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  1. Gentrification is too big topic to cover So you’ll criticize AOC’s opposition to Amazon because you claim Amazon would have had a positive impact on the community but you won’t talk about the negative impacts? That’s weak. I thought that as a finance guy you would actually link a comprehensive study and not some short Forbes piece that doesn’t even pass 1000 words. I too can link articles that refute your article. That is whole other ball of wax that we can leave for another time. Why are you shying away from having a discussion on recognizing how societies despite their form of government can produce effective solutions to problems? Why are you so willing to criticize Bernie for recognizing and seeing the nuance on issues like these when you yourself won’t even debate the merits of it? Are you one of these Americans that just can’t accept the merits of an idea simply because it didn’t originate in America? He also said “that bread lines are good sign of the economic health” you agree with that? That isn’t the direct quote. This is: “One aspect, what is going on in Nicaragua and again, what has to be understood is the economic problems of Nicaragua are not unique in Central America or in the Third World, in fact as poor as Nicaragua is, one of the nice things that I saw is that as result of government policy, direct government policy in terms of the distribution of food, people are not hungry by in by and large. I think it’s fair to say. You know, it’s funny, sometimes American journalists talk about how bad a country is, that people are lining up for food. That is a good thing. In other countries people don’t line up for food: the rich get the food and the poor starve to death. In Nicaragua people are not starving to death.” Simply stating that at the very least people have access to food and aren’t left to die. Yes I agree that it’s better that people to be able to line up for food instead of being left to starve and die. Do you think people living in dictatorships should allow themselves to starve and die as a form of protest? Are you condemning ever single person who accepts food from a dictatorial government because you believe your morality supersedes their right to live? About Cuba “the people we met have almost religious affection to Castro” yes Bernard they have no choice. Bernie also said ”The revolution there is far and more profound than I understood it to be. It really is a revolution in terms of values." My partner is actually part Cuban and has explained this issue to me. And I’ve spoken to her family members some of which have moved to other countries and those that have stayed in Cuba. There’s actual objective truth to Bernie’s statement. A lot of older Cubans that stayed in Cuba to this day still respect Castro and view him as a hero for what he did because they came of age during his revolution. Even some younger Cubans who came of age post revolution still respect Castro because they benefited from his reforms in terms of education and healthcare. Did you watch any footage of Castro’s funeral where people genuinely showed up to mourn him? I have older family members that experienced China’s cultural revolution. They no longer live in China and have nothing to fear from the government but many of them refuse to condemn what the government did out of patriotism. Instead they call what happened necessary. I myself grew up exclusively in Canada and Australia and cannot fathom supporting what happened in China but I understand why those sentiments exist in an older generation that came of age at that time and place. I’m literally confused as to your critique here. Bernie went to Cuba and saw that Cubans liked Castro? I think it’s pretty closed minded of you to think that American propaganda about Castro is entirely correct and accurate in reporting the actual sentiments of Cuban citizens. But he never had problems calling Pinochet or Marcos murderers while giving more “romantic” version of the events for Ortega or Castro. Why don’t you post some of those romantic lines? Bernie has called it a dictatorship and has condemned the brutal acts of those regimes. Guess who else praised Castro’s literacy programs? Obama. He even took it a step further and praised Cuba’s education system for producing the most doctors per capita. My God. How dare Biden not automatically resign as Vice President after this statement. Biden literally couldn’t even acknowledge that Hosni Mubarak was a dictator in 2011. His exact quote, “I would not refer to him as a dictator.” Mubarak who governed Egypt under Emergency Laws that gave his government almost unlimited extra judicial powers. Mubarak who created an agency to beat, torture and kill political dissidents. Mubarak who allowed tens of thousands to be held under indefinite detention without charge Mubarak who’s security forces killed over 800 protestors in the Arab Spring. None of this apparently qualifies as the acts of a dictator according to Biden. Stop giving me stuff about Biden from 1970s, I like to discuss his recent ideas, something from 2020 perhaps? I quote Biden’s history for two reasons: 1. Because the effects of those policies are still very present in society and 2. Because it’s a laundry list of policies that have become obsolete. Policies that are now trash. Are you disputing the fact that Biden’s crime bill no longer impacts the lives of millions of citizens in 2020? Are you disputing the fact that the crime bill led to the creation of the for profit prison industry by giving financial incentives to states and private companies to build more prisons? You’re so outraged by kids in cages. Those kids where held in cages built by private prisons that profited off of keeping them detained. This is a system that Biden helped create. Where’s your outrage? Are you going to dispute the fact that the Iraq War no longer impacts the lives of American and Iraqi citizens? Something from 2020. Biden’s plan to expand the Affordable Care Act. Part of Biden’s plan to lower the cost of healthcare is to issue subsidies for those on private insurance plans and cap premiums. Problem #1: Healthcare will still be unaffordable to millions of Americans. Biden’s plan intends to subsidize insurance plans and cap yearly deductibles to $1000 in out of pocket expenses. 