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  1. The kids score a few goals but we take the L is regulation. We can win once more and i'd prefer it's the final cowgary game
  2. It's been soo long since hes played even pepperidge farms remembers his last game
  3. I hope tanev and marky brought the Lames some canuck luck causing them to fly up the standings right at the end when nothing matters
  4. Please canuck gods let the team go 1-4 in the remaining games. Last game win for the travis green special moral boost. 7th overall pick! Factoring in the bettman classic 2 spot drop of course
  5. You just know we are going to win all remaining games lol
  6. This is a good opportunity for Megnuson ford to step up from JV sponsors to entire team name! Abbotsford * insert model name *
  7. If he can pan out, And we maybe can get a top 5 Dman this draft. Looking good. Hopeful for woo as well.
  8. I want to see a hard fought battle out there...... Between hughes and boner as to who scores more goals tonight. As for the game, hopes its close but regulation loss. We need to get as many as we can, So WHEN we drop spots in the lottery, It wont be too bad
  9. This is great news. One of these most prized teams in the league calling for parros head. I'd love to have one of peels hot mics around this guy, He's absolutely clueless, Too many knocks to the head over the years.
  10. Good effort, But come up short in regulation ( repeat this for the rest of the year ) I'm tired of the moral victories. Get the better draft pickz
  11. The boys are absolute warriors for all coming back, i can't be mad. I just hope we keep dropping games here. Play minimal games, Take the good picks to help plug our needs after one clustertruck of a year. Our new golden child arrives next year as well
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