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  1. It’s very naive to think no one would claim OJ. Someone would take him without a doubt.
  2. It’s pretty clear that you haven’t watched either of these players if you think Ritchie will be better than Hyman.
  3. Still odd to discuss trading a brand new signing. Unless of course you’re looking to argue with people on this forum, which when I think about it, makes a lot of sense. Hope this helps.
  4. I don’t really care about past signings, why is there any discussion about being able to trade a player that hasn’t even suited up for one game yet? It’s just odd to me, that’s all. Don’t really have any interest in discussing the trade possibilities of a new player lol.
  5. And if Coleman is gonna be there, then Miller and Myers have to be as well. I don’t think we’re too far away from where we need to be regarding “toughness”. Not to mention Pod, even though he’s a rookie, has gone toe to toe with adults before.
  6. It’s absolutely bonkers. Only in Vancouver will the first thought about a new signing be whether or not he’s tradeable lol
  7. People who have a positive outlook on things are part of the worst group ever? You sound miserable lmao
  8. You do understand that McDavid does this to literally every defenseman in the league, right? You don’t contain him, you just hope that nobody else on the oilers can score lol
  9. This thread is about the Poolman signing, no? I understand Benning has had plenty of blunders, no one is denying that, but this isn’t a Loui 6 x 6 we’re talking about here. It’s a 2.5 million dollar contract. This isn’t a signing that’s gonna put us in a hole, and we’re not gonna have to potentially pay a 1st to get rid of it. I think most people are just tired of the negative always being the first thought. What if Tucker ends up being a bargain down the road? Well worth his contract? I just don’t get why that can’t be the perspective of lots of folks around here.
  10. Lmaoo horribly wrong? That’s more than a little bit dramatic. It’s 2.5 mil, this contract is being blown way out of proportion.
  11. In all seriousness, Eagle was an absolute warrior for us throughout his career. Too bad he couldn’t retire with us, but that’s too much money for the player he has become.
  12. An awful lot of complaints considering a 2.5 million per year signing isn’t really that much. I guess there always needs to be something to whine about.
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