40% of Americans have reported that they can’t even afford a $400 out of pocket medical expense. What difference will Biden’s plan make to those Americans? Biden’s plan also fundamentally does nothing to address the monthly cost of plans themselves. Private insurance companies will still be free to increase those costs. Biden’s plan will also do nothing to address premiums and the cost of medication. There will ultimately still be situations where people can’t afford healthcare or where people go into medical bankruptcy because their insurance doesn't cover the full cost of care. Problem #2: The ACA was designed on the fundamental idea that competition between private insurance companies would improve care and lower prices. There is no competition in many rural communities because most areas only have one hospital that then functions as a monopoly. In case you don't know a lot of American citizens live in rural communities. Problem #3: The ACA is in danger of being struck down in the courts therefore expansion of it may be irrelevant. Part of Biden’s plan is to offer a public option. The original version of the ACA had a public option but the Obama administration and Democrats conceded on it despite having a super majority in the House and Senate. Biden as Vice President was also President of the Senate and he managed to get 0 Republican Senators to vote for it. Biden now intends to wage that same battle in 2020. Except he doesn’t have the weapons that Obama had. A slim majority in the House and possible minority status in the Senate. Lesser speaking skills to convincingly make the case to the public to put pressure on elected representatives. Good luck to Biden. Too bad there aren’t any racist segregationists for him to work with on this issue. So would you vote for Sanders during the primaries yes or no? I would absolutely vote for Sanders in the primary. His voting record shows that he’s been proven correct on numerous issues over time in comparison to Biden. Meanwhile Biden has had to reverse his position on numerous issues. Bernie hasn’t because he was right in the first place. The majority of Biden’s criminal justice platform is essentially trying to solve the problems that his own crime bill created. Meanwhile he doesn’t even pay lip service to the problem of white collar crime. Biden has also funded the vast majority of his campaign through the donations of corporations and wealthy individuals. White collar crime isn’t a priority to him. Nor is combating the negative effects that Citizens United and former campaign financial rulings made by the Supreme Court. Bernie’s record shows that he’s never been afraid to advocate for people’s rights despite receiving nothing but scorn. Meanwhile Biden has only ever advocated for the rights of others when it’s politically convenient for him to do so. No I think he did lot of good things but leaving something so multicultural as Brooklyn to go to somewhere so white doesn’t make sense to me. It’s like helping people get clean water in Africa but you relocated to Siberia. It can be done but it just makes more sense to be in thick of things. Are you some sort of city snob that looks down on rural life? What does it matter where any politician chooses to live so long as they advocate for the right issues and causes? Did living in majority white Burlington, Vermont prevent Bernie from going to California to stand in solidarity with striking Disney workers or going to West Virginia to stand in solidarity with striking teachers? Does living in majority white Burlington, Vermont disqualify Bernie from understanding that people everywhere in America are struggling to pay for basic prescription drugs? Did living in majority white and majority wealthy Cambridge, Massachusetts limit Elizabeth Warren’s ability to create the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that equally serves the needs of every American regardless of race and class? Do you think politicians from majority white or majority black districts are ineffective simply because of where they live? Where’s your critique of Biden for choosing to live in Delaware instead of Florida? Where’s your critique of Bill Clinton for choosing to live in Arkansas after he went to Yale and Oxford instead of moving straight to New York? Trump grew up in Queens. That didn’t magically make him less racist. Stephen Miller grew up in Santa Monica and he’s the epitome of racist. You’re critique has no substance. Brown vs. Board of education was in 1954 and schools desegregation started in 1964 with civil rights act. This was before Biden even got in politics so I have no idea what you are talking about. You do know that school integration didn’t just magically happen after Brown was decided right? You do know that it took decades to actually put the ruling into effect because of racist pushback right in numerous parts of the country? https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/15/us/joe-biden-busing-timeline.html “1975: Mr. Biden joined Senator Jesse Helms, a Republican segregationist from North Carolina, in supporting an anti-busing amendment to an education spending bill. When the amendment failed, Mr. Biden wrote a narrower measure that prevented schools from using federal dollars to assign teachers or students by race. It passed, 50-43.” “1976: Mr. Biden introduced legislation to prevent the Justice Department from pursuing desegregation cases that could result in court-ordered busing. “I oppose busing, to the chagrin of some of my liberal colleagues,” he said. The same year, Mr. Biden supported several bills designed to limit the power of federal judges who could issue busing orders.” “1981-82: Mr. Biden partnered with Senator Strom Thurmond, Republican of South Carolina and another staunch segregationist, to introduce a provision into the Justice Department’s spending bill that effectively barred federal courts from issuing busing orders. It passed the Senate but died in the House.” You did watch the first Democratic debate where Kamala Harris herself attacked Biden on this issue right? You mean Bush and Cheney administration? Maybe Colin Powell briefing at the U.N that he got from the U.S intelligence? Blaming Biden for that is weak, you can do better. Biden was the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He was responsible for holding hearings about the possibility of Saddam Hussein having access to WMD in order to better inform Congress about the possibility of authorizing a war in Iraq. These hearings happened prior to Colin Powell appearing before the UN Security Council. In Biden’s opening statement he said, “We’ve coordinated these hearings closely with the White House.” AKA I’ve conducted these hearings to match the talking points of the Bush administration. 18 witnesses where called in total. Not a single anti-war voice was given the opportunity to testify. Not a single person who could refute the claim that Iraq had or was developing WMD was given the opportunity to testify. Not a single person from the UN inspections team was called to testify. In case you don’t know, witness lists are made at the discretion of the committee chair. AKA Biden didn’t want to hear a dissenting opinion or be presented with dissenting evidence. Just like in the Anita Hill case. Biden then published an op-ed in the NY Times calling for war with Iraq and advocated for it during his appearances on all the alphabet networks. Biden even explicitly said, “I know there’s enough circumstantial evidence that if this were a jury trial, I could convict you.” When the Congress was debating whether to authorize the war in Iraq, Biden explicitly argued on the Senate floor that it was imperative for Congress to vote yes in order to give Colin Powell authority and legitimacy when he spoke to the UN Security Council. Biden’s hearings - August and September 2002 Congressional vote on authorization - October 