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  1. 5-0 Nucks horvat winner petey 2 boeser virtanen demko in net
  2. 5-2 Nucks Hoglander Brock Petey game winner Sutter EN Pearson EN The boys go up 3-0 after 1st, Jets claw back to make it 3-2 but that’s as close as they get tonight.
  3. 4-1 Nucks pearson petey - winner hughes sutter
  4. 4-1 nucks Milsy horvat winner Brockstar Luigi E. with the empty netter
  5. How about just donate to Canucks Place because it’s the right thing to do. Go Canucks Go
  6. 4-2 Nucks Pearson Miller Benn winner Horvat EN
  7. 3-0 Nucks Demko SO Sutter opening goal followed by Hog and Horvat
  8. 4-2 Nucks Virt, Petey, Schmidt and Pearson... Schmidt with game winner
  9. You’re absolutely right there..... but if Jake doesn’t hit the post/crossbar, Sutter miss a couple in close etc. The game is about inches not about what ifs. Canucks are the better team with players that can contain the 2 best players in the world. The 2 best players and Coil can’t contain our team.
  10. There’s no doubt the Coil have the 2 best point producers in the game to make the game tough, but I’m saying that I will take Hughes, Petey, Brock, Millsy, Bo, Hog, Demmer et all over those 2 any day. We win because we have an army of talent. The Coil will win games but not against us.
  11. Lol or we just limit the oilers chances again and score 2 more than them and we win Again! 4-2 for the good boys tonight.
  12. My thinking is Hamonic slots in with Huggy and Juolevi with Myers. Regardless I love the depth on D this year much more promise especially come playoff time, but first let’s get game 1 of regular season in the books.
  13. She was obviously waiting to find the 1 and only Canuck “Eriksson” jersey... that might be Louie walking in to get a malt pregame... haha awesome Deb!!