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  1. It was a love tap. How is this a suspy but there’s not a peep about the Mcdavid elbow to Schmidt’s face? One is clearly worse than the other.
  2. Wow I hadn’t seen that one. It’s funny how the big softies always go after the little guy. And then cower away when the bigger guy comes to have a word.
  3. Elitist? You made a claim that hockey is the second most popular sport in the world, which I told you is false. Not sure how this makes me elitist. You also seem to think I’m sexist so maybe I should just stop responding.
  4. No kidding. Don’t know what that has to do with anything I’ve been saying. I won’t bother anymore.
  5. Why on earth would we be discussing anything other than Ice hockey on an ice hockey forum. Calling field hockey and hockey the same sport is like calling rugby and Aussie rules football the same sport. They’re not.
  6. If you’re including field hockey, then sure. But this is an ice hockey forum. If hockey is 4th in world popularity, then I’ll guess that field hockey makes a large majority of that.
  7. There is no chance that hockey is the fastest growing sport in the world. Hockey is marketed terribly, I don’t even think it’s one of the core 4 sports in North America anymore lol.
  8. Oilers fans on Reddit are calling Canucks fans racist as a result of this incident. Says there must have been racial undertones to the whole thing hahahah
  9. Parros needs to be replaced. How incompetent can you be. Guys been punched in the head too many times lol.
  10. Can’t even celebrate 1 win after losing 6 in a row without these guys complaining. I feel bad for those people.
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