some meaningless statistic or gee-wiz fact. They never shut up. Just call the damn game ffs!
  11. I wouldn’t give Eriksson anything. He’s been a complete bust at his salary level. He should be donating most of it to Canuck Place for kids, or giving it back to the Aquas. I wondered if it is taxed as “unearned income”?
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