2002 Powell lies to the UN - February 2003 It’s weak that you know none of this. This is basic history. You need to educate yourself. Biden helped the Bush administration sell the war in Iraq. If you look at his press appearances in that time period he was one the fiercest advocates in the Democratic Party for the invasion and the war. As Vice President Biden directly handled the drawdown in Iraq which then led to a power vacuum in the region that allowed ISIS to form. That’s two demerits for Biden on the same issue. Absolutely, politicians on the other hand only care about their careers. AOC supported the protests of her fellow New Yorkers because she’s a politician that only cares about her career. Biden lies about his civil rights record because he’s a politician that only cares about his career. AOC you hate. But Biden you hold water for. John Lewis knows about civil rights more than you and me. So because John Lewis and Jim Clyburn endorsed Biden that absolves him of making up outrageous lies about his civil rights record? If those guys say Trump’s not a racist that makes it so right? The majority of Jim Clyburn’s political contributions come from the pharmaceutical industry. Black people disproportionately lack access to healthcare. But since Clyburn is a civil rights leader that absolves him of failing to advocate for the needs of his community right? Stop deflecting and using other people to shield Biden from his own self aggrandizing lies. Unless you’re someone who believes in lying so long as it serves your purpose and you can get others to hold water for you. “Salute to Selma” Biden was there, where was Sanders at? Where was Biden when doing this was more than just a self serving political photo-op? Where was Biden in the 1960s when doing this was met with the vitriol of racists and batons and tear gas and arrest from police instead of the cameras and microphones of the 2020 press? I guess it doesn’t matter because Biden can just say that he was there and John Lewis and Jim Clyburn can just ordain it as the truth. If you ever read Martin Luther King’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail then you’ll would know that what disappointed him during the civil rights era was the silence and passivity of white moderate citizens. Biden was one of those citizens. Bernie wasn’t. Biden just lies about it for his own political gain. It’s absolutely atrocious of John Lewis and Jim Clyburn to cover for Biden on this issue. It’s an insult to those that actually made sacrifices to ensure the rights of black citizens for them to allow their sacrifices to be co-opted by a white man that did nothing. Don’t you see how pathetic this sort of politics is? When politicians can literally lie about something and others will then uphold that lie for them? It’s absolutely pathetic that you accept this sort of politics. Again. The crux of our discussion is that you take umbrage with the fact that I call Biden trash. I’ve repeatedly given you the evidence that has formed my opinion. Yet you keep mentioning AOC and Bernie to deflect on that evidence. Why can’t you discuss Biden in isolation of them?
  2. Your point about Green is baseless. AOC endorsed Sanders after his heart attack and he went on to win Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada. He went on win over 1000 pledged delegates in the overall primary. Had her views only been popular in the 14th district of NY then her endorsement should have sunk Bernie. It didn't. It was the exact reason the narrative in the media changed from him having a heart attack to then capturing the most coveted endorsement of the Democratic primary. I'm pretty sure you know your comparison about Green is baseless because you know every single Republican running in 2024, baring Trump running again, will run away from her views. Do you think guys like Tom Cotton or Josh Hawley or John Kasich or even Nikki Hayley who loves the Confederate flag will try to garner her endorsement? Good luck to Green. Let's see if her endorsement will be able to resurrect anyone's campaign. Can you link that study about Amazon? And can you discuss why Amazon itself doesn't pay taxes but applies for tax rebates? Are you one of these people that thinks that economic growth and GDP are accurate measures of how a society is doing? Can you talk about the increase in gentrification and homelessness in areas that Amazon has set up? Why haven't you commented about the rights of New Yorkers to have a say in what companies come to their communities? Anita Hill has never publicly stated who she would vote for in the primary. It's blatantly obvious that she would vote for Biden over Trump in the general. Biden has never apologized for what happened with Anita Hill. His exact words where "I wish I could have done more for her" and "I regret I couldn't get her the kind of hearing she deserved." That's not an apology. Hill herself said that her conversation with Biden was "unsatisfying." He was the chairman of the Judiciary Committee. He had control as to how the majority of the hearing was conducted. Again why did Biden allow for 16 people to testify to Thomas' character but never allowed a single person to testify to corroborate any of Hill's claims? Why did Biden allow Thomas to testify first despite privately telling Hill that she could do so. Then allowed Thomas to testify a second time to refute Hill. Why did Biden not allow Angela Wright who also claimed to have been sexually harassed by Thomas to testify? Bernie's vote to support the NATO bombing of Serbia was terrible. I completely disavow it. Bernie never praised the dictatorial governments of Cuba or the USSR. He did not praise the brutal conditions those governments impose on their people. He simply said that literacy rates in Cuba improved and he wondered what America could learn from their program. Bernie never said he wanted to turn America into a dictatorship in order for literacy rates to improve. Are you one of these people that can't recognize that some societies have better solutions to problems despite not being a democracy? Does it actually matter that Bernie lives in Vermont when he spent his college years organizing desegregation sit ins and protests? Does it matter that he lives in Vermont when he actually attended the March on Washington? Does it matter at all that as mayor of Vermont he supported Jesse Jackson's candidacy for president? Does being from Vermont exclude Bernie from understanding that recidivism can be curbed by allowing the formerly incarcerated to have access to Pell grants? Can you at all engaged with any of the previous points I've made about Biden without bringing AOC or Bernie into the discussion? I get it you hate them. But seriously can you at all say anything substantive to Biden's history of terrible votes and terrible stances without needing to comparing him to someone else in order to make him look good? He's old isn't an excuse. A lot of people are old. Again care to comment on any of the following? Biden and the crime bill and the drug war that disproportionate impacts black and brown people for recreational