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  1. Agreed, but Hawryluk over macewen.
  2. If beagle goes on ltir that frees up 3 mil, they should bring in the tree asap.
  3. Hawryluk is really fast, he was flying out there, and plays a physical tenacious game, I hope we get to see him keep playing. Demko is playing better than Markstrom this season.
  4. If Olli gets to play tonight, I will be very happy, he deserves to play.
  5. I know it's redundant, but I think Green owes us fans a good explanation of why he would sit Juolevi, he deserves to play, he's been one of my favorite Canucks to watch, and seems to keep getting better, I am starting to get fed up with this coach.
  6. Yea I hear ya, I hope it was just to get hamonic some reps, if Green pulls Juolevi that's such a stupid move, unless it's load management, and they get him back in soon, he better give some sort of reasoning if he makes that terrible choice.
  7. Is Olli confirmed out, because practice lines aren't certain. If he is out for Hamonic that's just such crap, does not deserve that at all.
  8. Virtanen seems too scared to fight, roussell, benn, and jt miller can also fight, bo horvat wins all his fights, but that's not his game.
  9. I would take out Roussell, jake, or Gaudette, for Hawryluk, no more reason to wait.
  10. Jonathan Toews has been one of the best captains in the league, I don't really see him doing that, we need more toughness but that's not all on the Captain, he changes the game with his skill.
  11. I misread the post, thanks
  12. Do u think Juolevi will be protected?
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