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  1. They should trade nate schmidt for zadorov and whatever else needed to make it happen.
  2. Thats why they hired Brad Shaw, he's a defense whisperer lol. I think he will help the defense.
  3. I think Graovac would be ok as a 4th line center until someone else is ready, maybe lind.
  4. Yes lol, can't wait to see his development this next season, exciting pick.
  5. He's childhood friends with Jack Rathbone.
  6. It would free up 3 mil in cap space though if he stays on ltir and would help the canucks.
  7. People can propose all they want, but I highly doubt canucks management are proposing Podz in any trades, they are very high on him, he's a keeper for now.
  8. Because he's a first round pick who really fits their needs, they are most likely not even considering packaging podz in a trade st this point, his ceiling may be higher than seth jones.
  9. What kind of gm would take those 3 for a player like reinhart? Not gonna happen.
  10. I see him starting on the 3rd, and working his way up to the 2nd, unless they get another proven top six scoring winger this offseason.
  11. I was wondering how much the Shirokov thread got lol.
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