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  1. 4-1 Nucks Miller winner and for @debluvscanucksEdler scores his 100th let’s goooo!
  2. We will either win the lottery or pick 7th that is my guarantee of the year
  3. We are going to win 7 in a row now. These boys have pride and they could care less about a top 3 draft pick, besides Benning will draft a stud at pick 5 or 6 anyways. All is good, sign Green, sign Huggersson twins to 5 year deals, rid of Eriksson and shore up our D! Let’s go
  4. It’s ok Deb Edler will get it tomorrow night good win solid effort. Love these guys win or lose. Next year will be a solid bounce back year
  5. For the love of @debluvscanucks it’s Eddies 100th assisted by Hog lol
  6. 4-1 Canucks Miller winner (I had Milker) lol Edler scores his 100th finally for @debluvscanucks
  7. 4-2 Canucks Highmore winner Canucks score first oh and Edler gets his 100th for @debluvscanucks
  8. I think until we are mathematically eliminated from playoffs, keep this lineup in tact. I hope the boys just keep having fun and win every game, 1 in a row feels soooo good! Let’s gooooo streaking!!
  9. 4-2 Canucks Schmidt winner laffs take more penalties because they are the tired team
  10. I’m all for guys answering the bell but watching Simmonds eff up Eddie actually made me sick to my stomach. Loss for words on my part sorry CDC
  11. 3-2 Nucks Miller winner sorry @debluvscanucksEdler scored 100th vs Sens but scored his 101 goal vs TO
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