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  1. It still blows me away to think that McDavid has never won a championship when he has had to be 'The Guy' on a team. The only times a team has won it all with McDavid on the roster were international tournaments where he was surrounded with top end talent to take the pressure off him. He just doesn't seem to be able to put a team on his back and drag them all the way. Even in his draft year in the OHL when he put up 2.55 P/GP in the regular season and 2.5 P/GP in the playoffs he still couldn't even win an OHL Championship let alone a Memorial Cup. Whereas, Pettersson has already managed to put up the best season ever by an U20 player in the 3rd best professional hockey league in the world, led his team to a League Championship, and won every award possible that season. I'm not saying the Pettersson is as skilled or as capable of being a game changer as McDavid but it certainly seems like he can produce under pressure and do what it takes to win when it counts at a level McDavid has never shown. McDavid: 6 seasons, 21 playoff games 22 points Pettersson: 3 seasons, 17 playoff games 18 points
  2. Really hard to find anything to dislike about this game. Solid all around effort by the boys tonight. Gutted out a nice late comeback, like the good teams do, even if we didn't get the W. Our defence already looks much more solid, playing a smart simple game. Definitely much better than Edmonton, who are going to have a long season if they have so little faith in their d core that Nurse has to play literally half of the game. He played 32:24 tonight, going to burn him out quick doing that.
  3. I thought the whole reason Edmonton signed Hyman to a 7 year $38.5 million contract was so they didn't have to play Drysaddle with McSavior.
  4. Interestingly enough when Boeser comes back and we waive either Petan or Dowling our average increases to 194.6lbs. Also this number includes both our goaltenders who are both below that average weight, if you remove both of them and again include Boeser over Petan or Dowling our average weight for our starting actual skater is 195.4lbs. And if you go with our healthy starting line up of: Miller - Pettersson - Boeser Pearson - Horvat - Garland Highmore - Dickinson - Höglander Chiasson - Lammikko - Podkolzin OEL - Myers Hughes - Poolman Hunt - Schenn Our actual average weight of our starting skaters is 197.5lbs. Not nearly as bad as they make it out to be.
  5. Definitely sucks losing Gadjovich, I've been a huge fan and wanted to see him play on the team ever since his D+1 year in Guelph. But this was an unfortunate inevitability, maybe could of tried to sneak him down on a later day during preseason but bottom line is he wasn't making the team this year. Right now I see the top 9 forwards as (in no particular order): Miller Pettersson Boeser Garland Horvat Höglander Dickinson Pearson Podkolzin That leaves room for 3 more to make the team and actually get to play games and at least 2 of them need to be able play on the PK (I know, Greens old school mentality, I'm not a huge fan of it either). Di Giuseppe has looked really good overall and far better than Gadjovich in regards to defensive responsibilities (offensively Gadj has looked better as a net front presence). Dowling and Petan can both play C which isn't an option for Gadj and as for the last spot, Bailey and Highmore are both faster, more up tempo players. And that's not even bringing in Motte (who is close to returning) and Sutter (if he's ever healthy again) who are both locks for the roster when they are ready to go as well as MacEwen who is still an option but I do think Gadj has looked better so far this preseason. Simply put, there is no room for Gadj on the roster this year unless you wanted him rotting away night after night in the press box. Even if he made the team as the extra forward out of camp he would of been sent down once Motte was ready. He was definitely far better served playing big minutes nightly in Abby waiting for a chance to get called up due to injuries. It just sucks that he was claimed off waivers but I'm willing to bet that it won't be the first time he hits the waiver wire this season. Again, just wanted to add for a third time, it really sucks we lost him.
  6. Hobbit Dmen??? Poolman - 6'2" 200lbs OEL - 6'2" 200lbs Myers - 6'8" 229lbs Schenn - 6'2" 225lbs If he plays, Hamonic 6'2" 205lbs That's 5 of our top 7 Dmen that are at least 6'2" and 200+ lbs. Yes we have 2 small Dmen but even if you add them our team average for D is 6'1.75" and 199 lbs. Hunt may be small but he's not on the starting line up.
  7. Can't decide if it's good for us or bad for them that the shots were tied at 5 after they had 6 mins of PP time. Maybe both??
