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  1. So it's okay to personally attack JB and the players, who happen to be people. But its not okay to tell people to stop doing so. Enjoy the list of ignore as well. You clearly can't see things objectively
  2. EP sure likes his 1 on 4 through the middle. Has kind of made it work a couple of times but we need him to work as a unit a little bit better with that big pay now. Obviously not wanting to get on players cases until about game 10 or so but yeah
  3. The fact that we have a chance to end buffalo's undefeated streak is just weird to say
  4. The irony is real. Hockey players and personal are people too. What you are doing is attacking them. Cheers enjoy the ignore list of many
  5. If people are going to dish hate on the franchise, They can take a little heat back. They are all people too you know. Why do you think price is taking a leave? Being passionate is one thing, But screaming everyone is amazing one game when you win, And beating them down when they lose to fulfill your own personal agenda? This city has done this since the dawn of any sport, The negative " passion " bleeds onto the team, And they go down with it. What certain people do here is not even close to valid constructive criticism though
  6. Look how sad your life is. You take a sport designed for entertainment purposes, and act like its your right that they have to be up to your standard. 1-800-lets-talk. People want to help.
  7. I tend to agree, After the tim peel incident that we all can clearly tell happens... Game management... The nhl fired a guy who was retiring anyways and acted like nobody else does this. I love hockey and enjoy watching most teams play... But the reffing is getting out of hand. Interesting thing is its across alot of sports the game officials are botching calls all over the place. I swear they are all betting on the games... Who knows but it really takes the enjoyment of the sport out of me a little bit every game
  8. 24hr and you changed your tone back to Canuckscomplainerforlife82 eh. Show me a team that goes 82-0. Look around the leagu. The best teams are struggling, The worst teams are actually doing good. We have our issues, But so does every damn team. Keep it together man
  9. How much longer till habs fans realize the cup run was a total fluke and their team is crap?
  10. All the complainers thinking we need to go 82-0 are coming back eh. Islanders are real cup contenders, Been destroyed in their games, Tampa can't play D right now, Vegas got blown out 6-2 vs LA and lost paches + stone... BUFFALO is undefeated... chit happens nobody likes lol Its hockey, Luck is a huge part of it and we had literally zero tonight. Sucks but we ain't the only ones. Honestly pretty good 5v5, Defensively held them to nothing really, But man our special teams will be the death of us. I just don't understand why we play the way we do on the PP when we see game after game, year after year other teams moving their feet and fast passes... Oh well maybe adjustments will be made soon
  11. Tyler bertuzzi get your greasy non vaxx'd ass out of here. Such a rat, Play the freaking game
  12. Before i die, All i want to know is how on earth backups always do this to us
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