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  1. Maybe they are all just discussing how to split the cap up to get brady on the team as well
  2. NBA teams can just pay a big luxury tax bill and go way over the cap, We don't have anything like that in the NHL
  3. Funny how much frustration people give themselves over things they have no control over. We all have seen first hand serious mental health is, Not sure how some people can pat themselves on the back after post and post slandering 22 yo's on the internet. IF you think that's the best approach to keeping a yearly competitive teams, That attracts other good players to it.... You might need to take a step back and evaluate your own life
  4. How the hell to people wake up and just decide to be a toxic piece of trash on the internet, Acting as if the 30 second videos they see gives them full context of any situation. The classic america way of thinking. Guilty until proven innocent, And even then still guilty
  5. So far i see miller is going to be huge for us this year on and off the ice. Career year. Too many deadly duos we can throw out, helps keep the top defenders off miller all the time
  6. To me the thing with the kings young guns, Is that they are over hyped without any of them stepping foot in the nhl and proving anything yet. Fans and insiders are assuming most these kids are going to be hits that will not only take over these slowly dwindling stars, But put them back in cup contention. Meanwhile on the flip side of things WE can have proven young elite talent at every major positions PLUS proven young depth that could easy blossom into more, With literally only 1 potential iffy contract in the future ( OEL ) Yet the same people who praise the kings for what they are doing shame us. Kings are still in a far better position vs the rest of our division not including vegas ( only short term, they will fall soon if they don't start drafting well ) and us.
  7. Garland is about to have the JT miller effect on this team. Kid is going to thrive. A healthy confident canuck team this year has soo much potential. Very excited for this year
  8. All this talk about the kings being on the rise... Cruising cap friendly and i got to say, This team has allocated its cap horribly. You think torontos 4 for 40 is bad, Look at what 7 for 50+ gets you on the kings roster. 34 yo Kopitar - 10m 31 yo Poughty - 11m 36 yo Brown - 5.9m 35 yo Quick - 5.8m 35 yo Edler - 3.5m " i'm a top 6 but i cant score " Danault - 5.5m Peterson - 5m And nearly 5m in dead cap. Yet somehow many people seem to think we will be bottom of the league and the freaking kings are on the rise. Neat isn't it
  9. And how is that overpayment number so high? Because kyle dumbass set the bad that high. That's what happened.
  10. I want EP to play 82 games and drop 95 points, and for huggy to be talked about as one of the top defenseman, along with being voted top 3 for norris in his 2nd year. Maybe they could try accomplishing these things first before putting themselves on better players levels? These agents are insane lmao. JB ain't biting
  11. Fair enough i was incorrect, You did not say that. That was in the range of the dollar amount rumored to poach him back to russia. Which was a completely false debunked rumour. I don't care about the under the table stuff, That's a two way street. Here in north america we have morals and legal agreements that must be met. As we see with this signing he knows this and took the best deal. Minn had no choice regardless of the fake rumour however, Would have just gone back to russia till he's a ufa and make his money in 2 years. Tough spot to be in.
  12. I'm afraid of change, Please never retire john & john. Canuck luck would somehow give us randork and cassie campbell or something lmao
  13. Look what toronto has done to the league. Kyle freaking dumbass has caused everyone and their mothers to be overpaid
  14. Best bet is to flip him now for futures. They need some sort of cheap talent
  15. Cute, Way to get all defensive lmao. NHL cap 81.5 - Best player makes 12.5 KHL cap 13m - best player makes 1.5. And here you are going off trying to defend a debunked rumor by saying kaprizov would get 5-9m back home Find me a management team that thinks that's a great idea for a basic offensive guy who puts up a PPG. This is a hockey forum, Where people post opinions. Not sure why you are getting personal claiming i have never been to russia as if you know my life story? Weird claim my friend
  16. Listen, Kaprizov is a point per game KHL guy. So are other guys making 1.5 ( the highest paid guy ). In no world would anyone in russia hand this kid 3/4 of the cap to produce the same as the 1.5m guy. He's pretty good offensively, Chit in the other 2 zones from what ive watched. He aint no 25 yo ovi.
  17. Everyone is letting these greasy agents do exactly what they want. Fans become impatient, Worry about rumors leaked out by a guy who literally said on his live show my source is the agent, Hoping we all put pressure on the franchise to just sign these two for whatever they are asking so they don't miss any time. Nahhhhhh. Not getting baited into that. Hold your ground JB. These contracts make or break the entire structure of this team. I want FAIR for what we have seen. Not pay for potential, And on a shorter deal at that.
  18. This is all fake news pumped out by kaprizovs team lol. KHL has a very low cap limit, like 13m low. How you going to give 9+ to one guy and still ice a even half decent team. #fakenews
  19. Man oh man. We live in a flat cap world and i guess nobody told the players? Way too much money being handed out for 1 way play. I watched enough of kaprizov last year to see he's nowhere to be found if he doesn't have the puck. Stays in good position in the offensive zone, Same can't be said for the other 2 zones. I'd still bridge EP and long term huggy. Reasons are i don't like anywhere near 9 for ep right now. One slash on the hands and is he out again for the year? Risky. With huggy NJ will always pay a kings random to get the best of the hughes brothers, And we can get him on a long term for much cheaper then EP would cost due to RFA status.
  20. Love him but man oh man he is soooo injury prone. Lays it all on the line every shift. Poor motter must be hard on him always having setbacks like this.
  21. Also what is with this new trend of one brother who is under contract with another team, Sitting infront of a camera completely crapping on another franchise pretty much saying "pay my brother or we will convince him not to sign". This has to be pushing the limits of some type of tampering no? Young kids in this league are getting real entitled reeeeaaal fast. Must have something to do with these huge blank checks being handed over at 21 yo getting to their egos.
  22. These two better be ready to sit in front of the camera every post game, Think media is rough on a elc? Oh these two got another thing coming. Especially if they miss any camp.
  23. "Benning sucks" Looks at this guy and how the coilers have done since being in management, Now that's someone who sucks lmao
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