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  1. Talk about seeing the light. My official favourite CDC poster from now on.
  2. Elias will put it together if he wants the big contract lol. I have no issue with what the Canucks are doing. In the long run, big money goalies are a waste of money and everyone knows it. Markstrom did us a favor. This team's core has the potential. Tryamkin was a no brainer to keep around. That was probably a Linden decision at some point. Always jealous of Pavel. Who passes on a 6'6 D man who can skate ad dummy opponents? Like, oh boy guys, he is demanding money and stuff for his services!?!?! Better teach him a lesson!!!!!
  3. Boston, Vegas, How many teams have pushed us around when it matters...and now we have turned a gentle giant into a tough SOB who will punch a rat in the face for barely slighting our goalie, and will take liberties on one of our opponents players, in a mini series where they've bullied our undersized stars. This is exactly what ownership, management, and coaching wants. Out fanbase needs to immediately, stfu, about Myers. He is exactly what this team needs and has adapted his game and demeanor PERFECTLY.
  4. A fanbase who cried about myers being a gentle giant is now crying about him not letting petterson and hughes take his lunch money so they can buy better energy drinks to score all the time... Wow.
  5. The Vancouver Canucks - The only team the fans won't support until they prove to them how bad they are. What a Loser, Joke, fanbase (Well, some of you :), )
  6. The hit was slightly blindside and predatory...but at the end of the day...seeing Tyler Myers play with an edge is great. When we got him the slight was that he wasn't mean and was a gentle giant....now, imagine Tryamkin comes back and has a bit of an edge...or, We add a bigger meaner D man ? You can't have undersized players without guys like Myers stepping up and being a mean sob to have them thinking twice. I am willing to bet Benning and Green are both Exstatic with the way Myers has been using his size and the added mean streak to his game regardless of penalties.
  7. I thought he had a point on the Horvat goal? https://www.hockey-reference.com/teams/VAN/index.html#all_skaters Scoring Regular Season Players on this team's active roster in bold Share & more Modify & Share Table Embed this Table Get as Excel Workbook (experimental) Get table as CSV (for Excel) Strip Mobile Formatting Copy Link to Table to Clipboard About Sharing Tools
  8. They've already said they can't figure out why it won't work and will be contacting me at a further date. Customer of 15+ years and they can't figure out how to reversue a temporary account suspension (i dont use cable when there's no hockey). Anyways...Tell me how the game goes :(.
  9. I Can't believe this. I came home from work, contacted shaw about turning my cable back on. 6 different agents in the chat, 2 hours, all my room mates and i here to watch the game, and none of the techs can figure out how to turn my cable back on after i temporarily canceled. None of us can believe this. The last time I was here the chat took 5 minutes and it worked. I don't get how this can be reality.
  10. LOL I just keep picturing trump wearing a canucks jersey trying to watch the stream but Twitter won't let him in. Dont worry guys I'm not calling you trump. I'm probably not getting of on a good start around here.
  11. Hey now guys, these types of things happen on the internet. Sometimes u just don't get what u want on the world wide web. Deal with it. Wednesday will come soon enough! <3
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