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  1. I get what you’re saying, but that’s not a nice 3rd line. That’s a bottom feeder 3rd line.
  2. Yeah, I’m rattled. Why wouldn’t you just give the guy a legitimate shot and ride it out? If they’re making this trade because of the bag skate, I would consider that pretty childish. What he showed in camp told me he deserves to be here more that Schenn and Hunt. There was space. Oh well.
  3. My favourite part was when Podkolzin essentially teabagged Smith, who proceeded to act like he took an uppercut from Mike Tyson.
  4. Mcdavid is such a rat. Why does he get away with everything? He’s uber talented but damn is he ever hard to like.
  5. Generally, I agree with most of the decisions that management makes. But I can’t help feeling irritated about losing Gadjovich. How is it that these fringe guys that have been with the team for an offseason get a spot over a guy that we drafted and developed? Have any of the guys still battling for spots really shown so much that we’re willing to lose a player for nothing? I understand that this doesn’t really move the needle much, but its still a head scratcher.
  6. I really do hope so, Alf. Because they’ll be crucified on these boards if they don’t show up ready to go hahaha
  7. Regardless of what their contracts end up looking like, these guys better show up ready to play. Would be extremely disappointing to have a similar start to last year.
  8. For some reason I’ve always hated this guy. Without a doubt my least favorite signing of the offseason
  9. Your obsession with Dahlen is so obnoxious. It’s easily one of the most annoying things to see on this board.
  10. You’re dreaming if you think we’re getting them signed at those prices lol
  11. And here I was thinking that this fanbase already hit peak paranoia. Guess I should have known better.
  12. I don’t disagree that all those you named are winners, but it’s not always the a-holes that win. To claim that only the hard asses are winners is just wrong. It’s not factual lol.
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