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  1. The people getting killed. Hey I don’t agree with their tactics and no one should be killed by a cop unless they are threatening a cops life and yes the police should go to jail if convicted by a jury but look up the rap sheets of most of these “innocent “ people, they’re not innocent.
  2. What are u talking about? Who ever said all black people are criminals? Sure as hell not me, it’s overreacting putting words in people’s mouth like u that are the problem
  3. Not saying anyone should be killed by getting kneeled on, that cop is going to jail. But get your head out of your ass if u think most are innocent.
  4. How many cops have killed “innocent “ African Americans? Yes no question it’s happened but u read about every incident on cnn so not many. Now how many people are killed every single day by African Americans in the states alone? Why isn’t this head line news? And how many convictions, some extremely serious ones, do these innocent people have? Ya thought so.
  5. Put your glasses on. Ok 90% is a stretch, but just watch these marches and tell me that these are upstanding citizens.
  6. Take a look at who’s marching, half the people there probably don’t know what the march is about. Just look at any “protest” in Vancouver and you see all the homeless, job less, sheep mentality people who are just looking for a party.
  7. I disagree, not saying it doesn’t happen at all but I just don’t see it. Example is trade unions, a journeyman electrician makes x amount of dollars per hour. It doesn’t change because of race or sex. Fire fighters, police etc are set wages. Government jobs are mostly set wages. Why is physical testing to be a fire fighter less for women? Are the people they may have to carry out of a house unconscious gonna be smaller based on who shows up? What sectors of identical jobs and quality of work do people make less based on sex or race?
  8. Exactly, 90% or more of the BLM group is nothing more than a reason to loot and cause destruction. A while back a Polish man was basically murdered by the RCMP at YVR airport, I didn’t see riots and looting? If that was a black man then yvr would’ve been burned to the ground. Ya there’s bad cops out there and let the courts take care of them. Body cams should be mandatory for all police forces and when a suspect shoots at a cop and then gets lit up with 30 rounds from the partners don’t start a riot because it was justified. And for the police don’t murder guys who aren’t threatening your lives.
  9. I am getting so tired of this politically correct crap, yes there is a lot of racism out there but why is it that company’s especially government agencies are forced to try to hire people based on their race, skin colour or sex? What ever happened to hiring the most qualified person? And now the Canadian government is giving out money to start businesses based on your skin colour. If this is not straight up racism then I don’t know what is.
  10. I agree, but Gaudette isn’t gonna bring much in return imo, but ya we need defense . 3rd and 4th line needs to be bigger imo, guys who can play but are heavy and difficult to play against. We don’t need more little guys who disappear in March and beyond. -obviously there’s exeptions with small guys but 3rd and 4th lines should not be these “speedy” guys who disappear in late season.
  11. Ya let’s give JV a big contract so he can sit it the press box after showing up higher than a kite game after game. Smart
  12. ENOUGH About Neely, no one cares
  13. I can’t imagine he’s qualified, The only way I’d qualify him and he’d never do it and not sure if u even can but a 2 way contract. Give him 3.5 if he can show up and produce or 750k in the minors. I’m sure that’s never gonna happen but only way it would work if he wants over 2m
  14. I really think a big tough d man who doesn’t hurt the team ( England was always a favourite of mine) will help the team. Guddy was the type except he sucked lol, teams think twice about doing stupid things in front of the net with a guy who will punish them. I’m so sick of bottom 6 guys and bottom 2 D who are small and “speedy guys” but really don’t contribute much. It was embarrassing seeing the puke marchant punching Sedin with no consequence and time again and again. Canucks are a decently tough team through team toughness but I wanna see a bruiser who can play minutes and not hurt the team but stand up and not be scared to take a instigating penalty as long as timing is right.