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  1. I only managed to catch one shift last night but that shift signified what was wrong with the canucks. It was Juolevi's shift after we gave up the 3-2 goal. He went back to the zone, made a really smart play to Roussel who obviously was not expecting him to do that because it involved a back hand chip up the boards (hard one at that) and the usual play was to ring it around the boards on Juolevi's forehand. But because it wasn't the obvious play the oilers were not expecting it too so when it went to Roussel this meant he was open for a clean break out. Somehow roussel couldn't take the pass (
  2. What I see from him is that he has proven to be a dependable bottom pairing dman. The reason why he wont' see major minutes for this year is quite simple. When he is in the lineup as was last night, the canucks only have one right shot dman which is myers. We then have two left shot dman playing the right side. In other words, we have five left shot dman in the lineup. This is why myers played so much. Also this is why they so desperately wanted Chatfield to work despite him going -9 in the last 4 games. Our defence is simply more balanced with chatfield in there in terms of the left vs right
  3. Juolevi makes a good first pass, plays positionally sound hockey, makes high percentage plays. Notice a couple of times whereby he gloved the puck out of the zone, it may seem week but it is the best percentage decision you can make at that point because it gurantees the puck is out of the zone. He plays like a safety in football by reading and reacting. Anticipates well which is why Matthews was shocked to be stood up on that second period play as the canucks defence do not close the gaps like that. There are deficiencies skating wise which is why he side skates more than back pedals on the w
  4. I remember when brock boeser played in the world juniors. He was pulled off of Auston Matthew's wing, didn't have a great tournament. The forum went...hmm.. maybe he wasn't that good after all. Then came Elias Pettersson who had a decent tournament but slightly below the expectations of the god like status people here were expecting. Casey Mittelstadt was brilliant that tournament, people on the forum were like... hmm.. maybe Mittelstadt was better? Now let's get to Quinn Hughes, he had a paltry 5 assists in 14 career games at the WJC, zero goals.. the forum was like,
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