drug use? Biden and his work with racist Strom Thurmond to keep schools segregated? Biden and his work to sell the Iraq War to the public and his lies about WMD? Biden and his stance on Roe v Wade and his exact quote being “I don’t think that a woman has the sole right to say what should happen to her body” Biden and his vote for the Defence of Marriage Act that denied LGBT citizens protection under the Equal Rights Amendment? Biden and his votes on NAFTA, PNTR and his support for TPP? Biden and his bill he wrote that made drug possession carry a mandatory minimum sentence in jail while his own son was sent to rehab? Biden and his constant lies about his involvement in the civil right movement? Do you think Biden would have garnered the black vote in the general election if he ran against anyone other than Trump? Have you convinced yourself that black people actually voted for Biden and not against Trump? Even Biden himself ran on this strategy. What do you think Biden meant when he told Charlamagne tha God "if you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump then you ain't black." AKA Trump is so racist that I don't really have to answer questions about my terrible history in advocating and creating policy against the interest of black people." Stop thinking about AOC and Bernie and actually talk about Biden regarding these issues.
  3. You're argument that Marjorie Green and AOC are somehow similar is such a straw man. I'm pretty sure you know she won't every become the same sort of political phenomenon as AOC. But you just want to throw them in the same basket as if they're equivalent. If in 2 years Marjorie Green's endorsement is coveted by every Republican Presidential candidate send me your contact information and I'll send you $1000. Marjorie Green is coming to congress after posting a meme of herself with an assault weapon next to a collage of her future colleagues. Some of her colleagues have been shot at. Senator Mark Kelly from Arizona is the husband of former congresswoman Gabby Giffords who was shot in the head. Marjorie Green's behaviour is totally the same as AOC right? To your points about Amazon AOC's opposition wasn't the sole reason that Amazon didn't come to NY. There was support to reject Amazon in the community itself that was also supported by local politicians. There were protests and campaigns all over the city. The Amazon facility would have raised the rent on their apartments and they would have been priced out of their communities. It's completely within their right to protest that. Amazon also doesn't pay income taxes. Tax filings have repeatedly shown that they've filed for corporate tax rebates instead. Amazon's Seattle HQ wasn't even developed by local developers. Seattle also gave Amazon the tax incentive it requested but when it asked Amazon to start paying income taxes, Amazon threatened to move their HQ. As a finance guy can you explain how long it would take for $25k jobs to eventually equal the cost of $3 billion in tax incentives? I'm genuinely curious about those numbers. And as far as the reporting I have read, those 25k jobs was just a promise and not actually substantiated in any way. Nor did Amazon want to negotiate on what would happen if those jobs failed to materialize. Amazon did eventually come to NY anyways albeit with only 1,500 jobs but without any special corporate tax credits because they want to be in that space anyways. So again as a finance guy which is more beneficial? 25k in jobs but with a $3 billion tax incentive give away? Or 1,500 without that tax give away? This discussion started because you take umbrage with the fact that I call Biden trash. Why haven't you engaged with any of the reasons I've given but have instead deflected the discussion towards AOC. Biden is trash for these reasons. Care to comment? Or would you just care to talk about AOC some more because you know Biden is absolute trash on all these issues? Are you for the drug war that has locked up generations of people for recreational drug use in their personal lives? Are you for segregated schools? Are you for the Iraq War that's killed from 600k to 1 million civilians and has now been going on for more than 18 years? Are you for denying women access to abortion? Are you for denying LGBT citizens equal protection under the law? These are all things Biden has supported. Can you at all engaged the the fact that Biden has repeatedly lied about being arrested in apartheid South Africa? Can you at all engaged with the fact that Biden has repeatedly lied about being involved in the civil rights movement? Can you at all engaged with the fact that Biden has repeatedly lied about going to black churches to help organize voter registration? Can you at all engaged with the fact that Biden has repeatedly lied about participating in sit ins to desegregate restaurants and theatres? Can you at all engaged with the fact that he was still lying about this while serving as Obama's Vice President and while he ran in this cycle? Can you at all engaged with the fact that Biden himself has admitted that all he did during the civil rights was watch it unfold on tv? Biden loves to aggrandize himself as a champion of the black community when his entire record shows that he's responsible for pushing so many polices that created the for profit prison industry that now takes government money to disproportionately imprison black and brown people for non-violent drug crimes. Mandatory minimum sentences for small amounts of drug possession is something Biden championed. Don't you think that's incredibly hypocritical since his own son is an addict and has admitted to struggling with it his entire life and that was afford the opportunity to go to rehab and not spend a single day in jail? What about Biden's support for NAFTA, PNTR and TPP? The later two that have already caused good union jobs in manufacturing to leave the industrial midwest? What about Biden's support for repealing Glass-Steagal? The de-regulation of Wall Street that caused the financial crisis and the housing crisis. Even Bill Clinton has said that he regrets signing that bill into law because of its effects. What about when Biden was the chairman of the Judiciary Committee and dismissed the witnesses that could corroborate the sexual harassment Anita Hill experienced? Biden allowed 16 character witnesses to testify for Clarence Thomas but not one for Anita Hill. Prior to even hearing Hill's testimony Biden was already on record telling colleagues and Thomas himself that he though there was no merit to her claims and he didn't believe her. What about when Biden was chairman of the Foreign Relations committee and he held hearings on a possible invasion of Iraq? Biden was responsible for the experts that appeared before that committee. Biden never allowed for anyone to testify about the lack of evidence of WMD in Iraq. Biden the helped the Bush administration sell the war in Iraq to the press and public. Biden defeated Trump. That doesn't absolve him of the absolute trash he's pushed for his entire career that allowed Trump to rise in the first place.