  8. No, he's been playing on Miller's wing and honestly I'm getting kind of sick of seeing Miller at center. It doesn't work. He is good at faceoffs and that is it. He isn’t a creative enough playmaker in the middle and he isn't responsible enough defensively to play center. In 3 games, so far in the preseason, Miller has 1 PPG and one assist 4 on 4 on the Petan goal. He has shown 0 chemistry with Garland and Podkolzin. Get Petey back playing so we can have the Lotto Line. Miller - Pettersson - Boeser Höglander - Horvat - Garland Pearson - Dickinson - Podkolzin That's how the top 9 should look. With Miller/Höglander and Höglander/Pearson being interchangeable depending on what is or isn't working in specific games.
  9. Unfortunately Hamonic's hometown in Manitoba is right in the heart of the ultra conservative, right wing Southern Health Region in Manitoba. This area currently accounts for 15% of the Manitoba population and over 50% of the provinces Covid cases. It is an area saturated with misinformation, government distrust and has almost daily protests, including large groups traveling to Winnipeg to protest in front of the provincial legislature. The province currently has approx 80.3% fully vaccinated, the Southern Region is at 65.6% with one district in the Southern Region currently at only 24% vaccinated. And in Manitoba there are currently 15 people in the ICU with Covid, 13 are unvaccinated and 2 have received 1 dose. There are currently no people in the province that are fully vaccinated that are in the ICU. Almost like the vaccines make some sort of difference...
  10. The Sedins had incredibly durable careers, no doubt about that. But trying to hold other players to that as the standard as opposed to being the aberration that is was is unreasonable. Daniel Sedin missed almost as many games as Petey did in his rookie season (75gp vs. 71gp), Petey played his entire 2nd season injury free and then had the big injury last season. Petey has absolutely not been as durable as the Sedins to start his career but he has been FAR more productive. And as for deployment, the Sedins started on the 3rd line, not because they were "being brought up slowly" but because they were nowhere near good enough to play on the top line. They were sheltered on the 3rd line because Crawford wanted a top line that scored, a 2nd line for matchups, a 3rd line for depth scoring and a 4th to grind. And no, stats like O zone starts didn't start being tracked until 2007-08, but if you did look you would see that throughout their careers the Sedins started almost the same percentage of shifts in the O zone as Pettersson. In fact, in their most productive seasons they started over 75% of their shifts on the O zone. And again the Sedins only put up a comparable amount of points to Pettersson for that one season, compared to his 3, before taking up a significant chunk of the cap. They were also 25 when they put up that first good season compared to Pettersson doing it at the age of 20. The Sedins did leave a bit on the table when they signed their 2009 contracts during which they performed at 1.049 P/GP and 1.018 P/GP respectively but those contracts each still accounted for 10.74% of the cap. But they were rewarded for that sacrifice on their retirement contracts when they performed at a significantly lower level, but were paid a higher salary and took up an even larger percentage of the cap. I love the Sedins. They are the best players in the history of the franchise and the legacy they left, especially the donation to the Children's Hospital, is proof of the quality of people they are. But let's not pretend that they weren't compensated at a fair market value for what they did, in their era, relative to the salary cap at that time.
  11. Wouldn't be surprised if the team wanted to get them both in Vancouver and tested so no quarantine before making the official announcement. That way they can both be present and take questions for the press conference.
  12. Yes but I am comparing the lead up to the signing of 3 year bridges for all 3 respectively, Daniel and Henrik were individuals after all. And yes the Sedins had put up that 0.91 p/gp in the 1 season before they signed a contract to take up their 8.13% of the cap each, whereas Pettersson has put up numbers at or close to that for the entire 3 seasons he has played in the NHL. And, again, I'm getting really tired of having to point this out time and time again on here, Pettersson did miss 11 games in his rookie season, most of which were due to an illegal choke slam to the ice that would of made The Undertaker proud and then in his 3rd season he missed significant time due to his wrist injury but in his 2nd season Pettersson missed 1 GAME due to illness, no injuries of any kind. It's not his fault the 2019-20 season was cut short due to Covid any more than it's the Sedins fault the 2012-13 season was only 48 games due to a lockout.
