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  1. Oh I know it's just after every loss the OP makes a thread about firing someone or drafting in the top 5 which usually contains a lot of hyperbole and naysaying so I was just predicting the next step in the progression of his doomsday logic. Next loss, team relocation - loss after that, deport Green to Siberia - etc.
  2. Still not mathematically eliminated and Greener is a great coach and my threads are awesome
  3. So after the next loss, is it gonna be a "What city should the team relocate to" thread?
  4. Don't b mad cuz ur like:post ratio is <1.0 bruh
  5. Yeah it's funny because most fans knew that both were good but it seems that few really understood the true POWER OF THE HOG
  6. Happy birthday Boeser the Minnesotan Rocket, you still got the best flow in the league you absolute sniper!
  7. Ahh who cares the NHL is rigged anyway - hoping that we're written into the script in the next half-decade or so
  8. I'm kinda jealous because I thought I was the master of polls around here but his poll is significantly bigger and more interesting than mine (that's NOT what she said!!) Was tempted to edit in those last two but I wanted it to be an actual real discussion instead of an open invitation for half of our website to destroy me lol
  9. Credit to @CanadianRugby for the thread idea. Something to maybe bring up a bit of positivity and hopefulness for the future. We have some GREAT young players but two of our youngest right now have sparked considerable intrigue in our fanbase. First, you've got the relentless one, Nils "Big Hog" Hoglander. This guy's play as a rookie speaks for itself and he is incredibly fun to watch. Scary to think how good of a player he could develop into. Then you've got the Russian phenom, who we've been long awaiting his debut on the big stage, (insert russian first name here because I legit forgot his first name) Podkolzin. Who was a high draft pick (10th overall) that has looked great so far outside of the NHL and should be arriving soon. Which of these two diamonds in the rough do you feel the most excitement over? Which one do you think turns out to be the better player? Personally, I'm a huge Hog fan because of seeing his on-ice product this year, but I'm sure Podkolzin will wow myself and many others once he arrives here. I think in the end, Podkolzin ends up having the better career in the NHL if only by a narrow statistical edge over the Hog. Discus.
  10. I might have to steal that one for a separate thread because that's a good one. Podkolzin apparently the higher ceiling I think? But watching hogz play is like watching butter melt on toast. Super smooth! I'm glad we have both of them though that's for sure
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