  4. The media is literally fawning all over Biden's dogs right now. The media loved Hillary Clinton's stories of working at the Children's Defence Fund. The media fawned over Pete Buttigieg playing the piano and speaking Norwegian. Kamala Harris loves talking about the fact that she went to an HBCU. Sharing personal details about oneself is how politicians make themselves accessible. The majority of student loans have actually already been paid for. It's the fact that the US government charges large interest on them that has kept students is debt. As for the rest of it? Why not stop giving tax handouts to various corporations that have massive profits? Why not increase the marginal tax rate like Elizabeth Warren advocated for? The price of the HIV drug was lowered. And even if it wasn't recording history still has value in itself. Is there no value in knowing how companies that bought and sold slaves operated simply because that information ultimately wasn't what brought slavery to an end? Facebook needs to be regulated. Co-founder Chris Hughes has even recognized that it's become too dangerous because its a hive for misinformation to grow. The Cambridge Analytica scandal proves just that. What's happening in India proves just that. Regulating Facebook is literally about preventing a monopoly from developing in order to give new ventures a chance to thrive. I never said AOC was a viable POTUS candidate in 2024. Nor do I think she would even position herself to run. AOC has only been in office for 2 years. Also Obama was literally only a Senator for 3 years before he ran and become President. He passed no meaningful legislation in that time. AOC at least actually has meaningful policy positions that she fights to advance. Why wouldn't AOC's plans for the Green New Deal be considered unachievable when FDR literally proved that it was achievable with the New Deal? Why would Medicare for All be unachievable where literally every modern nation has proved that a government backed system works? Even the creation of Medicare was considered unachievable until LBJ did it. The socialist label is literally becoming more popular in America for those under 35 who are coming of age in hellish economic conditions and haven't been conditioned to fear the USSR and Stalin. That demographic actually has a negative view of capitalism. And they actually have the internet to see how other socialists countries like Norway and Sweden etc do things. Except Marjorie Green didn't defeat the person who the GOP had next in line to be Speaker of the House. Who likely won't even break 1 million Twitter followers. Likely will never become one of the most popular political figures in the country. Likely won't ever be talked about on the alphabet networks to the point where a terrorist sends them a bomb. Who won't appear on late night TV or be on the cover of Vogue or Vanity Fair. Who's endorsement will never be sought after by candidates running for office. Who likely won't even be touted as a possible Presidential candidate one day. That bartender whose mom use to clean houses and drive school busses sure has come far. Good luck to Marjorie Green though. I don't know who Mattrek is. I actually lived in Arizona in 2008 and supported Hillary over Obama. I don't read the Daily Kos or even have a reddit account. If you want to know where I get my news from its primarily from the Intercept and Democracy Now. I like reading Sarah Kendzior's articles in The Globe and Mail and listening to her podcast Gaslit Nation. I read most articles by Naomi Klein, Bill McKibben, Grace Blakeley, George Monbiot and Jane Meyer. I also read the articles on Rewired News and listen to their podcast Boom Lawyered. I'm a really big fan of listening to the Intelligence Squared debates. On Youtube I watch David Pakman and Double Down News videos. Not sure if all that fits your perception of me.
  5. I literally showed you a list of candidates that didn't run on a progressive agenda and lost and a list of candidates that ran on a progressive agenda and won. If the information I'm showing you is all correlation then show me the data that proves that progressive policy is what caused those House and Senate seats to be lost. The Vanity Fair piece wasn't about her plans. It was a piece about her personal life. Her plans have been detailed in other outlets. Did you know that AOC authored the Loan Shark Prevention Act? Something the media doesn't talk about because they're all too busy calling her a socialist? The law would cap interest rates on loans on credit cards, payday lenders, title loans to 15%. Something that would ensure that poor and working class families don't fall into a spiral of debt. What about AOC's plan to for the federal government to forgive student loan debt because in the US the federal government actual makes huge profits off of those loans through interest? What about AOC's work on the Congressional Oversight Committee regarding the price gouging done by a pharmaceutical company on HIV drugs? The fact that the US government actually invested in the creation of this drug but it hasn't actually led to the drug price being lower in America? What about AOC's work that showed that Facebook policy allows for deceptive ads that could potentially lead to Facebook being regulated as a public utility? What about her work trying to detail and record the conditions in Trump's family separation camps? Biden has a heart when it comes to the people he's directly in contact with. When it comes to actually writing legislation that heart is sometimes pretty absent. Family time for his white collar staff. Unemployment for the blue collar workers that lost jobs due to his support of bad trade policy. Jail for the black and brown people who had drugs on them. Where is Biden's heart for the people he has no personal relationship with but who are still affected by the policy he puts into place?
