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  1. the owners will never agree to that. But think how much better the fight for last place there would be. .Teams can`t just say that we are in a rebuiuld now. And think about how much the interest will increase for teams in the 2nd division.
  2. Ok, I might have overreacted.. I`m from Sweden and we don`t have a salary cap like you have, and I have to say that makes hockey much more interessting in NHL than it is in SHL., but we have something that you don`t have. Last team in the SHL gets relegated to a playoff with the winner of the 2nd division team.
  3. I agree again, It´s besser I`m worried about. Is there money enough left for him next year? I`m not worried about Petey and Quinn trhis year.
  4. I agree with you 100 %. I`m thinking about the future. This time next year there would be cap space galore whithout the OEL contract.
  5. Can anyone explain to me why Benning put himself in this situation ? Why not secure the future of the franchise, and start trading after that? I have to say Benning trade like blind men fight. Almost all the cap troubles we are in, is his own doing. Why not wait out the bad contracts he traded to Arizona, there were only 1 year left on them? He could have bougt out Virtanen and Holtby anyway and traded Edler and Smidt to clear cap space anyway. I have to, say that I think OEL will have a bounceback in Vancouver but the cap hit is brutal. How will it age?
  6. Where do you want him to play ? If i`m right I think he should play in 2,nd defence pairing so he can be an offensive D man, and Huges in the first. Huges with Myers, and OEL with Hamonic. If this works we have 2 deadly defence pairings. If it works I think there is a possibility that our team goes further in the playoffs than last year. I have to admit that I´m hopeing that we are going to do better than statistics , but I really need a cup soon. I`m 59 years old and I can`t wait forever. I´m from Sweden and my team in SHL took 30 years to get a cup. I can`t wait that long, I´ll be dead by then.
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