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  1. Well in the case of Schmidt you want to notice him because of his strengths- skates well, great first pass out of d-zone and jumps up into the play. Guys like Hamonic/Edler even OJ are guys you don’t want to notice too much. Schmidt will bounce back like a lot of our players will and have a better year.
  2. In today’s world/salary cap era/expansion draft it’s funny how posters think “ there’s no way Tampa GM will trade Cernak for a top 10 pick” of course he will have to or lose talent for nothing. No GM wants to give away or lose players but Tampa for example are in a ‘win now’ mode but have the luxury of losing a couple top players because A. They won the cup last year B. Are making a push for a second straight cup run and C. Have a pipeline of talent on the farm from drafting. We will gladly help them out like we helped out Vegas not because they are up against it cap wise.
  3. Could this be another “ take Olli instead of Pukechuk “ moment. I think JB will draft best player available instead of positional need at #9
  4. My expectations are simple we will pick in the top 10 that is my only guarantee. I am a betting man so I did the draft lottery simulator 10 times and we picked 1st overall 3 x 9th 3x and 10th 4x. So I’ll throw $100 down on 1st overall . Regardless we have JB picking and we will get a top player in this draft maybe even the best
  5. Exactly... could you imagine JB giving a 2nd to Seattle to take LE off our hands then the 2nd Turns into Demko 2.0 or Hogz 2.0 .... posters like Squamfan would have a field day and remind us for the next 50 years on how LE screwed us for 20 plus years. Pass let’s spend the money and keep our picks.
  6. What do you consider Hoglander? Just curious he came from the SEL playing with men and I’d say was damn good in his rookie season, Podz is coming from the KHL playing against men and you don’t think he will be comparable to Hogz in his rookie year? The evidence has already been presented to us Podz will transition to the NHL this coming season just fine and be a stud right out of the gate.
  7. Not a good comparison using the Avs. They started their rebuild 10 years ago and finally as in the last 2 years they are seeing the rewards. We are on exact same timeline as the Avs even with the mess Benning inherited and some bad contracts he compiled during his tenure. Don’t worry be happy we are on the rise.
  8. Lol no it’s to appease all the negative posters in here to let them know that the “ fire Jim Benning banner” was ok and to apologize for being soooo terrible at their jobs. I hope the presser goes smooth I don’t know if I can take Farhan, JPat and Drance asking the usual dumb questions.... tomorrow starts the mend so we can finally push this season away and start looking forward to next season. Welcome back Jim and Travis
  9. We have a better chance winning this year lottery than a GM offer sheet to Petey. With cap uncertainty it’s not as easy as you think, anything is possible but unlikely these next couple years
  10. Wow what a statement what a quote... after winning the Stanley Cup in 2023-24 the Canucks part ways with Jim Benning as GM and hire Bob the Dog to run the team in 2025. My point being is yeah eventually he will get fired or moved on from. This forum is getting ridiculous.
  11. Haha I don’t care if Benning looks like Mr. Bean all that matters is this off-season. Let the boys do there exits, start preparing for draft, have our coach signed, get contracts in order and have our boys ready for training camp.
  12. Lol what is this?!!! Francesco does not need to explain anything to us. I know he’s passionate about his team and has pumped resources into making this club relevant over the past couple decades. Sure the brand has taken a hit this last bit but in saying that every company/brand has had to deal with hardship some more than others. It may seem the sky is crashing down on the team lol but it’s not, we will rebound because I know from following this team for 35 plus years this core that has been assembled will take us to greatness. Stop with the demands, just open your eyes, take a deep breath an
  13. Francesco isn’t coaching the team or throwing the next line out for the pp. when it comes to running the business ie the flow of money and how it’s gonna be spent, is all planned out with the Mgt team/ owners. JB at the end of the day gets consent from ownership to spend and the Aquas have given the go ahead to always spend to the cap year in year out, things got tight this year because of Covid and has effected businesses right across the board. This year is magnified because of the results and how we finished. It was a tough tough season all around the fan base needs to frickin relax have so
  14. Schmidt being exposed is 100% not an option... 30 GMs would trade for Schmidt in a heart beat and give Canucks something in return rather than let Krak get a puck mover on a great contract for free. Trade yes unprotected cmon now
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