  6. If the Tories actually had the stomach to take abortion rights away from women than more of them would talk about it on the national stage. It may pop its head up but ultimately has no legs to stand on. We don't have multiple state governments passing right to life laws limiting abortion to 20 weeks or 18 weeks or whatever they deem is the correct number. We don't have TRAP laws designed to close abortion clinics. We certainly don't have politicians who would ever dare say that rape can sometimes be a gift from god. I fully acknowledge that Canada hasn't fully dealt with the legacy of white colonialism. But it is nowhere near as bad as the US. And racial tension has never become as openly hostile as it is in the US where Neo-nazi's are literally marching down the street. Police violence is actually prosecuted in Canada. And as someone who personally knows a few people who have applied to be police officer, the evaluation process to become one is stringent and in order to root out people who are prone to abusing their power and have violent predispositions. Are there a few bad apples within Canadian police departments yes. But the entire bench and tree isn't rotten like it is in the US. Indigenous communities in Canada still struggle to access water. Absolutely. I'm not trying to glorify Canada. I'm simply saying that guard rails still exist in our society and has protected our politics from being so divided on basic issues that Americans are still struggling with. I love that analogy and wish it were true. But it's too micro for me. Plus it's pretty clear that Biden intends to set America up with either Kamala or Pete. Trash candidates that only stand for their own power and self glorification. I think one of the reasons Hillary lost in 2016 was that she ultimately played the woman card way too much. And it made her seem like she stood for nothing except to be the first woman President. Kamala is exactly like that. She wants to be the first black woman President. So is Pete. He wants to be the first openly gay President. First. I posted exerts from Vanity Fair article in response to your claim the AOC is just some flaky millennial. If you bothered to read the article it was about how constant death threats and violence caused her to feel uncertain but she ultimately overcame. The Green New Deal and Medicare for All are AOC's ideas for change and she's talked about them in numerous outlets. There's actually overwhelming evidence that moderates have lost. In the Senate these moderates all lost. Sarah Gideon in Maine Amy McGrath in Kentucky Doug Jones in Alabama MJ Hegar in Texas Steve Bullock in Montana In the House All of these candidates opposed medicare care for all. And all of them lost their seats. These races happened in traditionally swing purple districts. Max Rose in NY Donna Shalala in Florida Debbie Murcasel Powell in Florida Joe Cunningham in South Carolina Xochitl Torres Small in New Mexico Abby Finkenaue in Iowa Kendra Horn in Oklahoma Colin Peterson in Minnesota The candidates that won their seats. And supported medicare for all. Mike Levin in California - before people start saying but he's in California, Levin's district was held by Republicans from 2003 - 2019. Katie Porter in California - her district was held by Republicans from 1983 - 2019. Porter was the first Democrat to flip that seat since it was created in 1983. Matt Cartwright in Pennsylvania - his district was held by Republicans since 2011 Also if progressives were such a problem then the Squad would have fallen to their moderate primary challengers. AOC, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib were all primaried by moderate Democrats that had millions to spend. The Squad got re-elected and has now grown to 10 members. Meanwhile moderates have lost 8 seats. New Squad members Mairie Newman, Cori Bush, Mondaire Jones and Jamaal Bowman all beat their moderate primary challengers and won their general elections. It makes Bernie weak. And that's why he lost. I have clear eyes on that. If Bernie attacked Biden the way Warren attacked Bloomberg in Nevada then I have no doubt he would have won the primary. Biden was vulnerable on numerous fronts. From his long history of wanting to cut Social Security and Medicaid. From lying about trying to see Nelson Mandela in apartheid South Africa. And lying about being a top academic student at UPenn. And plagiarizing speeches by RKF. And not allowing the witnesses for Anita Hill to testify to the harassment she endured. Then lets get into his actual voting record. Supporting trade deals like NAFTA, PNTR and TPP that have decimated manufacturing jobs in the industrial midwest. Helping segregationists like Strom Thurman author racist crime bills that set the ground work for the for profit prison industry that has largely incarcerated black and brown people for drug possession. Voting for the Iraq War and the Patriot Act. During the Obama years. There's numerous reporting that Biden helped kill the public option. Despite being on tape in 2007 supporting it. I don't worship AOC or Bernie. In Bernie I see a man who has spent his entire life fighting for causes that were right despite not being popular. While Biden wanted to keep public schools segregated Bernie was arrested protesting against that very issue. While Biden voted to make sure that formerly incarcerated people couldn't gain access to Pell Grants to help pay for higher education Bernie voted against it. While Biden voted to make sure LGBT citizens couldn't be married or be protected under the Equal Right amendment Bernie voted against it. While Biden couldn't even fathom voicing support for LGBT citizens Bernie fought for their right to hold a pride parade in Vermont. Bernie has integrity. And his voting record proves it. I see that same integrity in AOC. You say that every person who voted for Trump has blood on their hands because kids were locked in cages and white supremacy came to prominence. When you look back on Biden's voting record, the economic desperation that caused white people to think that immigrants were coming for their jobs and the generations of incarcerated people of colour that caused white people to think they were all criminals, is a part of Biden's history. That's why I call Biden trash. Every single person in America could have voted for him but he and the style of politics he practices that involves capitulating to people like Strom Thurman and Mitch McConnell is the very reason Trump was elected in the first place. So yea that's why I call Biden trash. PS. This is a quote from Biden regarding Roe v Wade: “I don’t think that a woman has the sole right to say what should happen to her body.”