  13. He made Boeser do it in his first practice after resigning iirc.
  14. And most would say, paying athletes based on past performances, especially in their 30's is a big mistake. That's how you end up with players like Player Name making $6 million, Wheeler making $8.25M for 50 points to age 39, Karlsson making $11.5M and long list of other contracts that aged incredibly poorly.
  15. But why should a pro hockey player have to live off of $1 million a year when it's the players that put the fans in the seats, that the owners then use to generate hundreds of millions a year in revenue?
  16. Well let's compare apples to apples here: The Sedins each signed 3 year bridge deals with an AAV of $3.575 million which at that time accounted for 8.13% of the cap. Pettersson is speculated to sign a 3 year bridge of $7.7 million in the very near future which accounts for 9.45% of the current salary cap. Those are two very comparable contracts, percentage wise at least, they are each taking up an almost identical sized portion of the pie, it's in no way Pettersson's fault that the pie has become so much larger at this point. At the time the Sedins signed, Henrik had put up 0.553 P/GP and Daniel had 0.559 P/GP. Pettersson at the time of his signing is at 0.927 P/GP. Pettersson has already won the Calder Trophy and has received votes for the Lady Byng twice as well as votes for the Hart, at this point in the careers for the Sedins, Daniel had finished 8th for the Calder as his only award votes and Henrik was 55th for the Selke in one season. The simple fact is that even though the numbers are larger, the percentage of the cap is nearly equivalent which has to be seen as a win because Pettersson, at this point in his career, has achieved far more than the Sedins. And on a side note: You clearly need a stronger union representing you becuase my wage increases 2-3% annually.
  17. No they haven't, I said "basically", because the financial penalties and restrictions for not being vaccinated are massive and they disproportionately affect Canadian clubs and their players. Hamonic would end up missing 30 - 40% of his season and forfeiting that much of his salary as well as basically not being allowed around his teammates unless it was at the rink for practice or a game. Not to mention that if the team is playing well and winning games while Hamonic is in a mandatory isolation period, there is no guarantee that Green would simply plug him back in to the line up and risk messing up the chemistry.
  18. Because when TH signed his contract the league hadn't announced their Covid protocols for the 2021 season, which basically mandates the vaccine, as well as Benning stating the team will be at 100% vaccination. Unfortunately Hamonic's hometown in Manitoba is right in the heart of the ultra conservative, right wing Southern Health Region in Manitoba. This area currently accounts for 15% of the Manitoba population and 50% of the provinces Covid cases. It is an area saturated with misinformation, government distrust and has almost daily protests, including large groups traveling to Winnipeg to protest in front of the provincial legislature. The province currently has approx 80.3% fully vaccinated, the Southern Region is at 65.6% with one district in the Southern Region currently at only 24% vaccinated. I don't expect Hamonic to join the team at this time, it is now just a question of whether he will retire or opt out. On a more relevant topic: Has anyone heard when the first round of cuts are due, I thought I heard that they were going to be yesterday.
  19. Agreed. I'm guessing that once Petey signs it'll have a chain reaction on these lines. I think Miller moves back to Peteys wing, Horvat takes the spot between Garland and Pod and Dickinson with Pearson and Hoggy bumps ZMac ending up with: Miller - Pettersson - Boeser Podkolzin - Horvat - Garland Pearson - Dickinson - Höglander And I have no clue how the 4th line shakes out to start with Sutter and Motte out.
  20. My best guess at lines for tonight: Podkolzin - Miller - Garland Pearson - Horvat - MacEwen Highmore - Dowling - Chiasson Gadjovich - Wouters - Lockwood OEL - Poolman Juolevi - Myers Rathbone - Woo Gonna give the obligatory, not saying which line is which number just saying who I think is going to be playing with who, disclaimer. I think after watching camp so far the top two lines and the D pairings are pretty much a no brainer after seeing how Green has done things in the past. The other two lines I'm going with because although they didn't do line rushes together in camp, they were all in the same groups at camp and I just don't think it's a coincidence.
  21. Boeser sat out camp in 2019, that season he put up 14 points in 12 games in the month of October as well as maintaining basically a point per game pace all the way in to mid January when his play fell off. He was dealing with injuries at that point iirc.
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