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  1. Buffalo has no untouchables if there considering offers on Eichal. Quinn Hughs -Rasmus Dahlin Call the Sabres JB and kick the tires, you never know.
  2. Motte??? Might want to take him off that list, and find a replacement in the to name a few category. He is anything but unmotivated, slow, etc.
  3. We're hanging by a very short thread no doubt. The boys are fighting and trying. Can we be a little less hatch and critical? After Demkos first game he could barely complete a sentence post game interview gasping for air. Hughs pants were falling down I assume to weight loss. This list goes on. They came out hard for the first two TO games, but no energy, loss of muscle, no practice, crap schedule, loss of breath, etc, etc, caught up. Good fight men! MOST fans appreciate it!
  4. 24 years old.... What happens when he hits his prime? Limit the freak of nature to 5-6 points I guess.
  5. What he said 1000%^^^^^. The "fans" and armchair GM's that know nil about the game got to excited because we won the first 2 against TO. We did not win those peps, the goalies wearing blue and white gave em to us. Seriously just be happy no one in the organization, and families are not in the ICU, or worse. We will get a playoff spot next year with a rested, healthy, rejuvenated group. Till then chill out buds!
  6. Well said! Thankfully the top 6 are young, and there is time to salvage the youth, and make sure we don't blow the best talent we have ever seen (at one time). The next 4 years will be interesting to say the least.
  7. Quote Mr.Green- "It isn't about who's not in the lineup, it's about who is"..... Still amazes me year after year were so injury prone.
  8. Bo's ready... Just needs some Canadian supporting cast! 

    1. Dazzle


      Why do they have to be "Canadian"? What is this outdated obsession with 'good Canadian boys'? This is Don Cherry era stuff.

  9. Touche can't argue. Petey is probably one of the best there is. Regular season. Can he get through 4 rounds and win a cup? Sorry never meant to cause contravorsy. Just thought an all American super line would be cool... Minus the All Sweden super line that never got us the grail.
  10. Its not about getting through the first round. Its about getting through the finals. Imo Petey will be destroyed by then. Jack will have a bit more in the tank. After 50+ yrs, Its about winning the Stanley Cup, not who is going to be the most popular.
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