  7. I think you're putting too much of a Canadian lens on things. Canada isn't perfect but at least we live our lives with more dignity and safety compared to Americans. Our politics isn't broken here. We aren't debating whether people should go bankrupt if they have a medical emergency. Or should be left to die if they get diagnosed with cancer because they can't afford treatment. We don't have undergraduate students graduating with debt in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. We aren't debating a woman's right to choose. We don't have police forces that routinely engage in unnecessary violence then go uncharged because prosecutors are too afraid of police unions. We don't have a politics that blames immigrants for the ills in our society. We don't have multiple communities living without access to clean water. This is what centrist politics has gotten in America. Centrist politics voted for the Iraq War. It voted to de-regulate Wall Street. It voted to extend the Bush tax cuts. It voted for a healthcare plan without a public option that allowed private insurance companies to charge whatever they wanted in monthly payments but still force co-pays when people get sick. Centrism shouldn't be fetishized as some sort of miracle pill to solve rising extremism. And when the GOP has moved so far to the right that it's easily approaching fascism then why in the hell should Democrats try to meet them in the middle. If you actually break down the results of this year's election in the House. Moderates fell because they ran away from progressive policies. Incumbents that supported Medicare for All kept their seats. And one last thing. The politics of Ilhan Omar helped deliver Minnesota. The politics of Rashida Tlaib helped deliver Michigan. Biden distanced himself from them and instead humped onto John Kasich. And Trump won Ohio. Score for centrism eh? Yea it will just be outside the White House. The Biden team better put together a hell of a communications team because the media will likely focus non-stop on Trump and his criticism for the ratings. Trump basically has the power to torpedo the entire Biden agenda. I think corporations and the wealthy would love to mobilize Trump voters to oppose the Biden agenda just as they weaponized the Tea Party back in 2010.
  8. That headline is entirely misleading. The entire Vanity Fair article actually shows how incredibly strong she is. She experienced and is still experiencing adversity and she's persisting. The woke women of the Democratic party love stuff like that. Good thing 4 new Squad members got elected this cycle. From the same interview in Vanity Fair: Around the same time, Ocasio-Cortez came home to the D.C. apartment she shares with her partner, Riley Roberts, to find a man with a camera parked in a dark car outside. She ran to the back of a grocery store, fearing she might be attacked. The next day, a right-wing outlet published photos of her address, blurring it only after her office complained. The death threats seem to spike in concert with Fox News rhetoric. “I used to wake up in the morning and literally get a stack of pictures that were forwarded by Capitol police or FBI. Like, ‘These are the people who want to kill you today,’ ” she says. The torrent of abuse spread to her mother, Blanca, and her younger brother, Gabriel. “There have been many times, especially in the first six months, where I felt like I couldn’t do this, like I didn’t know if I was going to be able to run for reelection,” Ocasio-Cortez says. “There was a time where the volume of threats had gotten so high that I didn’t even know if I was going to live to my next term. Their sisterhood and their friendship, it’s not some political alliance. It’s a very deep, unconditional human bond.” “I don’t see myself really staying where I’m at for the rest of my life.” This is one of the few times AOC seems guarded and cautious about her words. “I don’t want to aspire to a quote-unquote higher position just for the sake of that title or just for the sake of having a different or higher position. I truly make an assessment to see if I can be more effective. And so, you know, I don’t know if I could necessarily be more effective in an administration, but, for me that’s always what the question comes down to.” She does not believe in political messiahs, nor does she see herself as a “hierarchical, power-based person.” AOC along with Ilhan Omar are like the boogeymen of the GOP. They love to attack them and they love to inspire hatred and violence towards them. It wasn't too long ago that someone was convicted of sending them bombs and stockpiling weapons. What woman or man, regardless of whatever age, not be somewhat afraid. I think the last quote is incredibly important. AOC isn't an Obama or Buttigieg. She isn't someone who aspires to higher office because they see themselves as someone destined to be President. I think that's very rare in today's politics. I think it's what sets her apart.
  9. I completely agree. Biden is trash. Biden is a bandaid to Trump-ism. Biden for his entire career has supported policies that created Trump. Biden pays lip service to the needs of poor and working class voters during the day but sells them out at night when he has dinner and cocktails with lobbyists and wealthy executives. Biden will likely cause another candidate like Trump to come to prominence. But at the same time it's absolutely hilarious that some people can't accept math. Especially religious pastors who aren't even suppose to be speaking about politics in a church that takes advantage of tax free status.
