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  1. Quotes by JD Burke. Scott Wheeler and Cam Robinson both had similar opinions on Kunz and Zlodeyev in the same article. The article's headline is very deceptive, the Canucks didn't necessarily "hit it out of the park," the overall assessment of the 2020 Canucks draft class is that they got decent value for the picks they had. With the exception of Kunz, they thought that a lot of the other prospects would be taken higher in the draft.
  2. Joni Jurmo: "His weaknesses aren’t as debilitating as his strengths, especially at Pick 82. This guy had early second-round potential all day so to get him in the late third is a heck of a swing and something that I’d put on a stamp on too." Jackson Kunz: "The thing about Kunz is if he ever makes the NHL, he’s going to be a fourth-line grinder. And you look at the players available to them in the fourth round, I just don’t think the juice is anywhere worth the squeeze." Jacob Truscott: "I think what the Canucks did was they looked at his package of skills — he can skate well, he’s got good size, decent shot, can move the puck — he’s shown in spurts that he can put it all together and be something of a modern transitional defenceman. The question is if he can harness his skill on a game-to-game basis and I think that’s going to be the challenge." Dmitry Zlodeyev: "His skill level isn’t especially high, but that’s not what he’s projected to do at the NHL level anyways. He’s going to be, if anything, a third or fourth-liner who can find teammates relatively well but provides a ton of value on the penalty kill and in defensive situations." Viktor Persson: "He’s kind of one of the generals on Brynas where you can see that he’s kind of dictating how things are going to get set up, even when he doesn’t have the puck. He has the skating ability, he’s an intelligent kid, has a nice playmaking element where he can see how things open up instead of rushing his first pass. I think he has NHL upside and really liked this pick." Jurmo and Truscott were the most well liked picks.
  3. About 5 years ago the conversations on these boards went as follows: The Canucks need scoring so Hunter Shinkaruk should be called up. The Canucks need a puck moving defenceman so Jordan Subban should be called up. The Canucks need a physicality so Alex Grenier should be called up. The Canucks literally have better versions of Shunkaruk, Subban and Grenier in their system right now. Hoglander is a better version of Shinkaruk. Hoglander may be shorter but his fitness level is incredible and he isn't afraid to play a gritty game and battle for pucks. His hands are arguably better than Shinkaruk's as well. Kole Lind isn't as flashy as Hoglander in terms of his puck skills but he's even feistier. That's not to say he doesn't have good puck skills though. Lind basically plays the way we all want Virtanen to play. Lind isn't as fast as Virtanen but he works to forecheck and hit. Lind also has better hockey IQ and can make plays with his teammates. Plus Lind has some major character and determination. He had a disappointing first season in Utica and put in the work in the off season to make himself a better player. Grenier was a big guy that never quite figured out how to use his size to dominate opponents. Lind may be a bit smaller but he isn't afraid to punch above his weight. The Canucks now have Rafferty and Juolevi. Subban was an elite power play QB but could never figure out how to defend and transition the puck up ice. Rafferty and Juolevi are both able to do this. Rafferty prefers to skate the puck up ice himself. Juolevi prefers to hang on to the puck and wait for a good pass to open up. These we're skills that Subban never quite managed. People are forgetting that just two years ago Juolevi was his team's best defenceman in the Liiga playoffs. He's struggled with injuries that have taken away from his mobility but hopefully now that he's healthy he can develop into a top 4 defenceman. I can easily see Juolevi developing into a Jonas Bordin type of defenceman. He may not always be a factor on the score sheet but he'll do a bunch of little things to ensure that his teammates do score. Hoglander, Lind, Rafferty and Juolevi are great prospect but now that the Canucks are winning there's no confidence in them. When the Canucks were losing the mentality around prospects was completely different. Fans just wanted them to be played for the sake of playing them in order to see something new. Now that the Canucks are winning and have a better set of prospects that have been properly developed suddenly they aren't good enough. Ridiculous.
  4. Stecher went from the NCAA and played 4 games in the AHL until injuries gave him an opportunity to prove himself in the lineup. Rafferty has at least played 57 games and put up 45 points. That's comparable to Jake Bean who played 59 games and put up 48 points. But Stecher gets the benefit of the doubt because he's a local boy.