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  1. 46mill spent on their top 6 and it only includes : Marner-matthews-richie Nylander-tavares-kerfoot? 0$ capspace, 0 depth Hahahaha keep on Leafin'
  2. Teams are out there with 9m dollar anchors, We sign a 28 year old 6'2 200 rhd for 2.5m and the world ends in vancouver.
  3. Well i wish we just kept biega tbh. He was more stable than most these ramdon undrafted kids that didnt amount to anything
  4. This is what i mean, People think we have it bad? pfff we drafted superstars at every position. ALL these other teams... Imagining being in those shoes lmao
  5. Seems like a pairing that could hem the opposition in quite a bit.
  6. Every time i hear " covering for hughes " i cringe. If this man wants even in the 5m range he needs to learn its a two way position. If we can just ditch this give up all the shots system we played, i bet the defenders won't look so bad
  7. Don't even give the AHLberta teams that much credit, especially the coilers. All they have done is lose talent and sign more guys to loui deals. Coleman has 2 cups and his retirement deal to the highest bidder. and we all know edmontons offseason lmao
  8. Easy yes. This is the first time in we are actually going to ice a full NHL roster Look at our trash division. We been adding for the last week. Everyone else except LA is being neutral or losing more than they are gaining.
  9. Need someone to eat EPs mins after he leaves via offersheet
  10. That 5x5 will probably become the best contract we got. vasi level for half price?
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