  10. I'm not a religious person but I think this just proved to me the existence of the Devil.
  11. America has a massive education problem. Many of them don't know how to define and recognize basic political theories. Let alone have a discussion of why the USSR wasn't actually a true socialist country. Nor how the global financial crisis affected Venezuela's ability to continue funding their social programs. Republicans are going to call Democrats socialists and communists no matter what. They called Obama a socialist even though he made the Bush tax cuts permanent. The Democrats need to counter that by investing in education and communication programs to explain why policies like Medicare for All will be better for people. Instead of lighting hundreds of millions of dollars on fire by taking the advise of expensive consultants that keep losing them elections, the DNC needs to invest in grass roots communities But also. The people who are coming of age post the financial crisis and are struggling to find good jobs and afford school are beginning to embrace socialism. They don't have the same prejudices as the older generations who lived through the Cold War propaganda. AOC and the Squad need to continue growing within the Democratic Party. There's 10 Squad members serving in Congress this term. In 2008 the so called Blue Dog Democrats were constantly talked about. How they might not support the Affordable Care Act if it had a public option. How they might not support the stimulus bills. How they might not support the end of Don't Ask Don't Tell etc. No one is asking them to form their own party. It's highly unlikely that Tea Party and Trump style Republicans will form their own party. Leadership tolerates them because they ultimately obey on tax cuts and deregulation. They're also useful when it comes to distracting the public on cultural issues. When they cause various scandals about racism etc the GOP likes it because it actually distracts attention from all the ways they want to screw people. Trump is too lazy and frankly too disinterested in actually leading his own political movement. If anything I can see Don Jr trying to do something like that. It's sort of strange. Whenever I would see Trump speak in his rallies I would often think that he loved being up there because he was compensating for not having anyone in his life actually love him. I see the same thing with Don Jr. It seems like wants to be in politics because he too is looking for love. There's already been an exodus on Fox News. Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly have their own shows because they were forced out because of various scandals. But the guys that are still on FOX actually like being there because that job is ultimately just a paycheque to them. If the Murdochs one day told them to praise AOC they would do it. Every candidate that wants to one day be UK Prime Minister has to kiss the ring of Rupert Murdoch because of the stronghold he has on the news over there. So even if being progressive would cost the Democrats Florida because of Cubans and their supposed hatred of communism it ultimately doesn't matter so long as they can keep making in roads in other states. And if the electoral college system ultimately falls then Florida really doesn't matter. In Arizona Native Americans came out and helped flip the state for Biden. Other Bible Belt states can be the next Georgia if the Democrats stay engaged and organize to register voters and fight voter suppression laws at the state level. Louisiana. Alabama. Mississippi. Tennessee. North and South Carolina. They all have large disaffected and disinterested voters of colour who can be brought in. Even Florida can be re-taken if Democrats fight for the rights of people with incarceration fees to be able to vote. Over 800k former inmates in Florida aren't given an opportunity to vote because of those fees. I actually don't agree that progressive policy will be a big hinderance in places like Florida. Policies on reducing the impact of climate change is gaining traction in that state because they're on the front lines of experiencing extreme weather events. 6.3 millions voters in Florida also passed a ballot initiative that would lift the minimum wage to $15/h with. Progressive policies can win so long as Democrats don't run from them. Take Missouri in 2016 for example. Claire McCaskill was running for re-election in the Senate and a ballot initiative to increase the minimum wage was also on the ballot. McCaskill ran away from that issue and instead ceded ground on the issue of the boarder wall. She ran to the right in order to try and appease Republicans and lost but the ballot initiative passed with 66% of the vote. Even Fox News polling shows that progressive policies are popular. Over 70% believe the government should provide a healthcare plan of some kind. Over 60% believe the government should do more to combat climate change. Unfortunately there are no progressives on the right. I honestly can't think of a single Republican politician who will even break ranks on issues like abortion and LGBT rights. Melania supposedly renegotiated their pre-nup after the Stromy Daniels story came out.
  12. I mean this in the nicest way possible. Have you at all bothered to understand how the US electoral system works at the congressional level? How congressional districts are drawn and how gerrymandering has rigged the House elections to favour the Republicans? I really don't mean to sound patronizing. But if you understood those two things you would not be asking the questions you're asking.
  13. I think the BLM movement and the calls to defund the police certainly had an effect on this election. I've seen some exit polling saying that 88% of Republican voters cited it as something that concerned them and turned them away from the Democrats. But I've also seen data that shows that the BLM movement and the protests across the nation after George Floyd's death also had an effect. There's already data that shows that voting registration for Democrats increased after the death of George Floyd. I think white America is still very ignorant to the reality of police brutality against people of colour. And when they hear defund the police they automatically associate it with something negative because white people generally have positive interactions with police officers. Meanwhile black and brown Americans are at risk of facing unnecessary violence at the hands of the police because of racial bias and sometimes outright racism. The defund the police movement is calling for police budgets to be limited in order to fund community based programs and services that would prevent the police from responding to situations that they aren't trained for. Situations like homelessness, drug overdoses and mental health crisis. Situations that often lead to violent interactions. It's incumbent upon the Democrats to communicate this message effectively to white America. Biden won this election because people of colour came out for him. It would be an absolute disservice to those people if Biden and the Democrats stoped supporting the BLM movement simply because white America doesn't understand. If another senseless act of police brutality happens in the Biden Harris administration and nothing is done, why should black Americans come out to vote for Kamala when she runs next? I also ultimately think the Democrats won't move away from this issue. Just as Democrats have embraced abortion rights and LGBT rights across the board despite them being losing issues in certain parts of America, I imagine they'll embrace the BLM movement as well. The Democrats don't have the luxury of catering exclusively to the needs of white America. I don't agree with the people that voted for Trump. I absolutely think they're complicit to the trauma he's caused. We can both agree that Trump and his movement has done nothing but damage. But I also think simply beating Trump voters over the head with messages like you're racist, sexist and you locked kids in cages etc isn't productive. We ultimately have to understand why 71 million people voted for Trump and find ways to disarm that.
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